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PSG v Olympique Marseille Live Commentary, 17/04/2022

2 - 1
Neymar (12)
K. Mbappé (45+5 pen)
D. Ćaleta-Car (31)
Parc des Princes


That concludes our commentary of the Ligue 1 fixture between Paris Saint-Germain and Marseille! We hope you’ve enjoyed it!
PSG are in action again on Wednesday when they travel to face Angers. Marseille play the same day against Nantes.
Paris Saint-Germain hang on despite a late scare to win the 85th league edition of Le Classique by a score of 2-1. Neymar’s opening goal after just 12 minutes was matched by Caleta-Car 19 minutes later - only to see Mbappe’s penalty give the hosts a half-time lead thanks to Rongier's handball which led to a penalty. The second half failed to produce any goals, though both sides managed to put the ball in the back of the net - with Mbappe, Messi and Saliba all failing to hold their runs. The latter thought he had put his side level with just five minutes left in regulation but a lengthy VAR review rightly overturned the goal and extinguished Marseille’s hopes of getting anything from the game. The win puts PSG ahead of Marseille at the top of the table by 15 points.
90' + 5' Payet’s late corner from the right is delivered into the near post but Icardi powers the delivery away with a crucial header.
C. Bakambu
D. Ćaleta-Car
Olympique Marseille
90' + 3' One last roll of the dice for Marseille - who replace Caleta-Car with Bakambu.
G. Donnarumma
Yellow Card
90' + 2' Donnarumma is now shown a yellow card as Paris Saint-Germain look to take time off the clock; legally or otherwise.
M. Icardi
K. Mbappé
90' + 2' Mbappe eventually comes off the pitch, with Icardi chosen to replace him with time expiring.
K. Mbappé
Yellow Card
90' + 1' Mbappe is shown a yellow card as he makes his way off the pitch for wasting time.
90' The fourth official indicates six minutes will be added to the end of the 90 for stoppages.
Sergio Ramos
M. Verratti
88' Ramos comes on for Verratti to see out the remainder of the match.
87' Marseille have picked up 33 points away from home in Ligue 1 this season, at least five more than any other side and seven more than their tally at home (26), the highest such differential. It’s OM best tally after 15 away games in a L1 campaign.
85' SALIBA SCORES BUT HE’S OFFSIDE! The Marseille centre-back gets on the end of Payet’s free-kick at the far post and side foots a volley past Donnarumma from close range but after a VAR review - Saliba was deemed to unable to hold his run as he strayed beyond the last defender!
83' Verratti is exceptionally lucky to still be on the pitch after cynically chopping Dieng down outside the PSG penalty area. It’s a free-kick for Marseille, in a good position to trouble Donnarumma.
B. Dieng
P. Gueye
Olympique Marseille
81' Sampaoli makes an attacking change with Dieng sent on for Pape Gueye.
G. Wijnaldum
I. Gueye
81' Idrissa Gueye is replaced by Wijnaldum with less than 10 minutes remaining.
79' As we approach the final 10 minutes something will have to change quickly for Marseille, who have managed to keep it together at the defensive end - only to see their pursuits end disappointingly when converting possession into attack.
Pol Lirola
V. Rongier
Olympique Marseille
77' Lirola comes on for Rongier with 13 minutes remaining.
75' Messi receives the ball on the edge of the penalty area and twists and turns through three markers before laying a pass off for Mbappe. The striker receives the delivery in his stride before turning and firing a shot past Lopez - but again the goal is chalked off for offside!
73' WHAT A TACKLE! Messi drops deep into the centre-circle to pick up possession before turning and launching a pass over the top for Mbappe. The France international striker bursts through the lines and towards goal but his shot goes wide thanks to a crucial last-ditch challenge from Caleta-Car, who keeps the deficit at just one.
71' The two Argentinian managers, Pochettino for Paris and Sampaoli for Marseille will face off for the second time after the reverse fixture (0-0). Before that, you had to go back to February 2, 2020 to see two managers of the same nationality other than French facing each other in Ligue 1, it was an all-Portuguese match between Paulo Sousa's Bordeaux and André Villas-Boas' Marseille (0-0).
