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Key Events

W. Dekker
J. Guest
2 - 5
U. Dávila
Penalty Goal
1 - 5
J. Hollman
A. Toure
1 - 4
D. Arzani
Penalty Goal
1 - 3
45' + 4'
D. Arzani
1 - 2

Match Stats

49% 50%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 7 12
Total Passes 345 357
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The Bulls entered the second half holding a 2-1 lead, but were quick to add to their scoreline with an Arzani penalty goal at the 55th minute. Hollmann rubbed salt into the Cannons wounds, as he blasted it into goal at the 58th minute. When Davila made it 5-1 from a penalty goal at the 64th minute, it was all over for the Cannons. They were able to score a consolation goal at the 81st minute through Dekker. A late highlight for the match was the debut of 13 year old goal keeper, Ymer Abili. Congratulations to the Oakleigh Cannons for a wonderful campaign and all the best for the Macarthur Bulls in the final.
FULL TIME: OAKLEIGH CANNONS 2 MACARTHUR FC BULLS 5 - The Bulls have qualified for their first major final since their inception, qualifying for the Australia Cup Final, after beating the Oakleigh Cannons, 5-2. The Cannons will be feeling bittersweet, as tonight has been the first campaign they have been eliminated from all season.
90' + 3' The Cannons are keeping the ball inside their forward half, trying to keep the ball away from their young keeper.
Y. Abili
L. Italiano
90' + 1' SUBSTITUTION CANNONS - We have a magical moment in the cup, which will live in the memory of Ymer Abili as he debuts in goal for Oakleigh, in place of Italiano.
90' We have four minutes of stoppage time to play for the game.
89' It looks like we will have an Australia Cup first tonight as Abili will become the youngest ever player to debut at 13 years old.
N. Ghanakas
M. Foschini
87' SUBSTITUTION CANNONS - The final of the Cannons triple change as Foschini is replaced by Ghanakas.
S. Sakellarios
W. Dekker
87' SUBSTITUTION CANNONS - Dekker is off as he goes to his personal cheer squad to sign some autographs, being replaced by Sakellarios.
A. Korkaric
T. Holmes
86' SUBSTITUTION CANNONS - The Cannons make the first of three changes as Holmes is off and Korkaric runs onto the ground.
85' It looks like the Cannons finally have some movement on their bench. It looks like they will make some changes.
83' The Bulls will just need to slow the pace of the game down and retain possession, to take the momentum away from the Cannons.
W. Dekker
81' GOAL CANNONS (Wade Dekker) Oakleigh Cannons 2 Macarthur FC Bulls 5 - Guest lifts it into the box as Dekkers rises up with a glance away header, finding the back of the net for a goal.
80' Oakleigh are starting to build something here. They are looking to improve their standing on the scoreboard.
78' The game is being played in the middle of the ground, as the Cannons have a rare foray inside their attacking half.
76' The sting seems to have gone right out of the contest, with the Cannons confined to exiting the tournament tonight.
J. Drew
D. Arzani
74' SUBSTITUTION BULLS - The Bulls make their final change as Arzani won't be scoring his hat trick, but Drew is the man to replace him.
J. Webber
U. Dávila
73' SUBSTITUTION BULLS - The Bulls make their last window of changes, with Dávila being rested and Webber being given a run.
71' Interestingly, the Cannons are yet to make a change in this second half, considering they are down by four goals.
D. Clark
Yellow Card
69' YELLOW CARD CANNONS - Clark is booked by the referee after a reckles offence.
J. Skotadis
K. Baccus
68' SUBSTITUTION BULLS - The second of the Bulls double change as Baccus is off and Skotadis is on.
A. Carter
L. Rose
68' SUBSTITUTION BULLS - The Bulls have made the first of a double change as Rose makes way for Carter.
66' This game has officially become a rout, with the Cannons unable to stop the exciting Bulls.
U. Dávila
Penalty Goal
64' PENALTY GOAL BULLS (Ulises Alejandro Dávila Plascencia) Oakleigh Cannons 1 Macarthur FC Bulls 5 - Davila steps up to the spot and takes the kick. He sends it away to the left as Italiano dives the opposite way.
