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E. Bitshiabu
Juan Bernat
W. Taibi
J. Bahoya
S. Thioub
A. Sima
1 - 2
K. Mbappé
L. Messi
0 - 2
K. Mbappé
Juan Bernat
0 - 1

Match Stats

34% 65%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 4
Total Passes 424 850
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 PSG PSG PSG 38 27 4 7 89 40 +49 85 L D W W W
2 Lens RCL Lens 38 25 9 4 68 29 +39 84 W W W W W
3 Olympique Marseille OM Olympique Marseille 38 22 7 9 67 40 +27 73 L L L W L
4 Rennes REN Rennes 38 21 5 12 69 39 +30 68 W W W W L
5 Lille LIL Lille 38 19 10 9 65 44 +21 67 D W W D L
6 Monaco ASM Monaco 38 19 8 11 70 58 +12 65 L L L D W
7 Olympique Lyonnais OL Olympique Lyonnais 38 18 8 12 65 47 +18 62 L W W L W
8 Clermont CLE Clermont 38 17 8 13 45 49 -4 59 W W L W D
9 Nice NIC Nice 38 15 13 10 48 37 +11 58 W W D L W
10 Lorient FCL Lorient 38 15 10 13 52 53 -1 55 W L L D W
11 Reims SR Reims 38 12 15 11 45 45 0 51 L L D L W
12 Montpellier MON Montpellier 38 15 5 18 65 62 +3 50 W L W D L
13 Toulouse TFC Toulouse 38 13 9 16 51 57 -6 48 W D D D D
14 Brest BRE Brest 38 11 11 16 44 54 -10 44 L W W W L
15 Strasbourg STR Strasbourg 38 9 13 16 51 59 -8 40 L D D W W
16 Nantes NAN Nantes 38 7 15 16 37 55 -18 36 W L L D L
17 Auxerre AJA Auxerre 38 8 11 19 35 63 -28 35 L D L L D
18 Ajaccio ACA Ajaccio 38 7 5 26 23 74 -51 26 W L L L D
19 Troyes TRO Troyes 38 4 12 22 45 81 -36 24 D L D L L
20 Angers SCO SCO Angers SCO 38 4 6 28 33 81 -48 18 L W D L L


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UEFA Conference League Qualifiers


That's all for today, goodbye!
It's now three wins on the bounce for PSG as they extend their lead at the top of the table. Next up for them is Lorient at home a week on Sunday. Angers will now have a keen eye on the other teams at the bottom because if Brest and Nantes win, and Auxerre don't lose, they will be relegated this weekend. They travel to Rennes next.
PSG hold on to beat Angers 2-1 and go 11 points clear at the top of Ligue 1. They were cruising at the break thanks to Mbappe's brace - he scored his first just nine minutes in and rounded the keeper to fire into the empty net less than 20 minutes later. Angers came out on a mission in the second half but wasted a lot of great opportunities. In the end, they left it too late, as the substitute Thioub pulled one back in the 87th minute when he coolly slotted past Donnarumma.
90' + 1' Into two minutes of added time here, and PSG are trying to run the clock down. Verratti dawdles his way over to the corner flag, much to the home fans' anger, and it's taken short so they can keep the ball.
E. Bitshiabu
Juan Bernat
89' And Bernat makes way for Bitshiabu.
W. Zaïre-Emery
88' For PSG, it's a double swap. Vitinha is going off for Zaire-Emery.
W. Taibi
J. Bahoya
88' Both sides are making a change following that goal, with Angers going first. Bahoya is taken off, with Taibi replacing him.
A. Sima
87' It didn't look like Sima was going to be able to keep it in play, but he rose above his defender to nod it back into the danger zone.
S. Thioub
87' THIOUB PULLS ONE BACK! It has been coming from Angers, and they've finally got their goal! It's a wonderful cross from Valery on the right to pick out Sima at the far post and he cushions a header down to Thioub, who is unmarked in the middle. Donnarumma is scrambling back, but can't keep his first-time strike out. 2-1!