69' Hakimi and Marquinhos converge to squeeze Gerson off the ball near the touchline. The Brazil international midfielder hasn't had his best match in a slightly different position than what he's used to - higher up the pitch.
67' Verratti jumps into a tackle but wins a free-kick himself after Harit was deemed to have left a little too much in on the Italy international. Payet is furious with the referee but PSG are given a free-kick in midfield.
65' There has been a real lack of tempo from both sides in the second half, which will suit PSG who have no reason to go forward and rush an attack. Marseille’s lack of true strikers has hampered them on the pitch, with their rare forrays forward finding no real target.
63' Danilo looks to turn and volley the bouncing ball down the pitch but the central midfielder instead clatters the knee of Pape Gueye, who goes down immediately near the touchline. The Marseille player looks to be in some pain as the magic spray is applied - which will halt proceedings temporarily.
61' Marseille haven’t looked threatening in the second half, failing to register a single shot on target since the restart. With 30 minutes left to get themselves back into the match it seems likely that Sampaoli will resort to his bench to change things once again.
59' Payet swings a Marseille corner from the left into the penalty area but it’s swept away comfortably by Hakimi.
57' Only Zlatan Ibrahimovic (seven) has scored more goals than Mbappe (six) in games between Paris and Marseille in Ligue 1.
Yellow Card
55' Neymar steps across Guendouzi, which sends the Marseille midfielder to the ground in a heap. Furious with what he determined to be play-acting, the Brazil international launches into a tirade - standing over the fallen former Arsenal player and yelling abuse. It’s a yellow card for Neymar, who will have to calm down or face further punishment.
54' Lopez launches a goal-kick long to Rongier, who links up with Harit. The substitute gives the ball to Payet and continues his run but before he’s able to get on the end of the return pass - Marquinhos comes across to clear the trouble.
52' Neymar lifts a clever pass over the top of the defence for Mendes, who is unable to corral the ball - as it rolls disappointingly beyond the touchline for a throw-in.
50' A long throw from Mendes down the left wing gets Mbappe free into the Marseille penalty area but the centring pass from the striker fails to find Messi at the far post allowing the visitors to clear it away.
48' Rongier and Harit work a lovely one-two passing move on the right wing but Mendes takes up a good position to interrupt the combination and win possession back for his side.
I. Gueye
Yellow Card
46' Idrissa Gueye is shown a yellow card for cynically holding back Harit during a counter-attack.
46' Marseille get the match restarted from the kick-off!
A. Harit
C. Ünder
Olympique Marseille
46' Harit comes on for Under in a half-time change for Marseille.
Without any other option, Sampaoli will have to instruct his side to push ahead in search of an equaliser in the second half, potentially leaving gaps in their defence in the process. Harit and Dieng will be options to call upon after the restart - with the latter providing the role of traditional striker from which the others can interchange. PSG will have no qualms about hitting on the counter-attack in order to extend their lead with the pace of Mbappe down the flank a natural avenue of attack. Di Maria is a likely entrant as well with his ability to link midfield and attack an asset in transition.
A fiery first half comes to a close after six minutes of additional time, with a late Paris Saint-Germain penalty restoring their advantage and giving them a 2-1 lead at the half. Neymar capitalised on PSG’s first opportunity of the match, diving to get on the end of Verratti’s far-post cross to turn it past Lopez. Donnarumma’s clean sheet was ruined just 19 minutes later however, flapping on a Payet corner which led to an easy finish for Caleta-Car from close range. PSG dominated proceedings and looked to get ahead on two or three occasions - all of which chalked off for offside - before a late handball call on Rongier presented Mbappe with an opportunity to put his side ahead from the penalty spot; which he dispatched with aplomb.
K. Mbappé
Penalty Goal
45' + 5' NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! 2-1 PSG! Lopez guesses the right way but it doesn’t matter as Mbappe sends his curling effort out of the reach of the goalkeeper to take the lead!
