Ultimate Real Madrid dream team - Cristiano Ronaldo and Luka Modric in, no room for Beckham

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Real Madrid Roberto Carlos Cristiano Ronaldo
This Real Madrid all-time XI is a supreme combo of Galacticos and magicians!

One of the greatest clubs in the history of club football, Real Madrid has created an unmatched footballing legacy on the local, continental and the global stage.

The famous Los Blancos have won 68 domestic trophies that include 35 La Liga titles and 21 European trophies, 14 of which are Champions League crowns, more than any other football club in history!

Thanks to multiple 'Galactico' eras undertaken by their president Florentino Perez, some of the greatest footballers in history have played for Real Madrid!

But, not all of them can fit into one dream team.

Want to know who we selected?

Take a look!

  1. GK: Iker Casillas

    GK: Iker Casillas

    One of the greatest goalkeepers of all time, Iker Casillas has to be part of any Real Madrid dream team in history!

    The Spaniard epitomised Los Blancos in every way!

    Casillas made 725 appearances for Real Madrid in all competitions and won all major titles in his 16-year senior career at the club, including five La Liga titles, four Supercopa Espana titles, two Copa del Rey titles, three Uefa Champions Leagues, two Uefa Super Cups, two Intercontinental Cups and the FIFA Club World Cup.

    The only name in Real Madrid history that dares to come close and even threatens to trump Casillas in this dream team is Juan Alonso.

    The goalkeeper made 225 appearances for Los Blancos between 1949 and 1960, winning five back-to-back European Cups between 1955 and 1960. Alonso also won four La Liga titles.

  2. RB: Chendo
    Real Madrid

    RB: Chendo

    A true one-club man, Miguel Porlan Noguera aka Chendo played for Real Madrid at senior level between 1982 and 1998.

    The right-back made 497 official appearances for Los Blancos and won a host of trophies to cement his position as a club legend.

    Chendo won seven La Liga titles that included five back-to-back title wins between 1985 and 1990. He also won a Champions League and two Uefa Cups among other trophies at Real Madrid.

    Two other players deserve a mention in this position with the first being Michel Salgado. The Spaniard arrived at Real Madrid from Celta in 1999, and made 251 appearances for Los Blancos, winning four La Liga titles, two Spanish Super Cup trophies, two Champions Leagues, an Intercontinental Cup and a Uefa Super Cup.

    Dani Carvajal is another shout for this Real Madrid dream team's right-back position. The Spaniard has made over 200 appearances for Los Blancos, winning 20 trophies including five Champions League crowns that included winning three of them back-to-back between 2015 and 2018.

  3. CB: Fernando Hierro
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    CB: Fernando Hierro

    One of the greatest goalscoring defenders of all time, Fernando Hierro arrived at Real Madrid from Valladolid in 1989 and made 439 appearances for the club, scoring 102 goals!

    Hierro possessed an unlimited passing range along with tremendous goalscoring traits that made him one of the most desired players in Europe in his prime.

    His positional sense and tenacity led to him winning as many as 17 trophies at the club, including three Champions Leagues and five La Liga titles among other honours.

  4. CB: Sergio Ramos
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    CB: Sergio Ramos

    After one season at senior level at Sevilla, Sergio Ramos was signed by Real Madrid in 2005.

    He initially played as a full-back before transitioning into the centre-back role in the team and it is in this position that he worked wonders for Real.

    Ramos made won four Champions League, five La Liga titles, two Copa del Rey trophies, four Spanish Super Cups, three Uefa Super Cups and four Fifa Club World Cups in his 16-year stint at Real Madrid.

    The World Cup winner made 469 appearances for the club, scoring 72 goals!

    Ramos will be most remembered by Real Madrid fans for his 93rd minute equalising goal for the club in the 2014 Champions League final against Atletico Madrid.

    Not many can compete with Sergio Ramos' legacy at Real Madrid except a one-of-a-kind club legend, Manolo Sanchis.

    Sanchis graduated from Real Madrid Castilla to gain promotion to the senior team in 1983.

    From then, until 2001, he made 710 appearances in all competitions for the club. He also captained the club on many occasions, winning eight La Liga titles, two Champions Leagues and two Uefa Cups among many other trophies in his time there.

  5. LB: Roberto Carlos
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    LB: Roberto Carlos

    Roberto Carlos formed part of the first Galactico era under Florentino Perez. The left back was signed in 1996 from Inter Milan.

    He went on to make 370 appearances for Los Blancos, scoring 47 goals, most of them being world-class long-range goals with his magical left-foot.