86' Angers are starting to move it upfield slower now, and they're giving PSG the chance to get back into their shape. Thioub does manage to curl in a cross, but can only pick out Marquinhos.
84' PSG are starting to find their rhythm again now as Bernat looks to pick out Messi in the box. His first thought is to square it to Mbappe, but Mendy comes away with it.
82' It's a good run from Vitinha as he weaves his way into the box before laying it off to Mbappe. The midfielder continues his run, but Mbappe goes for goal himself, smacking a shot against Hountondji.
80' Valery cuts out a loose pass this time, and he sets Abdelli on his way down the right. He surges forward, but a heavy touch gets away from him and his frustrated groan can be heard as Bernat hooks it away.
78' Angers' frustration is starting to bubble over here as they think they're not getting decisions in their favour. Ruiz is the latest PSG player to win a free-kick, and the visitors are back to keeping possession.
76' Messi has his pocket picked on the halfway line, and Hunou looks to get Angers forward once more. Thioub threads it forward towards Sima, but Ramos gets across to shield it out of the area.
74' GREAT SAVE! Again, PSG work it neatly between their players just outside the box, and when it comes to Mbappe, he decides to go for his hat-trick. His long-range shot is dipping under the bar, but Bernardoni tips it over.
73' It's better from PSG here as Ruiz spins out of trouble before spreading it out to Hakimi on the right. Angers flood back into their shape though, and the visitors can't get it into the box.
71' Bahoya's good work down the left wins Angers another corner. Kaluma swings this one in, but it's comfortably cleared by Verratti at the near post.
A. Sima
I. Niane
69' And Sima is also brought on in place of Niane.
S. Thioub
O. Camara
69' It's a double change from Angers here as they look to capitalise on their pressure. They're switching to four at the back as Camara is replaced by Thioub.
68' Abdelli takes the corner short and gets it back from Hunou to whip a cross onto the penalty spot. Niane gets there ahead of Marquinhos, but it comes off his shoulder and flies well wide of the near post.
66' Kalumba's loose touch is pounced on by Verratti as he slides it to Mbappe inside the D. He tries to be unselfish by looking for Messi ahead of him, but it's one pass too many, and Angers clear their lines.
64' CHANCE! Mendy is looking to try and pick out a forward pass, but the PSG defenders drop back allowing him to carry on his run through the middle. He decides to go it alone but blazes his shot over the bar.
M. Verratti
Carlos Soler
62' PSG are making the first change in the game as they try to regain their foothold. Verratti makes his return from injury in place of Soler.
60' PSG just can't get it into the final third at the moment. They're keeping possession well as they play out from the back, only to sloppily gift it back to their hosts when they need it most.
58' PSG patiently work it out from the back once more, with Mbappe and Messi dropping deep to link up. The Frenchman tries to dribble his way through a crowd but is eventually crowded off it.
56' CHANCE! Kalumba makes a slaloming run down the left and is tripped as he tries to cut inside by Hakimi. Abdelli swings the free-kick into the middle, and Niane flicks it on, but it flies wide of the far post.
54' Bamba gets away from Bernat to curl it in from the right again, and Bahoya tries to bring it under control on the stretch. He goes down under pressure from Ramos, and there are half-hearted shouts for a penalty that isn't given.
52' Angers win it back on the edge of their own box and Niane looks to set his side on the counter. He knows Bamba is to his right, but plays the pass straight to Pereira instead.
50' After a bright start to the second half by Angers, PSG are back to dominating possession, though it's all in front of the hosts. They're patiently trying to work it forward, with no success just yet.
48' GREAT CHANCE! A corner is swung in for Angers and Ruiz can only nod it back into the crowd in the middle. Hountondji goes for the spectacular with an overhead kick, but it's blocked by Hakimi, and Hunou is offside as he attempts to backheel it past the keeper.
46' Angers get us back underway for the second half!