45' + 4' PENALTY TO PSG! After consulting both the VAR and the monitor, the referee comes back onto the pitch and points to the spot as the ball did indeed strike the arm of Rongier after Neymar’s effort from 18 yards out. Mbappe steps up to take it, can he give the hosts the lead five minutes into additional time?!
45' + 2' There’s a VAR check in the closing stages of the first half, with Rongier’s block on a Neymar shot apparently striking the arm of the full-back. The referee has gone over to the monitor as there could be a dramatic late twist before the interval!
45' The fourth official indicates one minute of time will be added to the end of the first half for stoppages.
43' With less than five minutes left PSG look to have what it takes to break the deadlock, though they’ll need a little bit of luck to go their way. The hosts have looked lively on their way towards the Marseille penalty area but a lack of clinical finishing and an inability to hold their line have kept them from truly dominating the tie.
41' PSG SCORE BUT IT’S OFFSIDE! Messi looks to have broken the deadlock five minutes from time after tucking Mendes’ cutback pass into the near corner of the goal from close range but offside on the left-back in the build-up sees the goal chalked off! It remains 1-1!
39' PSG and Marseille will face each other for the 85th time in Ligue 1. They have a balanced record with 32 wins each (D20), but PSG have only lost one of their last 19 games against OM in the top-flight (W14 D4) and OM have failed to score in five of the most recent seven.
Nuno Mendes
Yellow Card
37' Mendes clatters through the back of Guendouzi, who lets out a scream on his way down to the turf. There’s no doubt it’s a foul as the referee comes over to show the PSG left-back a yellow card; the third booking of the match.
36' The referee comes over to separate Guendouzi and Neymar, who are just beginning to go back and forth at each other following a free-kick awarded to Marseille. Both fiery characters, there’s certainly no lack of intensity in this rivalry.
35' Marseille’s goal is another poor moment for Donnarumma, whose high-profile error also cost PSG in their Champions League tie with Real Madrid. The Italy international is no doubt a goalkeeper of the highest quality but he does occasionally make unfortunate mistakes that lead directly to goals.
33' GREAT SAVE! Neymar lashes a free-kick from 25 yards out directly towards goal - looking for the top corner. It looks an accurate hit but Lopez gets behind it to push it away with two strong gloves.
D. Ćaleta-Car
Olympique Marseille
31' GOAL FOR MARSEILLE TO LEVEL LE CLASSIQUE! 1-1! Donnarumma steps off his line to punch away Payet’s corner but the imposing goalkeeper flaps at the delivery, missing the ball entirely. A mad scramble on the goal line ensues but Caleta-Car has the time and presence of mind to poke it home!
29' Payet works room ahead of Danilo by switching the ball from his right to his left foot to find a pass out wide for Pape Gueye but the ensuing low cross into the penalty area is blocked behind for a corner.
27' A long switch of play from left to right is met by the chest of Payet, who plays it into the penalty area for the run of Under. The winger looks likeliest to get on the end of the pass but good defending again from Mendes allows the hosts to clear the danger.
25' Rongier gets into a good attacking position on the right flank and puts a pass inside for Under but Mendes’ defending is spot-on as he gets himself between his opponent and the ball to win back possession.
23' Messi steps up and takes the free-kick himself but he gets his angles wrong and clips the set-piece up and over the crossbar.
Yellow Card
Olympique Marseille
21' Messi’s mazy drive towards the penalty area is abruptly ended by Gerson, who takes one for the team and brings down the Argentina captain - earning himself a yellow card.
19' Danilo prods a pass through the lines for Mbappe, who turns on the accelerators and powers past the chasing defenders to have a clear sight at goal. The France international misses the target - a rarity for him - but the ensuing flag raised for offside means the chance wouldn’t have counted anyway.
