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Key Events

G. Trifiro
C. Payne
3 - 2
P. Antelmi
G. Trifiro
2 - 2
C. Austin
Penalty Goal
1 - 2
M. Bilic
T. Kaneko
1 - 1
R. Danzaki
H. Hore
0 - 1

Match Stats

37% 62%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 9
Total Passes 443 711
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What a result! Glen Trifiro is the hero after he scored the goal for United at the 105th minute of extra time. We have a chance that the Australia Cup Final could be played without any A League teams, as Sydney United 58 will play the winner of Oakleigh Cannons and Macarthur FC. We are in uncharted waters for an Australia Cup tournament and you can bet all eyes will be on both teams on Wednesday night. Congratulations Sydney United 58!
120' + 1' Dehmie takes it deep into attack but it comes off Vlastelica and it is a corner kick.
120' The Roar take it to the last line of attack, but the ball comes off Hore and it is out for a goal kick.
119' The ball is residing rent free inside the attacking half of Brisbane at the moment. This is tense for Sydney United.
117' The Sydney United defence are under immense pressure here. Can they survive the final few minutes without conceding a goal?
115' Kaneko takes it to the edge of the box as he passes it over to Antelmi, before being dragged down. Antelmi blasts it over the crossbar.
113' Trifiro gives it over to Antelmi inside the box. He pulls the trigger on goal, but it is blocked. Antelmi appeals for a hand ball, but the referee is not convinced.
111' Antelmi is unable to take the ball deep inside attack, but he wins the corner, which will give United a chance on goal.
109' Nizic is off his line as the Roar are in the box seat, but Clut commits the professional foul outside of the box to relieve the pressure on Sydney United.
P. Antelmi
Yellow Card
108' YELLOW CARD UNITED - Antelmi is awarded a yellow card for a handball in the middle of the ground and playing on after the whistle.
106' Ivancic with a massive shot on goal from the edge of the box and it is saved by Nizic, popping it over the crossbar.
106' EXTRA TIME SECOND HALF - Sydney United kick off to get us back under way for the second half of extra time.
EXTRA TIME HALF TIME: SYDNEY UNITED 58 3 BRISBANE ROAR FC 2 - We go into the brief half time break with the NPL team leading the way 3-2 over the A-League team. Stay tuned as we could be seeing history created today.
C. Dehmie
C. Chapman
105' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - The Roar make a change as Chapman makes way for Dehmie.
G. Trifiro
105' GOAL UNITED (Glen Joseph Trifiro) Sydney United 58 3 Brisbane Roar 2 - Clut passes it over to Trifiro into the box, as he chases the ball and taps it past Freke and into the back of the net. SYDNEY UNITED ARE IN FRONT!
K. Cimenti
A. Tomelic
104' SUBSTITUTION UNITED - Sydney make an attacking change as Cimenti comes onto the ground to replace Tomelic.
103' Kaneko brings down Trewin inside defence for the Roar and the referee awards the free kick to Brisbane.
101' Hingert is all over Bilic outside of the box and the referee awards the resulting free kick to Sydney inside their defensive half.
D. Clut
C. Gonzalez
99' SUBSTITUTION UNITED - Sydney make another change, as they bring on Clut, in place of Gonzales.
C. Gonzalez
Yellow Card
97' YELLOW CARD UNITED - Gonzalez is booked after a late challenge.
97' Sydney may be looking to their bench for another change here, as they look to inject some fresh legs into the game.
95' Austin is looking very exhausted, with the sunny conditions starting to have an impact.
93' The game is being played in the middle of the ground, with fatigue statting to have an impact on both teams.
91' Ivanovic takes it into the box as he pulls the trigger on goal from the right side, but Nizic is able to make the strong save.
91' EXTRA TIME FIRST HALF - The Roar kick off to get us back under way for extra time.
END OF REGULATION TIME: SYDNEY UNITED 58 2 BRISBANE ROAR FC 2 - With the scores all tied up 2-2 at the end of regulation time, we are going to extra time to decide the winner of this one. With the scores also tied up at half time, it was Austin that broke the deadlock in the 63rd minute with a penalty goal for the Roar. Antelmi leveled the scores at the 71st minute. Whoever wins this one today, it will be the first time either team qualify for the Australia Cup Final.
90' + 4' Hingert fouls Trifiro in the middle of the ground, as the home crowd demand and receive the free kick.
90' + 2' Brisbane want to put this game away as if it goes into extra time, they may end up struggling to keep up.
90' We have four minutes off stoppage time to play for the match, where we could go to extra time if the scores remain the same.