PSG dominated large portions of the first half, but Galtier didn't look too happy despite their lead. They've given away a lot of chances, and he'll want that to change after the break. Dujeux will be pleased with his side's approach - they've not let their heads drop, and he'll be hoping they can take chances in the second half.
A brace from Mbappe gives PSG a 2-0 advantage over Angers at the break. He got his first of the game just nine minutes in when he poked it past Bernardoni from close range on the second time of asking. His second was created by Messi, who sliced open the hosts' defence, and the Frenchman rounded the keeper to slot into an empty net. Angers have created chances of their own though, with Donnarumma making saves to deny Niane and Mendy at the other end.
45' Kalumba wins it back high upfield for Angers, and they work it out to Abdelli on the right. He clips a good cross into the middle for Bahoya, but he gets it caught under his feet and can't control it.
43' Only three players have managed 15 goals and 15 assists in a single Ligue 1 season since 2006-07: Eden Hazard in 2011-12 (20 and 16), Kylian Mbappe in 2021-22 (28 and 17) and Messi in 2022-23 (15 and 15).
41' PSG's patient play earns them a corner, which Mbappe swings into the near post. He picks out Vitinha, who scuffs his first attempt and then can't get anything on it to turn it towards goal.
39' BLOCK! Angers get the better of PSG down the right again as Abdelli threads it forward for Bamba. He pulls it back to Bahoya, who sees a shot blocked by Hakimi, but the offside flag is up against the full-back anyway.
38' GOOD SAVE! Mbappe picks out Messi this time and although he has defenders closing in on him from either side, he gets a shot away. He fires it across goal, but Bernardoni stretches to tip it away.
36' PSG sloppily give it away in midfield, and Niane is able to break on the counter. He touches it out to Kalumba, who spots Mendy in space through the middle, but his long-range shot is blocked by Ruiz.
34' CHANCE! Niane can't work the space for a shot, so he sweeps it out to Bamba again. This time, he picks out Bahoya with his cross, but he gets caught under it and the header loops over the bar.
32' It's better from the hosts as they enjoy a good spell of possession here. It's worked out to Bamba on the right once more, and he almost picks out Niane, but Pereira gets there just ahead of him.
30' Angers give away possession cheaply in their own half, and Hakimi plays a one-two with Mbappe, who backheels it back to his team-mate. His cross smacks against Hunou, and the resulting corner is punched away by Bernardoni.
28' Messi is looking to create again here as he deftly flicks it into Vitinha's path on the edge of the D. He has Valery tight to his side though, and can't shake the defender long enough to bring it under control.
L. Messi
26' It really is a brilliant pass from Messi, who takes Angers' full defence out of the game as he plays Mbappe in behind.
K. Mbappé
26' MBAPPE SCORES AGAIN! It stems from Hakimi cutting out that last Angers attack as he sets Messi away on the counter. He gets his head up and plays a perfectly-weighted throughball just out of Hountondji's reach and Mbappe latches onto it, takes it around the keeper and coolly slots it into the empty net. 2-0 PSG!
25' The hosts are on the attack again, this time with Bamba leading the charge down the right. He's looking for Bahoya at the far post, but Hakimi is in the right place to intercept.
23' Angers are pushing forward with intent every time they win the ball back, but their final pass is still letting them down. Bahoya has the right idea when he sees Niane peeling off the back of Ramos, but his pass it cut out by the defender.
21' BLOCK! It's better from PSG as they carve open Angers with a series of one-touch passes. Mbappe flicks it onto Messi, who has to turn before firing on goal, but Camara throws himself in front of it.
19' Angers have another good opportunity to break here and Abdelli curls a wonderful throughball forward for Niane. He stretches to make contact, and the first touch gives Ramos a chance to clear it.
17' Abdelli curls in a lovely cross from the right and Niane nods it down for Bahoya, who's unmarked just inside the box. He scuffs at the shot and it's rolling out towards the corner flag before Mendy fires a cross against Pereira.