    Carlos won four La Liga titles, three Champions Leagues, three Spanish Super Cups, a Uefa Super Cup and two Intercontinental Cups at Real Madrid before leaving for Fenerbahce in 2007.

    Two other Real Madrid left backs deserve a major mention in this position.

    First is Marcelo, who arrived at Real Madrid from Fluminense in 2007. He was touted as a successor to Roberto Carlos and he did justice to that role! At Madrid, Marcelo made 386 appearances and won 25 trophies including five Champions Leagues!

    The second legendary left-back worth mentioning is Jose Antonio Camacho. He joined Real Madrid's senior team in 1974 and made almost 600 appearances in all competitions in 15 years at the club. He won nine La Liga titles, five Copa del Rey trophies, two Uefa Cups, two Spanish Super Cups and a Copa de La Liga (a tournament that was later abolished in 1986).

  6. LM: Toni Kroos

    LM: Toni Kroos

    Toni Kroos has beaten a couple of big Real Madrid legends in order to claim a spot in our dream team!

    The German maestro laid the foundation to Los Blancos' midfield which propelled them to four Champions League titles including the famous 'three-peat' between 2015 to 2018.

    Kroos has made over 250 appearances for Los Blancos and won three La Liga titles, three Spanish Super Cups, three Uefa Super Cups and four Fifa Club World Cups in his time at the club.

    Two Real Madrid legends deserve special mention here, Pirri and Vicente Del Bosque

    Pirri arrived in Madrid from Granada in 1964. He scored 123 goals in 417 appearances for Los Blancos and won 10 La Liga titles, four Copa del Rey crowns and a European Cup in 1965-66.

    Del Bosque made 445 appearances for Real Madrid between 1968 and 1984. He won five league titles (1974–75, 1975–76, 1977–78, 1978–79, 1979–80) and four Copa del Rey titles (1973–74, 1974–75, 1979–80, 1981–82) with Real Madrid.

    He was also part of the Real Madrid team that lost to Liverpool in the 1981 European Cup Final.

    Although he couldn't win the European Cup with Real Madrid as a player, Del Bosque achieved that as their manager when he led them to Champions League glory in the 1999-2000 and 2001-2002 seasons!

  7. CM: Luka Modric
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    CM: Luka Modric

    One of the greatest midfielders of all time, Luka Modric trumps legends like Amancio and Redondo in this dream team and that speaks volumes with regards to what he has achieved at Real Madrid.

    The Ballon d'Or winner has played more than 300 games at Real Madrid, winning five Champions Leagues and three La Liga titles among other local, continental and international trophies.

    If not for Modric's genius, this central midfield position would be a fight between Amancio and Fernando Redondo.

    Amancio made 344 appearances for Los Blancos between 1962 and 1976, scoring an impressive 119 goals and helping them win nine La Liga titles, a European Cup and three Copa del Rey trophies. He also managed Real Madrid for a season. After the death of Paco Gento, it was Amancio who was appointed the honorary president of Real Madrid in 2022.

    The next name in the fight for Luka Modric's position is Fernando Redondo.

    The Argentina central defensive midfielder made 165 appearances and won two La Liga titles and two Champions Leagues with Los Blancos between 1994 and 2000. He moved to Milan in 2000 and later won another Champions League with them in 2002-03.

  8. RM: Zinedine Zidane
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    RM: Zinedine Zidane

    An undisputed name in Real Madrid's all-time greatest team in any era would be Zinedine Zidane.

    The French legend joined the club from Juventus in 2001 and made 155 appearances for the club, scoring 37 goals.

    Zidane won a host of trophies and individual accolades at Real Madrid. He won one La Liga title, two Spanish Super Cups, a Champions League, a Uefa Super Cup and an Intercontinental Cup at Real Madrid.

    The midfielder returned back to the club as a manager and helped Los Blancos achieve a miracle, leading them to Champions League glory in three consecutive seasons between 2015 to 2018.

    No other names in Real Madrid history come remotely close to Zidane. However a couple of other midfielders deserve a mention for their contribution to this great club.

    First is Guti, who made 387 senior appearances for the club after graduating from their academy. The Spaniard won five La Liga titles and three Champions Leagues among other trophies with the club.

    Second is Raymond Kopa, who might have played for just three years at Real Madrid, making 79 appearances, but he came up with other-worldly performances in such a short time, which saw him awarded with the Ballon d'Or in 1970.

    He won two La Liga titles and three European Cups in his three years at Los Blancos.

