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M. Ureña
Yellow Card
B. NKololo
2 - 0
M. Balard
Yellow Card
J. Cummings
M. Balard
1 - 0
T. Regan
Yellow Card

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38% 61%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 7 7
Total Passes 361 567
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Mariners are now unbeaten in their last five matches, and this win lifts them above Adelaide United into fourth for now, with Adelaide not playing until tomorrow. They'll now start their preparations for the Finals Series. As for the Jets, they finish the season in ninth and have to settle for a play-off place for the Australia Cup.
Mariners comfortably see off the Jets 2-0 in their final game of the regular season. Mikeltadze hit the bar in the opening minutes, but it was the Mariners who took the lead through Cummings, who curled a lovely effort into the top corner in the 30th minute. Mikeltadze had a brilliant chance to equalise at the start of the second half but lifted it over the bar from close range. N'Kololo then sealed the win by getting the better of Weier, who had rushed out of his box, and he slotted it into the empty net.
90' + 3' SAVE! Jets are still pushing forward and Silvera pulls it back from the byline on the left to pick out Goodwin. He tries to catch out Birighitti with a clever backheel flick at the near post, but the keeper gets down to save it.
90' + 1' Into the first of four added minutes here, and the Jets are keeping Mariners penned back in their own half. Mikeltadze drills another low shot on goal, but a deflection off Rowles takes it out for a corner.
89' Moresche landed awkwardly after hitting that last shot and it looks like he twisted his knee in the process. The medical team are on to give him treatment, but he leaves the field in tears, and Mariners will be playing out the last few minutes with 10 men.
87' Jets are committing a lot of bodies forward as they search for a late consolation, which allows a lot of space for Mariners as they break on the counter. Moresche drives forward this time, but he fires his shot against Elsey.
86' WHAT A CHANCE! The corner is taken short to Muller on the edge of the box and he lifts it over the top. Miller tries to flick a header on but ends up setting up N'Kololo to his right instead. He wasn't expecting it, and he can only poke it at Weier.
J. O'Doherty
B. Wilson
84' Final roll of the dice for the Jets now as O'Doherty is brought on in place of Wilson.
83' Miller squares it to Kuol on the edge of the box and he bursts past Ingham before playing a great cross into the middle. Moresche is waiting at the far post, but Elsey cuts it out just ahead of him.
81' Miller plays another great throughball down the right for N'Kololo and he has acres of space to run into. He cuts inside and goes for goal himself, firing it straight at Weier. He had Dor Jok to his left, and he was probably the better option.
D. Jok
M. Ureña
79' And Dor Jok is also brought on in place of Urena.
N. Müller
H. Steele
79' Mariners are making a double change of their own now. Steele is the first to go off, with Muller coming on for him.
78' SAVE! It's a wonderful bit of skill from Moresche, who lifts it over Elsey's shoulder on the half-turn before driving into the box. He can't get any power behind his shot though and Weier gets down to push it wide.
77' It's a good corner into the box from Silvera as it whips towards the far post. Thurgate is closest to it, but Windust glances it out for another corner just ahead of him.
A. Goodwin
K. Grozos
75' And Grozos is also taken off, with Goodwin replacing him.
M. Jurman
T. Regan
75' Double change for the Jets now. Regan, who is on a yellow card, is the first to make way, with Jurman on for him.
75' GREAT CHANCE! Thurgate has his pocket picked by Urena and he does brilliantly to spin away from Regan before threading it through to N'Kololo on the right of the box. He drills a low shot towards goal, and Elsey gets enough on it to take it into the side netting.
73' Again, the Jets look to their right to try and make something happen and Silvera takes it to the byline before drilling it towards the near post. Birighitti gets down to push it away from Miketadze but ends up giving away a corner.
R. Tongyik
S. Roux
71' Another change for Mariners here as Roux is taken off and replaced by Tongyik.
70' It's better from the Jets as Grozos fizzes a dangerous low cross into the six-yard box. Mikeltadze is caught on his heels and Penha stumbles as it reaches him at the far post.
68' CHANCE! This time, Weier comes out and manages to clear the long ball over the top, but Ingham then gifts it to N'Kololo on the edge of the box. He tries to lob the keeper, who is still off his line, but it's straight into Weier's gloves.
M. Ureña
Yellow Card
66' Mariners aren't happy with a challenge on Balard by Mauragis, and they're making the case to the referee. Urena oversteps and he's booked for dissent.
64' The Jets' frustration is starting to show after conceding that second goal, and they just can't keep hold of the ball. Wilson and Grozos both team up to try and nick it off Balard, but they're not having any luck.
S. Silvera
V. Yuel
63' The Jets are making another change in the aftermath of that goal. Yuel is taken off, with Silvera on in his place.
