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Sydney United v Western United Live Commentary, 14/08/2022

PEN 4 - 3
1 - 1
T. Maia (56)
C. Pain (43)
Sydney United Sports Center
(FT 1 - 1)


FULL TIME - Sydney United have advanced to the last eight of the Australian Cup for the first time in their history after defeating Western United 4-3 in the penalty shootout after scores were locked at 1-1 after extra time.
PENALTY SHOOTOUT GOAL SYDNEY UNITED - Cristian Gonzalez sends the penalty inside the top right corner to give Sydney United a history making win!
PENALTY SHOOTOUT MISS WESTERN UNITED - Steven Luštica with a poorly placed low and slow penalty that is well saved by Nizic. We are locked in at 3-3 and Sydney United will win if they score their next penalty.
PENALTY SHOOTOUT GOAL SYDNEY UNITED - Kyle Cimenti levels up for Sydney United. 3-3.
PENALTY SHOOTOUT GOAL WESTERN UNITED - Lachlan Wales sends it firm right and sends a message to the crowd. Western United 3-2.
PENALTY SHOOTOUT MISS SYDNEY UNITED - Jordan Roberts has his penalty saved by Young. It's 2-2.
PENALTY SHOOTOUT GOAL WESTERN UNITED - Nicolas Milanovic scores against his former side to level at 2-2.
PENALTY SHOOT OUT GOAL SYDNEY UNITED - Boz Fragogiannis steps up and sends it emphatically past Young. Sydney United 2-1.
PENALTY SHOOTOUT MISS WESTERN UNITED - Benjamin Garuccio tries to be a little fancy but he chips it onto the post. 1-1.
PENALTY SHOOTOUT GOAL SYDNEY UNITED - Trifiro sends Young the wrong way. 1-1.
PENALTY SHOOTOUT GOAL WESTERN UNITED - Bozic waits for Nizic to commit before lobbing it over him for a cheeky penalty. Western United 1-0.
After 120 minutes plus stoppage time Sydney United 58 and Western United have played out a 1-1 draw. This match will be decided by a penalty shoot out. Neither of these sides have ever made the last 8 of the Australia Cup so whichever team wins will create their own club history.
120' + 1' There is one minute of additional time with this match headed towards a penalty shoot out.
120' We are inside the final minute of extra time.
J. Risdon
Yellow Card
Western United
117' YELLOW CARD - Joshua Risdon has been booked for a professional foul in the middle.
116' Sydney United have almost stolen this with Agamemnonos shooting acrossoung and hitting the post. The rebound to Trifiro goes wide.
115' Western United are throwing everything at Sydney United 58 with the home side desperately hanging on.
112' Roberts tries one from distance but his dipping shot is just over the cross bar.
C. Gonzalez
Yellow Card
Sydney United
109' YELLOW CARD - Gonzalez goes flying in on Wales and he is shown the yellow card.
108' Milanovic shoots from outside the box and he misses narrowly.
107' Bozinovski runs into the box amid confusion among the Sydney United defence but he can't get the power on the shot to beat Nizic.
106' Sydney United 58 get us underway for the second half of extra time.
We are still looking for the goal that separates these sides with the scores still locked in at 1-1 at half-time of extra time.
105' + 1' Wales crosses to Bayew but Nizic makes a miraculous save at point blank range!
105' Lustica runs in to shoot but his effort is blocked and another Western United chance goes begging.
C. Gonzalez
A. Tomelic
Sydney United
104' SUBSTITUTION SYDNEY UNITED - Anthony Tomelic is replaced by Cristian Gonzalez.
102' Danger for Sydney United with both Wales and Milanovic in clear air, but the ball evades both of them.
A. Agamemnonos
Y. Perkatis
Sydney United
99' SUBSTITUTION SYDNEY UNITED - Yianni Perkatis comes off for Andrea Agamemnonos.
99' Perkatis is down again and he looks like his time is done for the day.
96' Play is stopped with Perkatis requiring treatment for cramp.
93' Risdon floats it to the back post where Milanovic can't get enough power on the header to beat Nizic.
93' The corner is sent in but cleared by Sydney United.
93' Milanovic wins the corner as Western United turn up the heat.
91' We are off for the first half of extra time.
We are going to extra time with the scores locked in at 1-1 after 90 minutes.
90' + 1' We will have three minutes of stoppage time.
A. Bayew
C. Pain
Western United
90' SUBSTITUTION WESTERN UNITED - Connor Pain is replaced by Adisu Bayew.
89' Milanovic runs into the box with Western United having the numbers but he fails to get the shot on target against his former side.
88' Western United send it into the box but once again there's nobody home.
J. Regague
B. Collins
Western United
87' SUBSTITUTION WESTERN UNITED - Benjamin Collins is off for Jalil Regague.
85' It's action stations here as both teams are attack minded in search of a winning goal.
82' Western United have the corner and Garuccio takes it. Nizic spills it but desperately scrambles after it and is lucky enough to claim it.
80' Sydney United continue to worry Western United with Kaneko shooting from outside the box, but he sends it over the cross bar.
N. Botić
D. Wenzel-Halls
Western United
78' SUBSTITUTION WESTERN UNITED - Dylan Wenzel-Halls is replaced by Noah Botić.
N. Milanovic
D. Pierias
Western United
78' SUBSTITUTION WESTERN UNITED - Dylan Pierias is replaced by Nicolas Milanovic.
