Chelsea & Man Utd condemn discriminatory language used by fans at Stamford Bridge

Stamford Bridge rainbow laces
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Chelsea and Manchester United have both condemned the discriminatory chants heard at Stamford Bridge during their 1-1 draw on Saturday.
  • Clubs condemn discriminatory behaviour
  • Both supporting Rainbow Laces campaign
  • Match finished 1-1

WHAT HAPPENED? Homophobic chants were heard during the match on a day when the Blues were supporting Stonewall's Rainbow Laces campaign - an initiative that promotes LGBTQ+ equality in football.

WHAT THEY SAID: Their statement read: "Chelsea Football Club finds all forms of discriminatory behaviour totally unacceptable and we condemn the language used by some individuals today at Stamford Bridge. We are proud to be supporting Stonewall's Rainbow Laces campaign and today acts as proof that we must do more to make football a game for everyone."

On Sunday morning, United released their own statement: "Homophobia, like all forms of discrimination, has no place in football. Manchester United is proud of our diverse fan base and the work we have done to reduce instances like we sadly heard at Stamford Bridge. We will continue to campaign for inclusivity and to tackle discriminatory abuse whether inside stadiums or online. This includes working with fan groups to educate fans on the offence which discriminatory language causes.”

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THE BIGGER PICTURE: The sentiment of the statements was echoed by both managers in their post-match interviews, with Graham Potter admitting there is still work to do to stamp out discrimination in the game. The Football Association also vowed to work with the Crown Prosecution Service to crack down on incidents of this nature.

WHAT NEXT FOR CHELSEA? Following their draw with United, Chelsea next face RB Salzburg in the Champions League on October 25.