B. NKololo
62' N'KOLOLO SCORES! And it's a moment to forget for Weier! It looks like the throughball from Roux is overhit, but Weier just hesitates before going in for the challenge against N'Kololo. He isn't strong enough and the forward takes it past him before coolly slotting it into the empty net. 2-0 Mariners!
61' Mariners are struggling to get out of their own half at the moment due to the Jets' high press. The visitors aren't giving them any time on the ball and are making things difficult for the time being.
59' Mauragis catches Miller with his trailing leg during a sliding tackle, and the tempers are just boiling over here. Balard runs a long way to get involved, and the referee has to break up the argument that ensues.
J. Cummings
57' The goal scorer, Cummings, is also making way, with Moresche replacing him.
G. Kuol
C. Goddard
57' Mariners are making a double change here, with Goddard the first to go off. Kuol is on in his place.
56' DOUBLE SAVE! Thurgate feeds it into Mauragis on the left of the box but Birighitti gets behind his first time shot before quickly reacting to push it away from Mikeltadze. The Jets keep it alive and work it back to the forward on the penalty spot, but he slices his effort wide.
55' It's a lovely switch out to Mauragis from Penha and the substitute skips away from Miller before putting a cross in. It's too high for Mikeltadze though and Mariners clear their lines.
53' Miller does brilliantly to keep it in play on the right and he gets N'Kololo in behind Mauragis. After a couple of stepovers, he clips it across goal. It's over Cummings in the middle and nobody's following in at the far post.
51' Grozos touches it through to Mauragis down the left and his floated cross is half-cleared to Thurgate on the edge of the box. He lets it bounce before hitting the half-volley, but Windust throws himself in front of it to make the block.
M. Balard
Yellow Card
49' Balard makes no attempt to play the ball as he blocks Grozos' run. The winger clatters into him and Balard is shown a yellow card.
48' WHAT A MISS! Roux is in no man's land as the ball is played over the top to Yuel and he puts it on a plate for Mikeltadze in the middle of the box. He hits the shot first time and lifts it just over the bar from close range.
46' Mariners get us back underway for the second half!
L. Mauragis
R. Warland
46' The Jets are making a change at the start of the second half. Warland is the player going off, with Mauragis on in his place.
As things stand, Mariners are up to fourth in the table, and Montgomery will be hoping they can see out the win to finish the regular season on a high. The Jets were starting to look dangerous in the last 10 minutes or so, and Papas will be looking to pick up where they left off to try and get something out of this game.
Cummings' goal gives Mariners a 1-0 lead over the Jets at half-time. It was actually the visitors that made the brighter start, with Mikeltadze smacking a shot off the post within the opening minutes. Mariners grew into the game as it went on though and Cummings curled a delightful finish past the keeper into the top corner in the 30th minute. Jets finished the half strongly, but couldn't find a way past Birighitti.
45' + 1' CHANCE! Penha skips away from Balard's challenge and he finds himself in a pocket of space on the edge of the box. He fires his shot across goal, but it ends up being a comfortable save for Birighitti.
44' Rowles goes long over the top to Urena and he manages to touch it towards Goddard just before he loses his balance. He can't get it out from his feet, but the flag is up anyway.
42' The Jets are enjoying a good spell here as they keep Mariners penned back in their own half. They're working it from left to right and back again, but they can't find a way through just yet.
40' Mariners are still getting a lot of joy down their right, and N'Kololo skips away from Warland before pulling it back from the byline. He picks out Steele on the edge of the box, but he drags his shot wide of the near post.
38' Mariners have avoided defeat in their last nine matches when scoring the opening goal in the A-League, dating back to early March against Brisbane Roar.
36' Penha nicks it off Steele's boot on the edge of the Mariners box before picking out a good pass to Mikeltadze. Rowles slides in as he hits the shot from the tight angle and Rowles slides in to take the power off it and help it into Birighitti's gloves.
34' Ingham has space down the right and he curls a good cross into the box towards Mikeltadze. Windust makes a good interception, and Penha can't do pick out a team-mate with the follow-up.
32' Mariners have the chance to break on a quick counter again as Miller bursts forward down the right. A heavy first touch takes it away from him though and Warland slides in to stop the attack.
M. Balard
30' Balard brings Weier's clearance down on his chest before advancing into the box to pick out Cummings for the goal.
J. Cummings
30' CUMMINGS SCORES! And what a goal it is! Goddard's deflected shot is collected by Weier, who slices his clearance straight to Balard. He lays it off to Cummings, who takes it past Regan with his first touch before curling a lovely effort out of Weier's reach and into the far top corner. 1-0 Mariners!