63' Foschini brings down Arzani inside the box and the referee instantly points to the spot, awarding a penalty to the Bulls.
T. Holmes
Yellow Card
62' YELLOW CARD CANNONS - Holmes barrells into Arzani on the wing with a shoulder block and the referee awards a yellow card to Holmes.
C. M'Mombwa
J. Hollman
61' SUBSTITUTION BULLS - The Bulls make their first change of the match as Hollman comes off for an early shower and M'Mombwa has a chance to impress.
60' The Bulls have the momentum, with the Cannons looking very flat, for the first time in this tournament.
J. Hollman
58' GOAL BULLS (Jake Hollman) Oakleigh Cannons 1 Macarthur FC Bulls 4 - Toure is deep inside the box as he concedes ground to pass it over to Hollman, who is just inside the six yard box. Hollman smashes it past Italiano and kicks it into the back of the net.
57' The Cannons may need to make a change here, as they are looking very tired around the ground.
D. Arzani
Penalty Goal
55' PENALTY GOAL BULLS (Daniel Arzani) Oakleigh Cannons 1 Macarthur FC Bulls 3 - Arzani steps up to take the penalty kick as he kicks it to the right side of the goal, beating Italiano who was slow to move.
L. Italiano
Yellow Card
54' YELLOW CARD CANNONS - Italiano comes out and brings down Arzani inside the box and the referee points to the spot to award a penalty. Italiano is given a yellow card.
52' Macarthur continue to control the ball around the middle of the ground. They are controlling the game at the moment.
50' The Bulls bring in a short corner, as Hollman with a flash across the face of goal but the flag is up for offside.
J. Hollman
Yellow Card
48' YELLOW CARD BULLS - Hollman with a lunge in the tackle on Pantazopoulous, upending him in the middle of the ground, but the referee doesn't like it and awards Hollman a yellow card.
46' SECOND HALF - The Cannons kick off and we are back under way for the second half.
We were treated to a fantastic first half off football, where the Oakleigh Cannons struck with an unbelievable first goal at the 24th minute from Guest. The Cannons held strong, until late in the first half when fatigue set in. The Bulls were able to capatilise, with a 44th minute goal to Davila and a 49th minute goal to Arzani. Although the Cannons would be disappointed to go into half time trailing on the scoreboard, they still have another half of football to redeem themselves.
HALF TIME: OAKLEIGH CANNONS 1 MACARTHUR FC BULLS 2 - After an action packed first half where it finished with a confrontation between Italiano and Arzani, such is the feeling in this one, the Bulls have come from behind to lead the Cannons 2-1 at the break.
A. Pantazopoulos
Yellow Card
45' + 5' YELLOW CARD CANNONS - Pantazopoulos is awarded a yellow card after a reckless offence in the middle.
D. Arzani
45' + 4' GOAL BULLS (Daniel Arzani) Oakleigh Cannons 1 Macarthur FC Bulls 2 - Toure takes a shot on goal and Italiano parries it, but it is sitting on the last line of defence. The ball falls to the feet of Arzani and he kicks it past Italiano, who is still on the ground after the save, with the ball going into the left side of the net.
45' + 2' The Cannons have dug deep and found something as they are starting to spend some quality time inside their attacking half.
45' We have six additional minutes of stoppage time to play for the first half.
U. Dávila
44' GOAL BULLS (Ulises Alejandro Dávila Plascencia) Oakleigh Cannons 1 Macarthur FC Bulls 1 - McGing sends it into the box, as Davila is lurking dangerously as he floats it across the goal going past Italiano and into the bottom left corner of the net to equalise for the Bulls.
42' The Bulls take it away from defence, as they look for some late reward before the break.
N. Niagioran
A. Williams
40' SUBSTITUTION CANNONS - The Cannons make a forced change, with the injured Williams being replaced by Niagioran.
38' Tragedy for the Cannons, as Williams has gone down with what appears to be a knee injury. The stretcher has come out for him.
36' Davila fires in a shot on goal from the edge of the box, but the shot on goal is blocked.
