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Bentleigh Greens v Sydney Live Commentary, 10/08/2022

1 - 2
A. Riak (86)
A. Segecic (40)
A. Gurd (68)
Kingston Heath Soccer Complex Field 2


FULL TIME: BENTLEIGH GREENS 1 SYDNEY FC SKY BLUES 2 - The Sky Blues have edged out a determined Bentleigh Greens, to qualify for the quarter finals, after beating the Greens 2-1. They started off the second half with a 1-0 advantage and were able to double their lead with a 68th minute Gurd header. The Greens kept coming at the Sky Blues, where Riak was able to inject some hope for the Greens with an 86th minute goal. They tried everything, the Greens, but in the end it was not to be, with the Sky Blues hanging on.
90' + 7' Lamadaridis with a shot on goal from outside of the box, but Redmayne stretches and makes the overhead save.
90' + 5' Bentleigh are still in this contest. All they need to do is level the score to take it into extra time.
O. Priestman
C. O'Toole
90' + 3' SUBSTITUTION SKY BLUES - O'Toole finally succumbs and comes off the ground, with Priestman running on to be part of the action.
90' + 2' O'Toole has gone down again, after an elbow to the head. He looks like he could be done for the game.
90' We have six minutes of additional time to play for the match.
K. Adachi
J. Alexander
Bentleigh Greens
90' SUBSTITUTION GREENS - The Greens make another change as Alexander is off and Adachi runs onto the ground.
88' Play is held up as O'Toole has gone down with what looks like a lower leg injury. He looks like he may continue on.
A. Riak
Bentleigh Greens
86' GOAL GREENS (Ajak Riak) Bentleigh Greens 1 Sydney FC 2 - Sewell sends the ball into the box at the back post as Riak heads it past Redmayne to find the back of the net. GAME ON!
84' Mustafa has been very lively since comging onto the ground.
82' The Sky Blues are in the box seat here, but the Greens continue to retain possession inside their attacking half.
J. Kucharski
A. Segecic
80' SUBSTITUTION SKY BLUES - Make that a double change for the Sky Blues as Segecic is off and Kucharski is on.
C. O'Toole
Diego Caballo
80' SUBSTITUTION SKY BLUES - The Sky Blues make their first change as Caballo is swapped over with O'Toole.
79' The Greens refuse to give up, causing Redmayne a few headaches on goal.
Y. Mustafa
K. Krolicki
Bentleigh Greens
77' SUBSTITUTION GREENS - The Greens make their second change as Krolicki is replaced by Mustafa.
77' Riak has the ball deep inside attack as he runs into the box, he pulls the trigger on goal, as he looks for the top of the net, but he skies the shot over the crossbar.
75' Bentleigh continue to keep trying as they retain possession across the middle of the ground.
73' Riak leaps off the ground inside the box, but he just couldn't get the contact on the ball and it is across the face of goal.
71' The Greens need to take some risks now as they are two goals down and are facing elimination from the Australia Cup.
J. Jackson
M. Hore
Bentleigh Greens
69' SUBSTITUTION GREENS - The Greens make their first change of the match as Hore makes way for Jackson.
A. Gurd
68' GOAL SKY BLUES (Aaron Bradley Gurd) Bentleigh Greens 0 Sydney FC 2 - Burgess whips it in from the corner kick to the goal line, which has Gurd in the right place at the right time, where he heads it past Clark for a goal.
66' The Greens are getting closer and closer to leveling the scores. The Sky Blues need to put this game away whilst they can.
64' Webster whips it itnto the bottom right corner of goal, forcing Redmayne to parry it away going out for a corner kick, making a fantastic save for the Sky Blues.
62' The Greens are starting to look at their bench, as it may be time for them to put on some fresh legs.
60' Lambadaridis with a shot on goal from outside of the box, but it flies over the crossbar, unable to cause Redmayne any cause for concern.
58' Caballo with delivery into the box for Le Fondre, but he is taken out of the contest.
K. Krolicki
Yellow Card
Bentleigh Greens
56' YELLOW CARD GREENS - Krolicki goes into the ref's book after a late sliding tackle in the middle of the ground.
54' The Sky Blues push it into their attacking half once again, but the flag for offside has been raised.
52' Bentleigh need to build up and stand up to the giant that is Sydney FC.
50' The game is still pretty much still in the balance, as the pace of the game has slowed down.
48' The second half has started with the Sky Blues retaining the bulk of the possession inside their attacking half.
46' SECOND HALF - We are back under way for the second half.
