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The best multi-ground football boots you can buy in 2022

01:17 GMT+3 11/02/2022
best multi-ground football boots
Looking for the top options? Here are the current picks from Nike, Adidas, Umbro and more

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If your new year's resolution has been to pick up a ball and get playing, or if you’re just looking to update your worn-out footwear, there’s no time like the present to purchase a new pair of football boots.

However, with the mid-season months come surfaces that can change quickly, and it pays to be able to conquer all terrain with a pair of multi-ground boots that can help you weather the elements.

We’ve rounded up the best multi-ground boots you can get on the market today, depending on what you want out of your game – alongside answering the most commonly asked questions by players looking to get the most out of their purchase.

The football boots included in this article

What are multi-ground (MG) boots?

Multi-ground boots, commonly referred to by the shortened phrase MG, are footwear specifically designed to provide the strongest experience for players over both firm and soft turf surfaces.

Surprisingly rare compared to other boots found on the market, they tend to be constructed with a combination of factors found in both firm ground and soft ground footwear, trading off the qualities of each other to deliver a shoe that brokers no compromise.

In spite of their ability to adapt to multiple surfaces, multi-ground boots are not as commonly favoured as hard ground boots across the rest of the professional game, though they do have their place in the top leagues across the world.

What surfaces can MG boots be used on?

Specifically, multi-ground boots can be used on almost any conventional surface, designed to offer traction and control on the more sturdy firm ground surfaces as well as offer stability and comfort on soft ground surfaces.

They will offer strong options for both, but their ability to tackle various pitches does not make them wholly encompassing - they will not function on indoor courts, for example, thanks to their studded configuration.

What is the difference between multi-ground boots and others?

There are several differences – some large, some subtle – between multi-ground boots and boots designed for individual surfaces. Firm ground boots, for example, tend to bring blade-like configurations on their sole to pierce harder grass, while astro turf boots tend to have more rubber to aid in bouncy performances.

With that in mind, here are the best MG football boots that you can get right now.

Best overall multi-ground boots: Adidas Predator Edge.3

There are not many boots out there that deliver as rich of a statement as the Predator - and the Edge.3 model will deliver a superb experience across almost any surface, showcasing their impressive skill when it comes to navigating different turf and terrain.

A Control Zone textured upper helps improve overall grip, a mid-sole cut bolsters your ankle support, and its mid-cut design weather almost anything. It's a gloriously effective package that won't let you down, no matter where you find yourself playing.

Get them from Adidas for £75.00

Best multi-ground boots for response: Puma Future Z 3.2

In need of a boot that can react with every step down the wing, or give you the edge in the box against attackers or defenders? The Future Z 3.2 will help take your play to the next level.

In electric blue with a FUZIONFIT compression band to ensure a skintight lock-in, it matches a versatile outsole with textured uppers to deliver a shoe that can provide a crucial uptick in skill, enhancing your core commands into something more speedily reflexive.

Get them from Sports Direct for £70.00

Best multi-ground boots for control: Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Academy

It's fine being able to turn your foot where you want it, but without that quality first touch, you risk lagging behind your opponents. Enter the Mercurial Vapor 14 Academy - a boot that ensures you'll be able to control any ball-playing situation.

Its moulded synthetic upper increases traction in terms of contact when in possession, and a conical stud configuration allows for easy pivot action, able to provide your game with a hint of zest in either attack or defence.

Get them from Nike for £72.95

Best multi-ground boots for comfort: Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Academy

Not a world away from the Vapor, but with an edge of cushioned comfort that brokers no compromise, the Mercurial Superfly 8 Academy ensures that you'll have the style and the showmanship while still being able to relax into your natural game.

It will give you the edge when it comes to sharp passes and supreme shots, but with a raised collar that stretches to wrap itself around the ankle in a comfortable and secure fashion, this is one boot for those who want to avoid excess stress on their ankles.

Get them from Nike for £79.95

Best budget multi-ground boots: Kipsta Agility 500

Proof that you don't need to break out the cheque book to master all the elements, the Aglity 500 delivers a tidy, compact boot for an affordable price that gives you the base you need to deliver on multiple surfaces.

Just as at home on real turf as it is on artificial grass, further cushioning on the front of the foot helps to bolster comfort and control when looking to put those all-important passes together, ensuring you won't be short changed.

Get them from Decathlon for £27.99

Best multi-ground boots for a classic look: Kipsta Viralto II

Want to bring old-fashioned black leather to proceedings? Allow the Viralto II to take centre-stage with its rich dark piping and white undersole hue.

With an imitation suede lining to smooth your foot inside the boot for a tight, hugging feel, this effort from Kipsta brings the grace of yesteryear to the table with its classic look but will allow you to play with the control and command you'd ask for from any modern shoe.

Get them from Decathlon for £39.99

Best multi-ground boots for low-slung cut: Puma King Pro 21

In need of something that's close to the ground? The King Pro 21 nestles itself under the ankle bone for a snug fit to ensure that you won't be chafed as you cut all over the pitch, adding further freedom of movement to your foot.

A synthetic sole and inner are nestled under a K-leather upper, while KINGForm technology in key contact areas helps increase touch and responsiveness overall without the need for a high-top structure.

Get them from Amazon for £89.99

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