M. Verratti
Yellow Card
17' Verratti unorthodoxly brings Guendouzi down with his hands after the PSG midfielder stumbled in pursuit of his opponent. The rugby-style tackle earns him a yellow card and gives Marseille a free-kick.
16' Under overhits his cross from the right wing in search of Guendouzi - providing Donnarumma with an easy catch.
14' Marseille are in for quite the test now as they look to extend PSG’s push towards the title. The visitors have shown very little in the way of attack so far - with Marquinhos and the back line not yet troubled at all.
M. Verratti
12' Verratti's intelligent scooped delivery earns him the assist for PSG's opening goal.
12' PSG TAKE THE LEAD! 1-0! Messi drives forward before laying it off to Verratti in central midfield. The Italy international picks his head up and scoops a fantastic cross to the far post for the run of Neymar, whose diving poke towards goal skips over the head of Lopez and in!
11' Messi slaloms into the penalty area and looks for a pass but he’s squeezed off the ball by three Marseille defenders - with Caleta-Car getting the telling touch to steal it away from the Argentina international.
9' Marseille are very compact both in possession and when chasing the ball. There isn’t a great deal of distance between their defensive and attacking lines - with Pape Gueye winning the ball in his own half before having to wait as no team-mate was beyond the holding midfielder to receive a pass.
7' Rongier is caught on the touchline by a heavy Mendes challenge that sends the Marseille full-back up into the air before clattering onto the pitch. It’s a free-kick for the visitors but nothing more.
5' Neymar is dropping very deep in the early stages to get onto the ball, looking to dictate play by spraying it to either Messi or Mbappe on the right and left flanks respectively.
3' Marseille seem to have started the match with a very fluid attacking line-up, with no recognised striker starting centrally. The experienced Payet is tasked with spearheading the attack - supplied on either side by Under and Gerson.
1' PSG get the match underway from the kick-off!
Marseille make three changes from the XI that beat Marseille 2-0 last time out in the league. Lopez is selected ahead of Mandanda between the posts while Caleta-Car steps into the defence, dropping Harit to the bench. The switch puts Kamara in midfield and Gerson in the attack, where he’ll start beside Payet - starting today ahead of Ahmadou Dieng.
Paris Saint-Germain make just one change from the XI that swept aside Clermont Foot 6-1, with Marquinhos returning to the heart of the defence in place of Ramos.
MARSEILLE SUBS: Ousama Targhaline, Steve Mandanda, Ahmadou Bamba Dieng, Luis Henrique, Amine Harit, Sead Kolasinac, Pol Lirola, Cedric Bakambu, Salim Ben Seghir.
MARSEILLE XI (4-3-3): Pau Lopez; Valentin Rongier, William Saliba, Duje Caleta-Car, Luan Peres; Matteo Guendouzi, Boubacar Kamara, Pape Gueye; Cengiz Under, Dimitri Payet, Gerson.
PSG SUBS: Angel Di Maria, Eric Ebimbe, Xavi Simons, Sergio Ramos, Juan Bernat, Thilo Kehrer, Georginio Wijnaldum, Mauro Icardi, Keylor Navas.
PSG XI (4-3-3): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Nuno Mendes, Presnel Kimpembe, Marquinhos, Achraf Hakimi; Idrissa Gueye, Marco Verratti, Danilo Pereira; Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi.
With 15 minutes to go before kick-off, let’s take a look at how the two sides are lining up; starting with our hosts!
Three points ahead of third-place Rennes having played one match fewer, Marseille will first and foremost be looking to guarantee a Champions League spot for next season. Jorge Sampaoli’s side enter the game today having won their last eight fixtures in all competitions, including earning a spot in the Europa Conference League semi-finals where they will meet Feyenoord.
Paris Saint-Germain host Marseille in the 85th league edition of Le Classique, with PSG leading their opponents by 12 points in the table. With just seven fixtures left in the domestic calendar, a win for Mauricio Pochettino’s team would all but guarantee another league title in the capital.
Hello and welcome to our LIVE commentary of the Ligue 1 fixture between Paris Saint-Germain and Marseille!