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Diogo Dalot
Yellow Card
Carlos Fernández
Yellow Card
Cristiano Ronaldo
Yellow Card
Brais Méndez
Yellow Card
A. Garnacho
Cristiano Ronaldo
0 - 1

Match Stats

47% 52%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 1
Total Passes 412 460
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Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Real Sociedad RSO Real Sociedad 6 5 0 1 10 2 +8 15 L W W W W
2 Manchester United MUN Manchester United 6 5 0 1 10 3 +7 15 W W W W W
3 Sheriff SHE Sheriff 6 2 0 4 4 10 -6 6 W L L L L
4 Omonia Nicosia OMO Omonia Nicosia 6 0 0 6 3 12 -9 0 L L L L L


8th Finals
UEFA Conference League Play-offs


That's all for today, goodbye!
La Real are straight through to the round of 16, winning Group E due to their superior goal difference. They have now suffered back-to-back defeats though as they prepare to host Valencia in LaLiga. United go into the draw for the playoffs on Monday, with those games taking place in February. They travel to Aston Villa in the Premier League on Sunday.
Garnacho's first-half goal sees United beat La Real 1-0. The youngster scored with the first shot in the game, rifling a wonderful effort into the far top corner. De Gea then made a brilliant double save to protect his clean sheet just before the break, denying Gorosabel and Marin. United needed a second goal to top the group, but they could only manage one blocked shot in the second half.
90' + 4' La Real have everyone back and sitting deep in their own half as they protect the slender deficit. United win a corner which Fernandes takes short and it's worked out to Shaw, but he can't pick out a team-mate.
90' + 2' United are throwing everything they have at the hosts in an attempt to find the goal they need to top the group. Rashford glances on another long ball, looking for Ronaldo, but it's just behind him and Le Normand clears his lines.
90' GOOD SAVE! Shaw goes long and Fernandes flicks it on from the edge of the D. Casemiro gets it out of his feet to tee up McTominay, but he can only square it back to the Brazilian. Remiro doesn't know too much about it as he blocks the shot before a belated offside flag goes up.
89' It looks like Maguire has slotted straight into Garnacho's position up top as De Gea goes long to Shaw. He spins to curl a cross into the far post which Maguire heads towards goal, but Pacheco makes the block.
Diogo Dalot
Yellow Card
87' Dalot gets in front of Magunazelaia to cut off his run but catches him in the face with his elbow in the process. Much to the right-back's frustration, he's shown a yellow card.
85' Magunazelaia bursts into the space down the right and drills a low cross into the box for Navarro. Dalot recovers well to get across to the far post though and sends his shot behind for a corner.
Jon Magunazelaia
A. Sørloth
83' And Magunazelaia comes on for Sorloth.
Brais Méndez
83' And La Real's final changes sees Mendez taken off for Zubeldia.
H. Maguire
A. Garnacho
82' And Garnacho is making way for Maguire.
C. Eriksen
82' United are making a double change here. Eriksen is first to go off, with Fred on in his place.
81' Eriksen has time on the ball and he gets his head up before lifting a great ball over the top. It's just out of Casemiro's reach on the stretch and Remiro comes out to collect it just ahead of Fernandes.
80' Another quick break by La Real stretches United as Sorloth is picked out on the left. He originally thinks about curling in a cross before taking it past Dalot and drilling a low shot across goal, but it's well wide.
78' BLOCK! United are struggling to keep the ball at the moment, and La Real break on the counter again. Mendez picks out Navarro on the right of the box and his cross is cleared back to him by Martinez, so he takes on the shot, but Shaw drops to his knees to block it.
76' Rashford cuts out Merino's throughball and turns to slide it through for Ronaldo down the right. He can't shake Rico as he cuts inside and he drills his shot straight against the defender.
74' SAVE! McTominay doesn't clear his lines and Guevara pounces on the loose ball in United's box. He turns past the midfielder before drilling a low shot on goal, but De Gea holds it.
Carlos Fernández
73' Fernandez is replaced by Guevara.
Carlos Fernández
Yellow Card
73' Fernandez is taking a long time to leave the pitch after his number goes up on the board, and he's booked for time-wasting on his way off.
Cristiano Ronaldo
Yellow Card
71' Ronaldo leads with his arm as he leaps to head the ball, and he catches Elustondo in the head. He goes into the referee's book.
70' The hosts win a free-kick on the left and it's a great delivery from Mendez onto the edge of the six-yard box. Fernandez meets it, but it comes off his shoulder and loops over the bar.
68' Shaw slips at the worst moment and La Real have a two-on-two against United. Navarro chooses to switch it to Fernandez on the left but overhits the cross forcing him well wide and the chance is gone.
66' La Real are keeping the pressure on United here and Mendez is getting some joy down the right. He bursts past Shaw before curling a deep cross into the box, and De Gea just does enough to stop Sorloth from reaching it.
