Liga MX: Map locations & stadiums of every team in Mexico's top division

Liga MX Map locationsGOAL

Liga MX, the top-tier professional football league in Mexico, captures the hearts of millions of passionate fans across the nation. Beyond the exhilarating matches and talented players, the league is also distinguished by its diverse array of stadiums that serve as the battlegrounds for these thrilling encounters.

From the historic and iconic venues to the modern architectural marvels, each stadium holds a unique charm that adds to the rich tapestry of Mexican football.

Whether you're a devoted fan, an avid traveler, or simply curious about the football culture in Mexico, Liga MX stadiums will have your undivided attention. Here GOAL takes you through the Liga MX stadiums that make Mexican football truly extraordinary. Let us uncover the details of these Liga MX stadiums that are not just venues, but hallowed grounds for football lovers across Mexico.

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