77' Pierias tucks the ball away into the back of the net but the offside flag was already up.
75' Garuccio takes the free kick and with Nizic stranded he bends it into the side netting.
73' Garuccio takes the short corner before a string of passes sees the ball move from right to left before Pain is brought down on the edge of the box. Western United have the free kick in a very dangerous position.
73' Risdon cuts back before shooting low and hard inside the near post and Nizic drops down to his left to make a magnificent save.
71' If the scores remain level at full time this match will then have two fifteen minute periods of extra time.
69' Pain runs into the box but Vlastelica makes an excellent challenge to win the ball and save the day for Sydney United.
66' This game will open up the longer it goes with both sides expected to throw caution to the wind in search of a winner.
64' Trifiro has made a real impact on this match since coming on at half-time.
62' Wales sends it in but Risdon gets under it and sends it well over.
62' Western United begin to focus on the job as they win the corner.
61' Roberts with a chance from inside the box but it was always rising.
K. Cimenti
T. Maia
Sydney United
57' SUBSTITUTION SYDNEY UNITED - This must have been a pre-planned change because the goal scorer, Tariq Maia, has been replaced by Kyle Cimenti.
T. Maia
Sydney United
56' GOAL SYDNEY UNITED - Maia receives the pass from Roberts, just outside the box. He takes a touch before shooting powerfully past Young who gets a hand onto it but can't keep it out. It's all square at 1-1!
53' Bilic with a good run down the left. He cuts it back to Perkatis in the box but he sends the shot wide.
52' Pierias tries to cut it back to Wenzel-Halls but his pass is just a little off.
51' Wales continues to work hard for Western United who are pursuing a two goal buffer.
47' Trifiro comes into the top of the box with little pressure but he sends his shot well over.
G. Trifiro
C. Payne
Sydney United
46' SUBSTITUTION SYDNEY UNITED - Christopher Payne has been replaced by Glen Trifiro.
45' The second half is underway.
HALF TIME - Connor Pain's goal separates both sides at half-time with Western United leading 1-0 at the break.
45' + 1' There will be two minutes of stoppage time.
45' Garuccio curls corner in but it beats everyone on its way out to a goal kick.
45' Western United with another chance for Pierias but it is deflected out for a corner.
C. Pain
Western United
43' GOAL WESTERN UNITED - The visitors with a very hard and fast counter attack with Pierias crossing into the box for Pain who puts it away from point blank range. Blink and you would have missed that counter attack! Western United 1-0.
42' Collins heads the corner on but Payne's volley is high and wide.
42' Roberts gets it onto Chris Payne who tries to cut it back but it's deflected out for a corner.
40' Sydney United are enjoying their best period in the match.
38' Western United continue to attack but the referee has spotted something in the box and Sydney United have the free kick.
Y. Perkatis
Yellow Card
Sydney United
36' YELLOW CARD - Yianni Perkatis Is also booked for his part in the incident with Imai.
T. Imai
Yellow Card
Western United
36' YELLOW CARD - Tomoki Imai goes in behind the play on Perkatis and he is very lucky to have just been shown the yellow card.
35' Garuccio sends the corner and Risdon meets it with a strong header but it comes off the woodwork. The rebound goes to Wenzel-Halls who somehow has his shot saved from point blank range by Nizic.
34' Western United counter and they win the corner.
34' Payne goes down under the challenge of Collins but there's nothing coming from the referee.
31' Wenzel-Halls shoots from distance. He has Nizic beaten but slams the shot into the woodwork.
30' Garuccio finds space but it's well read by Nizic in goal.
29' It's taken quickly to meet Garuccio's run down the left but it's sent out for a throw in.
29' Western United have the free kick roughly half way between the centre and penalty box.
26' A decent sized crowd is in attendance today given some rare Sydney sunshine and the visit of the A-League champions.
23' Sydney United's defence has been standing up well to the pressure from Western United.
21' Wenzel-Halls once again involved in the thick of things but he stands on the ball in the box and Sydney United clear.
20' Pierias gets it in the box but he controls it down with his arm and the linesman spots that very early in the piece and the flag goes straight up.
17' Play is stopped to allow Payne to receive treatment to what looks like an ankle injury.
16' Chris Payne and Ben Collins have been at each other from the start of the match and Payne goes down and stays down.
16' Garuccio sends a long ball into the box but Wenzel-Halls is offside once again.
15' Connor Pain looks for Garuccio in the box but it's cut off and cleaned up by the Sydney United defence.
13' Pierias shoots off the angle and it's well saved by the Nizic.
10' Western United continue to attack with the Sydney United defence doing enough to keep them out at the moment.
8' The ball is sent into the box towards Pain but he goes down in the box and the Sydney United defence clears.
7' The corner is dealt with by the Sydney United defence.
6' The free kick is sent into the box and it is deflected out for a corner.
6' Western United have the free kick to the right of the box.
5' Pain flicks the pass through to Wenzel-Halls but he has drifted into an offside position.
3' Western United have the free kick in a dangerous position but Risdon's radar is a little off.
1' Western United with an early chance but it comes off the cross bar from Risdon.
1' We are off and underway with Sydney United kicking off.
It's a return to big time football for Sydney United who once were in the National Soccer League as they host the reigning A-League champions.
Good afternoon and welcome to the Sydney United Sports Centre for today's Australia Cup Round of 16 match between Sydney United 58 and Western United.