Wrexham title parade: Deadpool costumes, flares, celebrity sightings and all the best moments from National League promotion festivities

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Wrexham team bus parade 2023
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The city of Wrexham is holding a parade on Tuesday after triumphant seasons from the local club's men's and women's teams.

The Welsh city is filled with red and packed with joyous supporters, with players and staff set to ride buses through prominent streets.

Wrexham's popularity has surged after the club was taken over by celebrity co-owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney and featured in the docuseries Welcome to Wrexham. But even before they achieved global recognition, they were passionately backed by locals.

Both the men's and women's first teams clinched promotion this season, and each side is being honoured during the parade.

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GOAL rounds up the Wrexham parade highlights below...

  1. Fans wait for the team to arrive
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    Fans wait for the team to arrive

    Supporters lined the streets and sang as they waited for Wrexham's buses to drive by.

    The day has been an economic opportunity for street vendors selling merchandise related to the team.

  2. "We are the champions"
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    "We are the champions"

    With Queen's anthem blaring, Wrexham's parade route began with fans clapping, cheering and trying to nab photos of players on the buses.

    Hero Paul Mullin is surely on there somewhere!

  3. The view from the buses 😍
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    The view from the buses 😍

    Wrexham posted video shot from a team bus - a perspective that helped capture how many people are on hand for the celebrations.

    In the crowd, a supporter wore a Deadpool outfit in reference to the famous movie series Reynolds has starred in.

    "This town ❀️" wrote the club on Twitter.

  4. Paul Mullin and Elliot Lee in the EFL

    Here he is, the man whose goals propelled Wrexham to the National League title this season.

    Just like on the pitch, he wasn't far away from strike partner Elliot Lee, who may not have attracted as many headlines but was just as important for the Robins.

  5. McElhenney is here
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    McElhenney is here

    McElhenney, who teared up when Wrexham clinched promotion, has been pictured on one of the parade buses.

    He might be a Hollywood star, but it seems the Welsh city has truly won over his heart.

  6. And so is Reynolds
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    And so is Reynolds

    Reynolds has also been pictured on the bus with close friend and co-owner McElhenney.

    They are on board with the Wrexham women's team that won the Adran North championship trophy this term.

  7. Getting smokey
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    Getting smokey

    Wrexham fans were not short on flares for the parade, as smoke has created a fog along the bus route.

  8. We can't wait for Ben Foster's vlog!

    Ben Foster was, of course, in the thick of the action. No doubt he brought his trusty GoPro camera along.

    This is going to be one hell of a YouTube vlog...

  9. A fitting street name...

    Hope. That is exactly what McElhenney and Reynolds have brought to this city since their takeover.

    This story is far from over too.