HALF TIME: BENTLEIGH GREENS 0 SYDNEY FC SKY BLUES 1 - We go into the half time break with the Sky Blues holding a 1-0 lead over the Greens. Bentleigh dominated the bulk of the play, but a lapse by the Greens defence, allowed Segecic to find the back of the net at the 40th minute.
45' We have one minute of additional time to play for the first half.
44' Krolicki is brought down on the edge of the box. They appeal for the penalty, but the referee is not convinced.
42' The Sky Blues score one against the grain of play, but no embarrasment for the Greens, who just need to continue with their intensity.
A. Segecic
40' GOAL SKY BLUES (Adrian Segecic) Bentleigh Greens 0 Sydney FC 1 - Wilkinson with a long ball into the box for Segecic who takes a shot from near the left post into the bottom right corner of the net.
39' Lambadaridis is in prime position inside the box, as he pulls the trigger on goal, but it curls away from goal.
38' We have not had a real shot on goal for over 20 minutes, such is the tactical battle for this match.
36' Jones takes the ball out of play, allowing the Sky Blues to have a throw in deep inside Sydney's attacking half.
34' Grant feeds it over to Le Fondre, but the delivery is not great, as he struggles to get to it, with Webster stepping on Le Fondre's ankle.
32' Caceres has the ball just inside defensive half, as he holds onto the ball. He is looking at slowing the pace of the game down.
30' The game is still being largely controlled by the Greens, who continue to dictate the terms of the game.
28' Bentleigh have been throwing caution to the wind, as they are laying down the challenge to the Sky Blues.
26' Le Fondre chases the ball into the box for the Sky Blues, but Clark is able to get to it first to make the save.
24' Alexander with a flying challenge on Grant, giving away the free kick deep in attack for the Sky Blues.
22' Webster reads the ball perfectly inside defence for the Greens and he is able to take it out of danger.
20' The Sky Blues are chipping the ball around the middle of the ground. They are starting to find more of the ball around the ground.
18' Alexander has it on the edge of the box, as he pulls the trigger on goal but the shot is blocked.
16' The Sky Blues need to change things here, as the Greens are having the run of play.
14' The way that Bentleigh have started the game off, we could well be in for a cupset.
12' Lambadaridis with a long range shot on goal, forcing the dive from Redmayne, but it ends up being wide of the mark.
10' Hore brings in the ball from the sideline with a throw in, but the Sky Blues are the benefactors.
8' The game is being played through the middle of the ground at the moment, with neither team providing any real threat on goal.
6' It has been a great start to the game by the Greens, who have caused the Sky Blues some concern inside defence.
4' Krolicki drives it into the box as Riak is in the right place at the right time, heading it for goal but it is just over the crossbar.
3' Caceres takes the ball deep inside the attacking half for the Sky Blues, but in the end he runs out of room and turns the ball over with a throw in to the Greens.
1' FIRST HALF - The Sky Blues kick off and we are under way.
SYDNEY FC SUBS - Thomas Heward-Belle (GK), Connor O'Toole, Jaiden Kucharski, Luka Smyth, Oscar Priestman, Nathan Grimaldi, Ayouk Mow.
SYDNEY FC STARTING XI - Andrew Redmayne (GK); Diego Caballo, Alex Wilkinson (c), Aaron Gurd, Rhyan Grant; Anthony Cáceres, Patrick Yazbek, Paulo Retre; Adrian Segecic, Adam Le Fondre, Max Burgess.
BENTLEIGH GREENS SUBS - Sebastian Matosevic (GK), Kai Adachi, Joshua Jackson, Patrick Bayne, Thomas Fogarty, Yagoub Mustafa, Jacob Nasso.
BENTLEIGH GREENS STARTING XI - Pierce Clark (GK); Jacob Alexander, Maceo Jones, Jack Webster (c), Corey Sewell; George Lambadaridis, Danny Kim, Ken Krolicki; Mitchell Hore, Thomas Strickland, Ajak Riak.
Sydney FC have won five of their six Round of 16 matches in the Australia Cup, including their last four in succession. The Sky Blues have conceded just a single goal across those last four games. Sydney FC’s Diego Caballo (16) played the joint-second most passes into the box (inc. crosses) of any players in the Round of 32 of the 2022 Australia Cup.
Bentleigh Greens SC have won only one of their previous five matches in the competition against A-League Men teams. Bentleigh Greens SC have won three of their four Round of 16 matches in the Australia Cup, including a 4-0 win in their most recent such fixture.
Welcome to Kingston Heath Soccer Complex Field 2, for the Australia Cup Round of 16 match between the Bentleigh Greens and Sydney FC.