34' Play is held up after a late tackle. The referee has intervened and gave both teams a warning, saying he has had enough of it tonight.
32' It is becoming more of a physical game. Both teams have a lot riding on this one. Oakleigh being the under dog, to have a chance of winning a presigious trophy. Macarthur to win their first trophy since their inception into the A-League.
30' Macarthur are starting to see more of the ball inside their attacking half. This could be interesting.
28' Toure takes the ball to the edge of the box, as he fires in a shot on goal but it flashes across the face of goal.
26' The Bulls will need to come back from behind tonight. They wouldn't want to concede another one, as the Cannons know how to hold off a team.
J. Guest
24' GOAL CANNONS (Joe Guest) Oakleigh Cannons 1 Macarthur FC Bulls 0 - Foschini throws it in from the sideline, as Guest lobs it from outside of the box, going over the head of Suman and into the back of the net. WHAT A BRILLIANT GOAL!
22' Davila sends it over to the back post, but Foschini clears it away to not take any chances to concede a goal.
20' The Bulls are starting to take the upper hand in the battle between the two defences, as Arzani pulls the trigger on goal from close range and Italiano pushes it away.
O. Kubilay
Yellow Card
18' YELLOW CARD CANNONS - Kubilay with a late challenge on Arzani and he is the first player to go into the referee's note pad.
17' This is a very fast paced game, with end to end play. A Cupset is definitely on the cards here.
15' Business has picked up here, with both teams having some near misses.
13' Dekker is lurking dangerously once again and seizes the opportunity with another shot on goal and once again Suman saves the day.
12' Dekker is on the burst as he takes it inside the box. He fires in a shot on goal and it is saved by Suman.
10' Clark with a long range shot on goal and it is wide of the mark and out for a goal kick it goes.
9' Arzani takes it to the edge of the box and fires it into goal but it is covered by Italiano.
8' Oakleigh just need to weather the storm here as they are getting beaten all over the park at the moment.
6' Macarthur has been the more aggressive of the two teams inside attack.
4' Davila has gone down, after contact with Williams. Davila asks the referee to issue a card and it is not considered.
2' Rose has it on the edge of the box, but he under hits it and it goes out for a goal kick.
1' FIRST HALF - The Bulls kick off and we are under way.
MACARTHUR FC SUBS - Filip Kurto (GK), Jesper Webber, Charles M'Mombwa, Jerry Skotadis, Jed Drew, Matthew Millar, Anthony Carter.
MACARTHUR FC (4-3-3) STARTING XI - Nick Suman (GK); Ivan Vujica, Tomislav Uskok, Jonathan Aspropotamitis, Jake Hollman; Kearyn Baccus, Daniel Arzani, Al Hassan Toure; Lachlan Rose, Jake McGing, Ulises Dávila (c).
OAKLEIGH CANNONS SUBS - Ymer Abili (GK), Nicholas Ghanakas, Jordan Lemke, Itay Folgin, Steven Sakellarios, Nicolas Niagioran, Allen Kokaric.
OAKLEIGH CANNONS (4-3-3) STARTING XI - Lewis Italiano (GK); Anthony Pantazopoulos, Aryn Williams, Oskar Dillon, Matthew Foschini; Tyson Holmes (c), Oliver Kubilay, Wade Dekker; Joe Guest, Christopher Lucas, Daniel Clark.
This will also be Macarthur FC’s first Australia Cup semi final. Daniel Arzani (Macarthur FC) has created 12 scoring chances in the 2022 Australia Cup, the most of any player and four more than Oakleigh Cannons FC’s best (Wade Dekker – 8).
This will be Oakleigh Cannons FC’s first Australia Cup semi final; the Cannons are the fourth different member federation team from Victoria to feature at this stage of the campaign (Bentleigh Greens SC – 2014, 2018, South Melbourne FC – 2017 and Hume City FC – 2015); no other state or territory has been represented more than once in this regard.
Welcome to Jack Edwards Reserve for the Australia Cup Semi Final between Oakleigh Cannons and Macarthur FC. This will be the first meeting in the Australia Cup and it will be the first time the Bulls have faced a Victorian team in the competition.