Brais Méndez
Yellow Card
64' Mendez blocks off Shaw's run to give away a free-kick and then kicks the ball away in frustration, so he's booked for dissent.
Lisandro Martínez
Yellow Card
62' Martinez was shown a yellow card for the initial tackle on Mendez, and it means that he'll miss United's next match in the competition.
61' Martinez hurt himself after slipping into what ended up being a heavy tackle on Mendez. The medical team are giving him treatment as he's holding the side of his head, but he's okay to carry on.
Robert Navarro
Pablo Marín
58' And Marin goes off, with Navarro on in his place.
58' Now for La Real's substitutions. Gorosabel is making way for Elustondo.
S. McTominay
V. Lindelöf
58' And McTominay comes on in place of Lindelof, which means United are switching to a back three.
M. Rashford
D. van de Beek
58' Both sides are making a double change here, starting with United. Van de Beek is the first to make way, with Rashford replacing him.
56' Gorosabel curls in a deep cross from the right and Fernandez nods it back down into the middle at the far post. Casemiro stretches to hook it away and the right-back can't pick out a team-mate with his second attempt.
54' La Real work it upfield well again and Sorloth backheels it to Marin on the edge of the D. He lifts it over the top, looking to return it to the forward, but De Gea comes off his line to collect it.
52' Lindelof stops Fernandez's run and Martinez sets United on the counter by feeding it down the right for Fernandes. It's a poor cross from him though and it's cut out by the first man.
50' Fernandes commits himself as he closes down Mendez and he's able to curl a cross in. Casemiro throws himself forward to block it for a corner, and Merino heads the resulting set-piece over.
48' La Real have made a bright start to the second half as Zubimendi spreads it out to Rico down the left. He clips a great cross into the box and Sorloth flicks it on, but Martinez is right in front of him to deflect it over.
46' La Real get us back underway for the second half!
Despite having the lead, it's not enough for United to win the group unless they can find a second without reply after the break. La Real aren't going to give up without a fight though as both sides would like to avoid the playoffs.
Garnacho's goal gives United a 1-0 lead over La Real at half-time. He scored with the first shot of the game, with Ronaldo picking him out before he rifled his shot into the far top corner. It still took La Real a while to get going after that, though De Gea was forced into a brilliant double save just before the break where he pushed away Gorosabel's effort before denying Marin on the follow-up.
45' + 3' United break on the counter again, and it's another brilliant ball that sets Garnacho in behind. His flick to Van de Beek is blocked, but the visitors keep it alive, with Casemiro looking for Ronaldo, but he can't get a shot away.
45' + 1' La Real are looking to find an equaliser before the half is brought to an end. Marin links up well with Rico down the left, but neither of them can pick out a cross this time.
44' DOUBLE SAVE! Fernandez wins it back, but his cross clips Martinez's heel on the way through and bounces out to Gorosabel. He curls a shot towards the far post which De Gea pushes away. Marin latches onto the rebound before having a go from a very tight angle, and it hits the keeper on the head before looping over.
42' MISS! United go long again, and Ronaldo knocks it past Pacheco with a lovely first touch. Remiro rushes out to close him down, so he improvises by lobbing it over the keeper, but it doesn't dip soon enough and it lands on the roof of the net.
41' CHANCE! Garnacho tries to flick it onto Van de Beek, but it's cut out and La Real break quickly on the counter. Sorloth threads it through to Marin on the edge of the box, but his deflected shot bobbles into De Gea's gloves.
39' Garnacho (18y 125d) has become United's youngest non-English goalscorer in major European competition, overtaking George Best (18y 158d) against Djurgardens IF in 1964).
37' There's a nervy moment at the back for United after Shaw plays it back towards De Gea, and Marin is bearing down on him. The keeper just manages to hook it away in time, but Dalot can't do the same.
35' There are big shouts from the home fans and players for handball after Garnacho makes a block in the D, but the referee allows United to break on the counter. Shaw clips it into the far post and Fernandes tries to cushion it down to Eriksen, but it's cut out.
33' Mendez slides it into Sorloth at the byline and he tries to check back so he can get in position for a shot. Martinez is tight to him though, and picks his pocket before firing his clearance against Mendez to win a goal-kick.
31' The hosts are enjoying a good spell of possession here, but it's all in front of United at the moment. Marin's frustration ends up getting the better of him as he attempts a very long-range shot, but it doesn't trouble De Gea as it flies well wide.
29' Rico is down for La Real now after being caught by Casemiro during an aerial challenge. He takes a while to get back to his feet after staying down holding head, but he's able to carry on without treatment.
27' CHANCE! It's a delightful early cross from Fernandes that he curls right in front of La Real's defenders to put it on a plate for Garnacho. He jinks right then left, leaving Gorosabel on the floor, but loses his balance as he takes the shot and slices it well wide.
25' Merino is back on his feet after treatment, and after a couple more checks on the sidelines, he's going to try and carry on.
