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Key Events

90' + 1'
A. Kasumovic
H. Ibusuki
90' + 1'
E. Alagich
Z. Clough
H. Ibusuki
Z. Clough
0 - 2
Yellow Card
G. Blackwood
0 - 1

Match Stats

56% 43%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 9
Total Passes 494 391
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FULL TIME - A goal in each half from Adelaide was enough to see off Newcastle's challenge in a highly entertaining match with Adelaide United winning 2-0 to progress to the next stage of the Australia Cup.
A. Kasumovic
H. Ibusuki
90' + 1' SUBSTITUTION ADELAIDE - Hiroshi Ibusuki takes his time coming off for Asad Kasumovic.
E. Alagich
Z. Clough
90' + 1' SUBSTITUTION ADELAIDE - Zach Clough comes off as Adelaide look to waste some time. Ethan Alagich is his replacement.
90' The short corner is taken but once again it hasn't worked out and it goes out for a throw in.
90' Newcastle have a late corner and without doubt they will take it quickly.
89' Mikeltadze breaks and sends the cross in but once again the Adelaide defence have been strong and they clear the ball to safety.
89' Adelaide have a late corner and they take it short but it doesn't come off with the ball going out of play for a goal kick.
87' Thurgate shoots from outside the box but it's a comfortable save by Gauci.
85' The Jets have five minutes plus stoppages to find two goals to level this contest.
M. Natta
M. Jurman
83' SUBSTITUTION JETS - Matthew Jurman clocks off early with Mark Natta coming on.
R. Jordan
K. Grozos
83' SUBSTITUTION JETS - Kostandinos Grozos is off for Rory Jordan.
83' Ibusuki looks for a brace with his shot on the edge of the box saved by Weier.
80' Adelaide's second goal was completely against the run of play with Adelaide virtually playing most of the half inside their own box.
H. Ibusuki
79' GOAL ADELAIDE - Clough sends the ball into the box to Ibusuki who has his back to goal. Nevermind! He unleashes with an overhead kick that leaves Weier stranded and there won't be many better goals scored all season! Adelaide lead 2-0.
B. Oliveira
N. Konstandopoulos
77' SUBSTITUTION ADELAIDE - Nathan Konstandopoulos comes off for Bernardo Oliveira.
A. Goodwin
J. Sotirio
77' SUBSTITUTION JETS - Jaushua Sotirio comes off for Archie Goodwin.
J. Cavallo
G. Blackwood
77' SUBSTITUTION ADELAIDE - George Blackwood has been replaced by Joshua Cavallo in a defensive change.
76' The short corner is taken before the ball is whipped in, but once again it flies across the box and out of danger.
76' Newcastle have another corner as they look to level this game.
75' The corner variation doesn't come off with the Jets pushed back near half way.
75' The ball comes back in by the Jets and it's sent out for another corner.
74' Grozos with another chance from the edge of the box but Gauci makes another save.
71' A chance for Adelaide with Blackwood through in the box, but he sends it over the bar.
J. McGarry
J. Hoffman
69' SUBSTITUTION JETS - Jason Hoffman comes off and he has been replaced by James McGarry.
Yellow Card
68' YELLOW CARD - Isaias has been booked for his challenge on Sotirio.
P. Madanha
H. Van der Saag
67' SUBSTITUTION ADELAIDE - Harry Van der Saag has been replaced by Panashe Madanha.
67' Mikeltadze shoots from outside the box but it's high and wide.
65' Both sides will start looking to their benches shortly for different reasons with the Jets looking to boost their attacking prospects and Adelaide more likely their defence given they hold a 1-0 lead.
62' Newcastle have been the better team in the opening of this second half.
59' Grozos passes to Buhagiar who has his shot saved by the legs of Gauci.
58' The free kick is sent into the box but it bounces out of play for a goal kick.
57' Newcastle have the free kick to the left of the box.
55' Thurgate sends the ball into the box once again but it's too close to Gauci and he claims the ball.
54' The next corner is well cleared by Barr with a strong defensive header.
54' The corner is sent in with Ibusuki momentarily clearing. It comes back to the Jets with the ball deflected out for another corner.
53' Buhagiar sends it into the box but it's sent out for a corner.
53' Kitto tries the cheeky lob from the left side of the box but it doesn't come off and Weier makes the easy save.
50' Another chance for the Jets with Thurgate cutting the ball back to Sotirio but he sends it over from inside the box.
49' Grozos with a chance from outside the box but Gauci makes a comfortable save.
45' Adelaide kick off to get the second half underway.
HALF TIME - George Blackwood's stoppage time goal separates both sides with Adelaide United leading 1-0 at half-time.
G. Blackwood
45' GOAL ADELAIDE - Clough sends it into the box with Weier rushing at it butunable to get near it. The ball is in dispute with Blackwood getting the decisive touch onto it to score the opening goal. Adelaide United lead 1-0.
45' Adelaide have another free kick and this one is a little closer than the last.
42' Buhagiar sends the ball in towards the near post but it's deflected out for a corner.
41' The corner is dealt with by the Adelaide defence.
41' The Jets counter and win their first corner of the match.
40' Adelaide have the free kick in a dangerous position but the free kick is too flat and is easily dealt with by the Newcastle defence.
37' There is a small crowd in attendance here tonight but they are making a lot of noise as they seek to lift the Jets.
35' Blackwood runs with enthusiasm but he runs into Jurman who just slams it out of play.
33' Newcastle are enjoying a good spell with the ball as Mikeltadze tries to flick it on but there isn't a teammate there who can yield the dividend.
30' Ibusuki with a chance inside the box but once again that man Weier is standing in the way with another save.
27' Clough with a shot from the left but it's saved comfortably by Weir.
25' The following corner is sent towards the far post and is dealt with by the Newcastle defence.
25' Blackwood is denied at point blank range by a great save by Weier! Corner to the Reds.
23' Kitto shoots from outside the box but it takes a deflection and it goes out for a corner.
21' Isaias with a through ball looking for Kitto but he is offside.
18' Just a reminder that there is no VAR at this stage of the competition.
16' Grozos shoots from distance but that's not going to trouble the keeper.
12' Buhagiar tees up Thurgate but his hurried shot misses to the left.
10' Blackwood heads it in D'Arrigo's direction outside the box but his shot is blocked and the Jets will recover.
9' Sotirio fouls D'Arrigo and Adelaide have the free kick in a dangerous position.
6' It has been an even start to the match with both sides looking to get into the swing of things.
3' As expected with this being a pre-season match there are many new faces for both sides with plenty of youngsters looking to impress in order to move up the pecking order when the season starts in October.
1' We are off and underway.
Adelaide: Gauci (GK), Kitto, Popovic, Barr, Van Der Saag, D'Arrigo, Isaias, Blackwood, Konstandopoulos, Clough, Ibusuki. Subs: Delianov (GK), Alagich, Cavallo, Kasumovic, Madanha, Oliveira, Warland.
Newcastle: Weier (GK), Hoffman, Jurman, Elsey, Ingham, Thurgate, O'Neill, Sotirio, Grozos, Buhagiar, Mikeltadze. Subs: Duncan (GK), Al-Taay, Goodwin, Grozos, Jordan, McGarry, Natta.
Good evening and welcome to McDonald Jones Stadium for tonight's Australia Cup match between Newcastle and Adelaide.