28' Jets have a rare chance to break out of their own half here and Yuel links up well with Ingham down the left. The winger overhits the throughball into the box for him and Ingham pushes Roux to the floor in his frustration.
26' GREAT CHANCE! Goddard's free-kick is cleared by Wilson, but N'Kololo is quickest to react as he puts it back into the box. Urena spins and rifles a shot towards goal, but it flies wide of the near post just before the flag goes up.
24' Roux whips another cross in from the left and it hits Balard before bouncing away from goal. Goddard tries to recycle it, but it's nicked off him by Elsey just in time.
22' Mariners are getting a lot of joy down their right at the moment, and N'Kololo flashes a dangerous ball across the face of goal. Cummings is running onto it at the far post, but Ingham gets a vital touch to help it out for a corner.
20' Miller's clearance almost plays Mariners into trouble when Wilson latches onto it, but Rowles steps in to stop Thurgate from reaching his throughball. He sets the hosts on the counter, but Urena runs straight into Elsey.
18' Miller knocks it through Grozos' legs before rounding Warland to get to the byline. He stumbles and knocks it out of play to the Jets' relief. Miller claims he was fouled, but the referee only points for a goal-kick.
16' Urena skips away from the challenges along the edge of the box before picking out Balard on the left. He clips a cross towards Roux at the far post, but it's over his head and Cummings can't keep it in play behind him.
14' Mariners are starting to find their rhythm now as Urena helps it out to the left before continuing his run into the box. Roux's cross doesn't have enough height on it though and the Jets clear it.
12' GREAT CHANCE! It's switched out to Roux, who squares it into N'Kololo on the edge of the box. He feeds it into Cummings, who gets away from Elsey. He tries to chip it over the goalkeeper, but he doesn't get enough height on it and Weier holds it.
10' Mariners break on a quick counter again as Steele touches it out to Goddard on the right. He tries to lift it into Cummings at the near post, but it's cut out by Warland.
T. Regan
Yellow Card
8' Penha gifts the ball back to Mariners and Cummings is set off on the counter. Regan steps across him to stop his run and he picks up the first yellow card of the game for the challenge.
6' Yuel bursts past Roux down the right and he whips a great cross into the six-yard box. Mikeltadze is goalside of Rowles, but it's just too high for him and Birighitti collects.
4' Urena pounces on a loose pass from Thurgate and knocks it out to Miller, who jinks away from Warland down the right. He drills a low cross into the box and it takes three Jets players to clear their lines.
2' OFF THE BAR! It's a sloppy pass out from Rowles at the back and Mikeltadze almost makes them pay for it! He touches it away from Rowles before taking on the shot from a tight angle. Birighitti is beaten, but it only rattles the crossbar.
1' Mikeltadze gets the game underway for the Jets!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Jets have won just one of their last eight away games (D1 L6), but that victory came in their last such game when they beat Macarthur 3-0.
Arthur Papas makes five changes after their draw with Western United. Ingham, Thurgate, Wilson, Grozos, and Penha, who returns from suspension after being sent off against the Mariners two weeks ago, all come in. O'Doherty, Mauragis and Silvera all start on the bench.
Nick Montgomery makes four changes to the side that beat Brisbane Roar last time out, bringing in Windust, Roux, Steele and Urena. Moresche drops to the bench, where Kuol is also named, despite coming on to score in that win.
NEWCASTLE JETS SUBS: Jack Duncan, Matthew Jurman, Jordan O'Doherty, Mohamed Al-Taay, Samuel Silvera, Archie Goodwin, Lucas Mauragis.
NEWCASTLE JETS STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Michael Weier; Jordan Elsey, Taylor Regan, Riley Warland; Dane Ingham, Angus Thurgate, Brandon Wilson, Valentino Yuel; Kostandinos Grozos, Daniel Penha; Beka Mikeltadze.
CENTRAL COAST MARINERS SUBS: Yaren Sozer, Moresche, Ruon Tongyik, Matthew Hatch, Nicolai Muller, Garang Kuol, Atem Dor Jok.
CENTRAL COAST MARINERS STARTING XI (4-4-2): Mark Birighitti; Lewis Miller, Cameron Windust, Kye Rowles, Storm Roux; Cy Goddard, Harrison Steele, Maximilien Balard, Beni N'Kololo; Marco Urena, Jason Cummings.
The Mariners have already secured their place in the Final Series, with them currently sitting fifth in the standings. They come into this game in good form, having gone unbeaten in their last five outings, winning the last four on the bounce (D1). As for the Jets, they can still qualify for the Australia Cup round of 32, but even with a win today, it's out of their hands depending on the results around them. Since losing to Mariners 4-2 two weeks ago, they've won one and drawn one of their two games.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the A-League meeting between Central Coast Mariners and Newcastle Jets at Central Coast Stadium!