88' The tide is starting to turn as Sydney United are starting to spend more time inside their attacking half.
86' Trewin floats it across the face of goal and it is cleared away by Bilic. The Roar are coming.
84' The Roar continue to take the ball into their attacking half. They have had a few opportunities in this second half.
82' Hore takes it to the edge of the box as he pulls the trigger on goal. It takes a deflection which makes it an easy save for Nizic.
80' Payne takes it into the edge of the box, as he flashes the shot on goal across the face and he just misses.
79' Austin sends the ball into the box as Nizic makes a rare mistake, but Chapman with a nudge on Gonzalez, manages to give Nizic a reprieve, as the Roar had O'Shea ready to strike.
J. Daley
R. Akbari
78' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - The Roar make another change as Daley is inserted into the game for Akbari.
77' The game is in the balance at the moment, with the Roar spending a majority of the time inside their attacking half.
75' Trewin takes a long range shot on goal and it flies over the crossbar for a goal kick. It was too close for comfort for Nizic, who has words for his defenders.
73' We have a potential Cupset on our hands today. Could we possibly see the first non A-League team make the Australia Cup Final?
P. Antelmi
71' GOAL UNITED (Patrick Antelmi) Sydney United 58 2 Brisbane Roar 2 - Trifiro sends it over to Antelmi outside the box, as he shoots for goal, taking a deflection, which catches Freke out, going over his head and into the back of the net.
P. Antelmi
A. Agamemnonos
69' SUBSTITUTION UNITED - Sydney make their second change of the day as Agamemnonos is replaced by Antelmi.
J. Hingert
L. Zabala
68' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - The second of the Roar double change sees Zabala coming off and Hingert running onto the ground.
L. Ivanovic
N. Mileusnic
68' SUBSTITUTION ROAR - The Roar make the first of a double change, with Mileusnic taking his leave and Ivanovic entering the arena.
66' Sydney United are once again on the back foot and need to pull out something special to level the scores.
G. Trifiro
T. Maia
64' SUBSTITUTION UNITED - Sydney United make their first change of the match as Maia comes off with a leg injury, being replaced by the experienced Trifiro.
C. Austin
Penalty Goal
63' PENALTY GOAL ROAR (Charlie Austin) Sydney United 58 1 Brisbane Roar 2 - Austin steps up and kicks an absolute bullet to hit the inside top of the net, beating Nizic to give the Roar the lead.
A. Vlastelica
Yellow Card
63' YELLOW CARD UNITED - Kaneko is awarded the yellow card for his professional foul inside the box on Hore.
62' Hore is brought down by Kaneka inside the box and the referee awards the resulting penalty.
61' O'Shea with a low touch on the ball for Trewin, who pulls the trigger on goal, but Nizic is able to make the save and palm it away.
60' It may well be time for both teams to look to their respective benches, to inject some fresh legs into the contest.
58' A clever run by Mileusnic, but he is taken out of the countest by Vlastelica and the ball goes out for a goal kick.
56' Sydney United finally take it out of defence and they have numbers up forward, if they can get it down there quickly enough.
54' Brisbane are starting to keep the ball inside their attacking half. Sydney can only get through this pressure for so long, before they crack.
52' The ball is rebounding from one side of the field to the other, without a real effort on goal from either team.
50' The Roar continue to pile on the pressure in the middle of the ground. Business has just picked up.
48' Sydney are pushing the ball into attack as they look for an opportunity to get the upper hand on the Roar.
46' SECOND HALF - Sydney United kick off to get us back under way for the second half. We have no changes to either team.
We have seen a very entertaining first half, with Sydney United serving it up to Brisbane Roar, defying the odds, which were in favour of the Roar. Danzaki was able to find the back of the net at the 13th minute. The Roar had another opportunity through Trewin shortly after, but his shot on goal was saved. Bilic was able to level the scores at the 24th minute and it has been blow for blow ever since. We are set for an action packed second half.
HALF TIME: SYDNEY UNITED 58 1 BRISBANE ROAR FC 1 - We go into the half time break with the scores all tied up at 1-1, with the Roar missing a chance to get ahead at the stroke of half time.
J. O'Shea
Penalty Miss
45' + 2' MISSED PENALTY ROAR - O'Shea steps up to the spot as he takes the penalty kick, driving it to the bottom right corner of the net and Nizic makes a super save to deny the Roar.
45' + 1' Austin goes to cross the ball inside the box, but it comes off the hand of Roberts, with the referee pointing to the spot for a penalty.