  9. RF: Alfredo Di Stefano
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    RF: Alfredo Di Stefano

    All of the four names going to be mentioned here are some of the greatest footballers of all time, starting with Alfredo Di Stefano.

    The Spanish striker arrived at Real Madrid from Colombian club Millionarios in 1953.

    At Real Madrid, Di Stefano formed a key part of the club's greatest squad of all time, scoring 216 goals in 282 games and winning eight La Liga titles and five European Cups among other trophies.

    Di Stefano won two Ballon d'Or crowns (1957 and 1959) and one elusive Super Ballon d'Or award in 1989, which was handed out by France Football only once in history, on 24 December 1989, to choose the best footballer of the previous three decades. Di Stefano was voted the winner of the award by fans, a panel of France Football judges, and former Ballon d'Or winners.

    No one can come close to achieve Di Stefano's honours haul at Real Madrid except Paco Gento.

    Gento joined Real Madrid in 1953 along with Di Stefano. The Spaniard scored 128 goals in 428 games for Los Blancos, winning six European Cups and 12 La Liga titles among other trophies.

    Two other players worth mentioning here are Hugo Sanchez and Santillana.

    Sanchez joined Real Madrid in 1985 and scored 208 goals in just 283 games for the club in all competitions, almost competing with the goals-to-games ratio of Alfredo Di Stefano. Sanchez won 10 trophies at Real Madrid and surprisingly didn't win a European Cup (Champions League) at the club.

    Santillana was one of the great goalscorers at Real Madrid in the years between the Di Stefano-Gento era and the Hugo Sanchez era.

    He made 645 appearances for Los Blancos between 1971 and 1988, scoring 290 goals in all competitions as he helped the club winning nine league titles, four Copa del Reys and back-to-back Uefa Cups, while scoring in both of the latter competition's finals.

  10. CF: Ferenc Puskas
    Getty Images

    CF: Ferenc Puskas

    This dream team's centre forward position is undisputedly occupied by Ferenc Puskas, with one of the biggest reasons being his goals-to-games ratio.

    Puskas joined Los Blancos in 1958 and went on to score 244 goals in 262 games until 1966. In fact, a remarkable stat regarding Puskas is that he scored 619 goals in 618 games in his club career.

    The Hungary legend won five La Liga titles, three European Cups, a Copa del Rey and an Intercontinental Cup at Real Madrid.

    If Puskas hadn't achieved what he did at Real Madrid, two players Karim Benzema and Ronaldo Nazario would fight for this spot.

    2022 Ballon d'Or winner, Benzema is Real Madrid's second greatest goal scorer and has won 23 trophies with the club, including four La Ligas, two Copa del Reys and five Uefa Champions League titles.

    1997 and 2002 Ballon d'Or winner Ronaldo Nazario joined Real Madrid after delivering the 2002 World Cup for Brazil. The forward won two La Liga titles, an Intercontinental Cup and a Spanish Super Cup with Los Blancos while scoring 83 goals in 127 games for the club.

  11. LF: Cristiano Ronaldo

    LF: Cristiano Ronaldo

    This is what you came looking for? You got it!

    Cristiano Ronaldo is Real Madrid's greatest ever striker. He joined the club for a world record fee from Manchester United in 2009.

    In the nine years that he stayed at Real Madrid, Ronaldo became one of the greatest footballers of all time and the greatest goalscorer in the club's history as he scored 311 goals in just 292 games.

    Ronaldo won two La Liga titles, two Copa del Rey trophies, two Spanish Super Cups, two Uefa Super Cups, three Fifa Club World Cups and four Champions Leagues with Real Madrid including three back-to-back crowns between 2015 to 2018.

    The Portuguese legend won four of his five Ballon d'Or gongs at Real Madrid.

    Three other Real Madrid legends stand behind Cristiano Ronaldo in this list.

    Starting with the great Raul. It's unfortunate he can't be a first choice when we're dealing with names of such a high stature, but, there is no doubt Raul forms a rich part of Real Madrid's history.

    The Spaniard is the fifth-highest goalscorer in the history of La Liga with 228 goals in 550 games for Los Blancos. He won 16 trophies at the club, including six La Liga titles and three Champions Leagues.

    Secondly, Emilio Butragueno. The striker scored a total of 123 La Liga goals in over 300 games for Real Madrid in 12 seasons, winning six La Liga titles and 10 other trophies.

    The third legend would be Juanito, one of the great Real Madrid forwards of the 1980s. The Spaniard scored 85 goals in 284 games for the club, winning five La Liga titles, two Uefa Cups, two Copa del Reys and one Copa de La Liga.