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Key Events

L. Rose
2 - 0
K. Baccus
Yellow Card
T. Uskok
Yellow Card
B. Waine
Yellow Card
A. Toure
A. Carter
1 - 0

Match Stats

39% 60%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 3
Total Passes 309 490
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FULL TIME - Dwight Yorke and Macarthur have done it! They have defeated Wellington 2-0 to qualify for the semi-final of the Australia Cup. Wellington will now shift their focus to Round One.
90' + 3' Macarthur are on the verge of making the semi final of the Australia Cup and are only two minutes away from confirming it.
90' There will be four minutes of stoppage time.
L. Rose
88' GOAL BULLS - Waine with a shocking pass that was aimed at Pennington but went straight to Lachlan Rose who runs into the box and eases it past Sail who can not do anything but pluck the ball out of the back of the net. Macarthur lead 2-0.
86' Wellington are throwing everything they have at this but this could create issues down the other end of the ground.
K. Baccus
Yellow Card
83' YELLOW CARD - Kearyn Baccus receives a yellow card and it's getting a little out of control here.
T. Uskok
Yellow Card
82' YELLOW CARD - Tomislav Uskok has been booked for his initial foul on Waine.
B. Waine
Yellow Card
82' YELLOW CARD - Benjamin Waine has been booked for his involvement in the clash with Uskok.
C. M'Mombwa
U. Dávila
79' SUBSTITUTION BULLS - Ulises Dávila comes off for Charles M'Mombwa.
J. Hollman
A. Toure
79' SUBSTITUTION BULLS - Al Hassan Toure has been replaced by Jake Hollman.
O. van Hattum
N. Pennington
76' SUBSTITUTION PHOENIX - Nicholas Pennington comes off for Oskar van Hattum.
75' The corner is sent in with Sail getting his hand onto it. Toure with the volley but it's safely into the arms of Sail.
74' It's end to end action here with Sail coming out of the box and conceding the corner.
74' The corner is taken before Wellington clear and take the counter. Kraev shoots from the edge of the box but Kurto has it well and truly covered.
72' Macarthur win the corner.
N. Pennington
Yellow Card
69' YELLOW CARD - Nicholas Pennington is booked with the referee losing patience for the repeat fouling.
T. Payne
Yellow Card
67' YELLOW CARD - Timothy Payne is the latest player booked for a clumsy challenge.
L. Rose
D. Arzani
66' SUBSTITUTION BULLS - Daniel Arzani is off for Lachlan Rose.
J. Webber
A. Carter
66' SUBSTITUTION BULLS - Anthony Carter comes off for Jesper Webber.
63' Sass with a good run but his shot is deflected out for a corner kick.
62' Davila gets the better of Elliot before dragging his shot across the face of goal through the six yard box!
60' Carter brings it down for Davila who shoots from the box, but it's a great save from Sail.
60' Arzani goes down in the box but there's nothing coming from the referee.
57' Kraev crosses to Barbarouses who shoots from the box but Kurto makes a great save.
T. Payne
S. Sutton
54' SUBSTITUTION PHOENIX - Sam Sutton comes off for Timothy Payne.
Yan Sasse
B. Old
54' SUBSTITUTION PHOENIX - Benjamin Old has been replaced by Yan Sasse.
52' There is some movement on the Wellington bench.
50' The corner is sent in but it evades them all and it goes out for a goal kick.
49' Wellington have the first corner of the second half.
48' It has been an even start to the second half.
45' The second half is underway.
HALF TIME - Toure's goal separates both sides at half-time with Macarthur leading 1-0 at the break.
45' There will be just one minute of stoppage time.
44' The Bulls continue to dominate proceedings late in this first half.
A. Toure
41' GOAL BULLS - Carter has it and passes on the turn to Toure who leans back and with great composure from close range, he curls the ball around Sail to put Macarthur 1-0 in front.
A. Carter
Yellow Card
40' YELLOW CARD - Anthony Carter has been booked for a late foul on Sutton.
38' This game has had everything except a goal.
36' De Silva and Davila combine to get the ball to Carter who heads straight to Sail.
33' The home fans are getting into the game as they try to lift their team.
D. Arzani
Yellow Card
30' YELLOW CARD - Daniel Arzani is the first player booked for his foul on Old.
28' Wellington have the corner but it's easily dealt with by the Macarthur defence.
26' Both teams are giving as good as they are receiving at the moment.
24' Davila tees up Toure who has the whole goal to aim at from the box but his attempted chip goes wide!
23' Arzani's free kick is met by Carter but he sends it out for a goal kick.
22' Arzani is fouled once again and he lines up to take another free kick.
19' This has been an open start to the game.
17' The free kick is sent in and Carter is denied in the box with a magnificent diving clearance on the line by Pennington!
16' Macarthur have the free kick from a dangerous position with Arzani standing over the ball.
14' Arzani with a first time ball but he sends the ball wide.
13' Arzani's corner is headed clear by the Wellington defence.
12' Arzani takes the free kick and it deflects off the wall before going out for another corner.
11' Davila is brought down by Pennington and Macarthur have the free kick in a dangerous position.
8' Old tries one from a long way out but his shot is high and wide.
5' Arzani sends the corner in with Uskok wining the header before it's cleared away.
5' This time Uskok rises to meet the corner but it's scrambled away and Macarthur have a third corner.
4' Arzani's corner is short before the ball is crossed in and deflected out for another corner.
4' Arzani with a dazzling run but it goes out for a corner.
3' The corner is sent in towards the near post with Waine heading into the upright before it went out for a goal kick.
3' Wellington have the first corner of the match with Kraev's run deflected out.
1' Macarthur kick off to get us underway.
Wellington: Sail (GK), Elliot, Laws, Wootton, Sutton, Lewis, Pennington, Old, Kraev, Waine, Barbarouses. Subs: Paulsen (GK), Surman, Payne, Van Hattum, Sasse, Karunaratne, Bidois.
Macarthur: Kurto (GK), McGing, Aspropotamitis, Uskok, De Silva, Davila, Baccus, Vujica, Toure, Carter, Arzani. Subs: Suman (GK), Hollman, Webber, M'Mombwa, Skotadis, Lachlan Rose, Jones.
Good evening and welcome to Campbelltown Stadium for tonight's Australia Cup Quarter Final between Macarthur and Wellington.