45' We have one minute of stoppage time to play for the first half.
44' O'Shea brings the ball in from the corner kick and it is off the crossbar and after a couple of nervous moments which included Mlinaric's shot being blocked, Sydney were able to clear the ball away safely.
42' Danzaki finds half a yard of space, as he gives off a little dink ball for Mileusnic, but United are able to defend the ball way, conceding the corner kick.
40' Kaneko takes it deep into attack, but he can't get it past Zabala and ends up running out of space.
38' United are enjoying a period inside their attacking half at the moment, but the Roar defence continue to hold their end up of the bargain.
36' Sydney take the ball into attack, but there are Roar defenders everywhere and it is hard work getting the ball anywhere near the box.
34' The Roar defence with a big kick over the top as Danzaki has it on the edge of the box, but enough pressure from the United defenders ends up forcing the error.
32' Trewin misses the ball inside the box and Sydney United are away from defence.
30' The game is being largely played in the middle of the ground, becoming a battle of the midfields.
28' Austin runs it into the box but a whistle sounds as he looks over to the sideline and sees the offside flag up.
26' We have a game on our hands with Brisbane realising that Sydney will not be easybeats.
M. Bilic
24' GOAL UNITED 58 (Matthew Bilic) Sydney United 58 1 Brisbane Roar 1 - Kaneko crosses it high into the box, as Bilic rises up and connects with the ball, beating Freke into the bottom left corner of the net. Scores are level.
23' Surprisingly, Sydney United are yet to have a shot on goal.
21' Brisbane are chipping the ball around defence as they look for a way into their attacking half.
19' Sydney United are away in attack, but are chopped off before they can send the ball into the box.
17' The Roar are starting to flex their muscle, wanting to qualify for their first Australia Cup final.
15' Trewin runs it down the right side of the pitch as he enters the box and his shot on goal is saved by Nizic.
R. Danzaki
13' GOAL ROAR (Riku Danzaki) Sydney United 58 0 Brisbane Roar 1 - Hore squares it up from the edge of the box for Danzaki, who taps it past Nizic and into the back of the net.
12' Sydney United need to change things here as it appears the Roar are dictating the terms of the game.
10' Mileusnic is pushing up on the right as the Roar start to turn the heat up on Sydney United inside attack.
8' It has been a tight start for the game, with both teams spending time inside their respective attacking halves.
6' Zabala with the cross into the box, but it is headed away from inside the box by Perkatis.
4' Brisbane take it into their attaking half, but Sydney United have it under control and clear the ball away from safety.
2' Agamemnonos intercepts the pass but he tries to be too fancy as he loses the ball inside attacking half for United.
1' FIRST HALF - Brisbane Roar kick off and we are under way for the semi finals of the Australia Cup.
BRISBANE ROAR SUBS - Jordan Holmes (GK), Luke Ivanovic, Jez Lofthouse, Jesse Daley, Josh Brindell-South, Jack Hingert, Cyrus Dehmie.
BRISBANE ROAR STARTING XI - Macklin Freke (GK); Anton Mlinaric, Kai Trewin, Connor Chapman, Louis Zabala; Henry Hore, Jay O'Shea (c), Rahmat Akbari; Riku Danzaki, Charlie Austin, Nikola Mileusnic.
SYDNEY UNITED 58 SUBS - James Husoy (GK), Kyle Cimenti, Patrick Antelmi, Devante Clut, Jordan Ivancic, Glen Trifiro, Adrian Knez.
SYDNEY UNITED 58 STARTING XI - Danijel Nizic (GK); Cristian Gonzalez, Adrian Vlastelica (c), Yianni Perkatis, Jordan Roberts; Andrea Agamemnonos, Anthony Tomelic, Matthew Bilic; Tariq Maia, Taisei Kaneko, Christopher Payne.
This is also Brisbane Roar's first Australia Cup semi-final. The Roar are hoping to springboard their Australia Cup performance onto the new A-League season which starts next month. Brisbane Roar FC (75) have made the second most tackles than any other teams in the 2022 Australia Cup.
This will be Sydney United 58 FC’s first Australia Cup semi final; they will be aiming to become the inaugural member federation team to progress to the final. Jordan Roberts (Sydney United 58 FC) has contested 52 duels in the 2022 Australia Cup, more than any other player and 13 more than Brisbane Roar FC’s best Kai Trewin (39).
Welcome to the Sydney United Sports Centre for the semi-final match between Sydney United 58 and Brisbane Roar. This will be the first Australia Cup match between Sydney United 58 FC and Brisbane Roar FC.