15' Soler is being given a lot of freedom down the right wing and fizzes a low cross in. Hountondji slides in but it pinballs off Camara straight to Ruiz, but he can't sort out his feet quickly enough.
13' The home fans aren't happy as Ramos slid into Bahoya with a crunching challenge and no free-kick is given. He took out the player after getting the ball, but the forward is back on his feet without needing treatment.
11' Angers are looking to make a quick response to going behind as Kalumba bursts down the left once more. Again, none of his team-mates are in the box, and Donnarumma comfortably collects.
Juan Bernat
9' Bernat timed his run to perfection and cushioned it down for Mbappe, who was unmarked at the far post.
K. Mbappé
9' MBAPPE SCORES! Messi drops deep to get on the ball and spins before lifting a lovely ball over the top to pick out Bernat's run down the left of the box. He cushions it into Mbappe, who initially mishit the shot as it skimmed his shin, but he recovered quickly to poke it past Bernardoni from close range. 1-0 PSG!
8' Ruiz is caught on the ball just inside his own half, and Hunou breaks quickly on the counter, driving down the left. He clips a deep cross into the box, but there's no one there for Angers.
6' PSG are back on the ball now, but Angers are staying compact in their shape. The visitors switch it from right to left, but can't open up space to get into the final third.
4' GOOD SAVE! Angers move it quickly down the left before Kalumba slides a lovely throughball into Niane through the middle. He's one-on-one with Donnarumma and fires it across goal, but the keeper gets down to push it away.
2' PSG are dominating the ball in the opening minutes here, and Mbappe goes for the big switch out to Soler on the right. He's shaping up to cross it, but Kalumba slides in to put it out for a corner, which comes to nothing.
1' Mbappe gets the game underway for PSG!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
PSG haven't lost any of their last 28 games in all competitions against Angers (W21 D7), their longest-ever unbeaten run against a single opponent. They've won each of the last 15 meetings between the sides.
There's just one change by Christoph Galtier to the side that beat Lens at the weekend. Bernat comes in for Nuno Mendes, who drops out due to injury. They are boosted by the return of Verratti, who is fit enough for the bench.
Alexandre Dujeux makes three changes from the loss to Clermont Foot last time out. Camara, Bamba and Bahoya are all brought in, while Hountondji has recovered from injury to retain his place. Nabil Bentaleb is suspended, while Habil Sabanovic misses out due to a problem that he picked up in that match.
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN SUBS: Alexandre Letellier, Serif Nhaga, Sergio Rico, Hugo Ekitike, El Chadaille Bitshiabu, Ismael Gharbi, Ilyes Housni, Marco Verratti, Warren Zaire-Emery.
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN STARTING XI (3-5-2): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Sergio Ramos, Marquinhos, Danilo Pereira; Achraf Hakimi, Carlos Soler, Fabian Ruiz, Vitinha, Juan Bernat; Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe.
ANGERS SUBS: Sada Thioub, Waniss Taibi, Yahia Fofana, Miha Blazic, Abdallah Sima, Lilian Raolisoa, Yacine Gaya, Demba N'Diaye, Yassin Belkhdim.
ANGERS STARTING XI (5-3-2): Pail Bernardoni; Yan Valery, Ousmane Camara, Cedric Hountondji, Abdoulaye Bamba, Justin-Noel Kalumba; Himas Abdelli, Bastista Mendy, Adrien Hunou; Jean Bahoya, Ibrahima Niane.
It's top against bottom in Ligue 1, with both sides chasing vital points at this stage of the season. PSG are looking to go 11 points clear of Marseille in second with a win here. They had a slight wobble on either side of the international break, losing at home to both Rennes and Lyon, but have since won both of their league outings. As for Angers, if results go against them this weekend, they could become victims of an early relegation. They're 17 points away from safety and have won just one of their last 22 matches in the competition (D3 L18), but that victory was in their last home game against Lyon, who they beat 1-0.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Ligue 1 meeting between Angers and Paris Saint-Germain at the Stade Raymond-Kopa!