23' The referee has stopped the game so that Merino can get treatment as he's stayed down holding his shoulder. He was trying to close down Van de Beek when he slipped, landing awkwardly.
21' It's another good move from the hosts as Marin finds a pocket of space through the middle. He takes the shot early on the edge of the D, keeping it low, but a deflection off Lindelof takes it looping out for a corner.
19' La Real are looking to get a quick response to that goal, with Remiro going long this time. Marin feeds it through for Fernandez, but he can't get it out of his feet before Martinez gets across.
Cristiano Ronaldo
17' Ronaldo had to stretch to bring Fernandes' header under control before he gets his head up and plays it into the space ahead of Garnacho.
A. Garnacho
17' GARNACHO SCORES! De Gea goes long and Fernandes gets the flick-on to Ronaldo, who lays it off to Garnacho down the left. Gorosabel had been dragged away, which allows the youngster the space as he surges into the box before rifling a powerful shot over Remiro and into the far top corner. 1-0 United!
16' Mendez stays tight to the sideline as he drags it past Shaw and he curls a cross into the crowded box. Martinez gets in front of everyone to clear his lines.
14' It's a brilliant run from Garnacho down the left as he weaves between La Real's defence and cuts inside. The cross at the end lets him down though as he overhits it over his team-mates and straight out of play.
12' Merino is getting into some good positions down the left for the hosts, but as he surges forward again, Dalot stays tight to him. He manages to get a cross in, but it's too high for everyone.
10' La Real have won their last two home matches in the Europa League, as many as in their previous 10 such games in the competition (D4 L4). They last won three in a row in a single season in Europe in the 1998-99 UEFA Cup.
8' United are struggling to get out of their own half at the moment due to La Real's pressure. Shaw eventually goes long, lifting it over the top to Ronaldo, who chests it down but then goes down under little pressure from Le Normand.
6' GREAT CHANCE! It's better from the hosts as they move it quickly upfield and Zubimendi slides it into Fernandez. He takes it in stride and rounds De Gea before firing his shot into the side netting from a tight angle, but it wouldn't have counted as he was offside.
4' It's La Real with all of the early possession here and they're patiently working it out from the back. United are pressing high upfield and Dalot is able to cut it out, but he can't pick out Ronaldo with his throughball.
2' Zubimendi tries to switch it out to Merino on the left, but Dalot sticks out a leg to intercept it and it bounces back to De Gea. The home fans and players are claiming it was a backpass to the keeper, but the referee shakes his head.
1' Van de Beek gets the game underway for United!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
United have won six of their last seven away games in the Europa League (one defeat), scoring 19 goals across those seven matches.
Erik ten Hag makes three changes from the win over West Ham at the weekend. Lindelof has recovered from illness and Van de Beek makes his first start since returning from injury, with Garnacho also coming in. Maguire, Elanga and Rashford drop to the bench.
Imanol Alguacil sticks with the same line-up that started on Sunday, despite losing that game to Real Betis. Fernandez and Sorloth partner up to lead the line again for an injury-hit La Real. They are boosted by the return of Sola, who is fit enough for the bench.
MANCHESTER UNITED SUBS: Fred, Marcus Rashford, Scott McTominay, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Tyrell Malacia, Anthony Elanga, Zidane Iqbal, Shola Shoretire, Martin Dubravka, Radek Vitek, Facundo Pellistri, Harry Maguire.
MANCHESTER UNITED STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): David de Gea; Diogo Dalot, Victor Lindelof, Lisandro Martinez, Luke Shaw; Casemiro, Christian Eriksen; Bruno Fernandes, Donny van de Beek, Alejandro Garnacho; Cristiano Ronaldo.
REAL SOCIEDAD SUBS: Urko Gonzalez, Igor Zubeldia, Alex Sola, Roberto Navarro, Aritz Elustondo, Unai Marrero, Jon Magunacelaya, Asier Illarramendi, Benat Turrientes, Andoni Zubiaurre, Ander Guevara, Jon Karrikaburu.
REAL SOCIEDAD STARTING XI (4-3-1-2): Alex Remiro; Andoni Gorosabel, Robin Le Normand, Jon Pacheco, Diego Rico; Brais Mendez, Martin Zubimendi, Mikel Merino; Pablo Marin; Alexander Sorloth, Carlos Fernandez.
Both sides have already qualified for the knockout rounds of the Europa League, but this meeting will settle who will be going through as group winners. La Real are the only side in the competition with a 100 per cent record - they've won all five games while conceding just once, and they'll top the group if they avoid defeat by more than one goal. They have lost their last two league outings though. As for United, a win by two or more goals will see them straight into the round of 16. They've won all four matches group matches since the opening-day loss to La Real, and are currently on an eight-game unbeaten run in all competitions.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Europa League Group E meeting between Real Sociedad and Manchester United at the Reale Arena!