Best FIFA 19 players: Global Series ranks best pro esports gamers

Goal outlines all you need to know about FIFA 19's Global Series as well as the full global rankings of the best esports gamers

With last season's edition of FIFA Global Series being a success, players and fans will now be able to monitor the progress of the world’s top competitive FIFA players throughout the season on the Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup.

FIFA 19's Global Series on the Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 has expanded significantly, with the new iteration of the gameplay feature in FIFA 19 incorporating a new and improved competitive ecosystem with more FUT Champions Cups, more globally licensed tournaments, more official league partners and a revamped way to compete online.

New additions to FIFA 19's Global Series include the number of FUT Champions Cups increased from two to six, an all-new Licensed Qualifier System, and as many as 15 official football league partners (expanded from last season's eight) such as the Bundesliga, Eredivisie, La Liga, Ligue 1, MLS and the Premier League.

This season will also include the unique FIFA eClub World Cup as well as two EA Champions Cups featuring the best FIFA Online 4 players globally – as well as a brand new competition in the FIFA eNations World Cup.

FIFA 19 Xbox Global Rankings

Ranking Username Points
1 F2Tekkz 3585
2 Falcon Msdosary 1839
3 M10 Resende 1676
4 Rogue GM21 1308
5 MegaBit98 1263
6 MarcusGomesFIFA 1101
7 Ajax Dani 46 1050
8 The Roy4I 865
9 PSG DaXou 864
10 S04 Tim Latka 849
11 NRaseck 7 834
12 BlatantCorn63 658
14 Rafsou 625
15 x Hensoo 616
16 Lyricz vs Luck 558
17 NoxiousBacon304 557
18 KevinAssia 551
19 Xx Brenner7 xX 547
20 Im not nhoebi 541

*correct as of January 22, 2018.

FIFA 19 Playstation Global Rankings

Ranking Username Points
1 nicolas99fc-- 3030
2 Joksan-- 2871
3 mo_aubameyang 1790
4 StefanoPinna_21 1565
5 MaestroSquad 1258
6 SPQR_Tore 1170
7 EpokSnusFC 1161
8 M10Ustun 975
9 andoniiPM 974
10 TheStrxngeR 935
11 VfBDrErhano 850
12 AjaxLev63 834
13 didychrislito 820
14 be7hke_ARB 690
15 Mikkelhjorthbach 690
16 ChristianSpiteri 683
17 Cihan_Official 650
18 PhilB94_ 650
19 RastaArtur 607
20 Gilles_1996 559

*correct as of January 22, 2018.

How are FIFA 19 points and rankings allocated?

FIFA 19 Neymar

Registration for FIFA 19's Global Series began from October 5, 2018 and ended on October 31, 2018.

FIFA 19 players who are eligible to play and want to be ranked in the Global Series should complete the following steps:

  1. Play in FIFA 19 Weekend League and complete at least 27 Wins to become FUT Champions Verified. Once an eligible player has confirmed their Verified status, they are permanently Verified – and will no longer have to worry about winning a certain amount of games in the Weekend League again.
  2. FUT Champions Verified players may then be invited to play in Online qualification competitions, where competitors will compete head-to-head against other eligible players to win a spot at a live event. After a player has been FUT Champions Verified, they will be able to be invited to Online qualification competitions for FUT Champions Cups and Licensed Qualifying Events throughout the season. Each Live Event will have a cut-off date for which players must  be FUT Champions Verified in order to be allowed to compete. Each live event will have numerous Online Qualification Tournaments for different gameplay regions, which will then create for regular global qualification opportunities.
  3. FIFA 19 Global Series points won through Live Events and the Weekend League will place players on the leaderboard. For players to be able to qualify for the FIFA 19 Global Series Playoffs, they will need to earn FIFA 19 Global Series Points through participating in Live Events or playing in the Weekend League. The most points are won through Live Events, though a smaller number of points can be earned by achieving 20 to 27+ wins in Weekend Leagues to taking place until April.
  4. Players qualify for the Playoffs by finishing in the Top 60 on the Points leaderboard, tallied at the end of the year. The top 60 eligible players on each Playstation and Xbox leaderboards will subsequently be invited to participate in the FIFA 19 Global Series Playoffs. After the Playoffs – which will award Points – the top 16 players on both platforms will qualify for the FIFA eWorld Cup, where the FIFA 19 World Champion will be named.

In terms of point allocations , finishing first in either FUT Champions Cups or FIFA Majors will earn a player 1500 points; second place in both competitions will award the player 850 points; then 645 points for third to fourth place; fifth to eighth garner 450 points; ninth and below 275 points.

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For players competing in licensed qualifying events and official league partner competitions, first-placed finishes award 850 points; second place 450 points; third place 315 points; fifth to eighth place 150 points, and ninth and beyond 110 points.

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