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FIFA 23 Career Mode: New features, updates, transfers & trailer

17:25 GMT+3 02/08/2022
Kylian Mbappé FIFA 23
The manager mode has undergone significant developments, with authentic profiles included to make it more exciting and realistic

EA has heavily revamped the career mode in FIFA 23, which is one of the most popular game modes in EA Sports' FIFA series.

The career mode allows you to take control of a club as a manager or a single player over the course of the game. In the latest edition, EA Sports has implemented a host of new features with the sole aim of making the game more engaging and exciting.

The enhancements take aim to allow more control over the playstyle and dabble in more off-pitch activities. Here, GOAL takes a look at the Career Mode changes coming to FIFA 23.

Playable Highlights

This is an interesting addition as it allows you to only play the key highlights in a match, instead of the full 90 minutes. This will be different for each game based on AI, and you will receive playable highlights for every game. This will allow you to take control of key moments in matches in an attempt to define their outcomes, specifically handling close calls that impact the scoresheet.

Main menu experience

The main menu has been given a complete makeover which allows faster access to areas of interest. You can now easily navigate to find out squad depth, the players whose contracts are about to expire, or the most promising players in the youth academy. The My Pro menu in player career mode includes the new personality tab.

Dynamic moments

This is a fantastic addition to the career mode which is a collection of cinematics that make the game more realistic. From a new signing entering the club to training ground moments, interviews and meeting new teammates; there are a lot more cutscenes to give you an immersive experience.

The existing trophy celebrations and transfer market negotiations will remain. It will also continue to focus on certain achievements and milestones, such as winning Man of the Match or Manager of the Month awards or playing 50 or 100 games, for example.

Pre-season tournament format

Pre-season tournaments have undergone some significant changes to add more authenticity. Eight teams will play three matches each and only the winner will be able to claim the prize money which would boost the transfer budget. The matches will also be closer to the first game of the season.

Authentic Manager Profiles

This is one of the most welcome changes in career mode as now you will be able to play impersonating your favourite manager. It has 350-plus authentic football managers, including over 30 that have star heads. You can customize their outfit and decide the club they will be in charge of. You can also continue with the existing club managers such as Pep Guardiola at Manchester City or Carlo Ancelotti at Real Madrid.

Transfer Analysis

The transfer evaluation feature is meant to improve negotiation skills while doing business. The Transfer Analyst will assess the financial and squad impact of the transfer. There are ratings ranging from A (for high-quality business deals) to F (for deals that financially don’t make too much sense).

The rating is calculated based on the ratio between the transfer sum and the asking price of the selling club. Whereas for loans, the rating will be determined by the agreed wage split structure if any.

Player personality in player career

Each player has a distinguished style of play and the actions that you perform on the pitch will give you personality points. The Player Personality will shape the virtual personality of the player and also get attribute benefits from doing so. This has been done to add a 'deeper personal connection' with the gamer so that he can mould his player accordingly. There are three kinds of personalities and each comes with different attribute benefits.


They are mostly aggressive and act on intuition. They’re ambitious and will pursue their objectives without hesitation. They tend to have a more lavish lifestyle but remain committed to being a professional athlete.


They are skilful and intelligent and have the ability to change the course of the match in the blink of an eye. They are extremely focused and are capable of leaving a mark on the pitch with their contributions, simultaneously achieving their goals.


This player is the nucleus of the team and is a complete team player. They will not be gunning so much for personal awards but will do all it takes to fill the team's trophy cabinet. They are always ready to help the newcomers and the youngsters.

Passing to a teammate to earn an assist while in an attacking position can generate Heartbeat points, while shooting and scoring gives you Maverick and Virtuoso points. For instance, you could earn a total of 25 Personality Points in a match if you made a successful pass (+5 Heartbeat Points) and scored a goal (+20 combined Maverick/Virtuoso Points).

You can unlock many levels, and the higher the level, the higher the attribute bonuses flow in. When you reach the absolute level it is the last evolution stage. It will give you even more benefits to make a greater mark on the pitch.

AI Tactics

The AI has become more advanced and it analyses game situations in a much more sophisticated manner. The opponent will make much more informed and better decisions depending on the different situations. If you are leading the game, the opposition will make more offensive substitutions to get back into the game.

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