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J. Harrison
2 - 3
Pablo Fornals
M. Antonio
2 - 2
J. Harrison
L. Ayling
1 - 2
J. Bowen
A. Cresswell
1 - 1
J. Harrison
A. Forshaw
0 - 1

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47% 52%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 5
Total Passes 386 442
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That's back-to-back wins for Leeds in the Premier League, and they move up to 15th, now nine points clear of the relegation zone. Next up for them is struggling Newcastle United. West Ham's winning run comes to an end, but they stay in fourth. They'll be looking to bounce back against Manchester United next Saturday.
Harrison's hat-trick helps Leeds to a 3-2 win over West Ham. He got the first of his goals 10 minutes in with a curling shot past Fabianski. Bowen thumped a free header in from a corner to equalise, but Harrison restored the lead just three minutes later with a close-range finish. Fornals pulled West Ham level again just after the break, but Harrison chipped Fabianski to make it 3-2. Klich had a goal ruled out by VAR after his shot struck an offside Rodrigo and Yarmolenko's equaliser didn't count as Bowen was offside in the build-up.
90' + 4' BOWEN! Cresswell takes a quick free-kick by playing a throughball down the left for Antonio, and he has time and space to send a cross into the six-yard box. Bowen is unmarked at the far post, but the ball bounces off his chest and over the bar. That was the chance for West Ham to level this!
90' + 2' Lanzini can't open up space for a shot so pulls the ball back to Yarmolenko, who made a late run to the edge of the D. He hits the shot first-time with the outside of his boot, but it's a comfortable save for Meslier.
90' There are shouts for a penalty from some of the home fans as it looks like Dawson's header struck Hjelde's arm in the box. Hjelde didn't know anything about it and his arm wasn't in an unnatural position, so it's a goal-kick to Leeds.
D. James
Yellow Card
88' James caught Dawson with a late tackle at the beginning of West Ham's counter-attack and the referee goes back to show him a yellow card for the challenge.
S. Perkins
I. Diop
87' Final change for West Ham now and it's an attacking one as they try to rescue a draw. Diop is taken off and replaced by 17-year-old Perkins.
86' Leeds are in no hurry to take their throw-in and the frustration is starting to show for West Ham. Bowen tries to hurry Hjelde into taking it, but the visitors aren't going to stop running the clock down.
84' It's great work in midfield from Lanzini to spin away from Koch and play a throughball into Bowen before Klich can get across to him. Bowen is cut off by Hjelde though, and Leeds clear their lines again.
82' OFFSIDE! Antonio sends a long throw-in into the box and Coufal volleys a first-time shot on goal that is pushed away by Meslier. Bowen follows in and the keeper makes another great reaction save to keep him out from close range. Yarmolenko then nods the ball over the line, but Bowen was offside and it won't count.
81' It is patient play from West Ham now as they slowly edge their way upfield down the left. Leeds are staying compact though, and making it difficult for the hosts to get into the box.
79' Harrison is the first Leeds player to score a league hat-trick against West Ham since Russell Wainscoat in April 1927.
A. Yarmolenko
Yellow Card
77' James is breaking through the middle and Yarmolenko slides in to try and stop him. He ends up taking him out though, and he picks up a yellow card.
75' NO GOAL! Rodrigo was in an offside position when Klich took the shot and although the substitute tried to get out of the way, it clipped his side right on the line. It's chalked off and it's still 3-2!
73' KLICH SCORES! This one is all about Raphinha in the build-up as he rides two challenges from West Ham defenders on his run down the right before cutting into the box. He fizzes a dangerous cross back into the middle from the byline and Klich is there to fire it past Fabianski from close range. VAR is having a look at this though...
71' West Ham are struggling to get the ball into the box at the moment as they search for their third equaliser in the game. Yarmolenko steps past Dallas to whip a cross into the middle, but Struijk throws himself in front of him to make the block.
A. Yarmolenko
Pablo Fornals
69' Second change for West Ham now as Yarmolenko is brought on in place of Fornals.
67' Rice is being put under pressure by Rodrigo and James and there's a nervy moment for the fans as he's forced back into his own box. He keeps a cool head though, and manages to win a goal-kick by hitting it against Rodrigo.
L. Bate
65' Final change for Leeds now with Bate, who came on for the injured Forshaw in the first half, going off for Rodrigo.
63' OFF THE POST! Raphinha steps up to take the free-kick that he won and he whips his shot over the wall and towards the top right corner. Fabianski is static on his line, but it thumps the post and Ayling can only head the rebound over.
M. Lanzini
Yellow Card
62' Lanzini got nowhere near the ball as he slid in on Raphinha from behind, and he has his name taken by the referee.
A. Masuaku
N. Vlašić
61' West Ham are making their first change of the game and it's Vlasic that's going off for Masuaku.
60' Raphinha's throughball cut West Ham's midfield wide open and was perfectly weighted into Harrison to set up the goal.
J. Harrison
60' HAT-TRICK! Harrison has his third of the game as he restores the lead for Leeds again! Vlasic gives the ball away and it's a lovely throughball from Raphinha to pick out Harrison in space on the left of the box. Fabianski is rushing out to him, but he lifts his shot over the keeper and into the back of the net. 3-2 Leeds!
58' Diop is allowed to carry the ball a long way upfield and he's shouting at his team-mates in frustration as there's no movement ahead of him. He ends up sweeping it out to Bowen, but Hjelde is straight over to him to nick it back.
56' CHANCE! Leeds break quickly on the counter again, but James' pass into Harrison is too heavy and forces him wide. He ends up lifting a good cross into the far post from the left, but Dallas can only touch it wide from close range.
54' West Ham aren't letting up the pressure and Leeds are stretched as they try to keep them out. Bowen gets away down the right this time and loops a cross into the six-yard box, but Ayling clears his lines.
M. Antonio
52' Antonio held off Ayling well, but it was an unintentional assist from him as he was trying to control it for himself.
Pablo Fornals
52' FORNALS EQUALISES! Ayling's long ball is cut out by Dawson and Rice gets West Ham upfield by picking out Antonio. His poor touch ends up being a good pass into Fornals and he cuts inside - stepping away from two Leeds defenders - before coolly slotting into the near bottom corner. 2-2!
50' West Ham patiently play it out from the back and Fornals has drifted out to the left to try and make something happen. He floats a cross into the box, but Antonio is caught on his heels and Meslier comes out to collect it.
48' Vlasic is caught on the ball and Raphinha knocks it past Cresswell before trying to find James in the box. The throughball is too heavy though, and it's an easy one for Fabianski to deal with.
46' West Ham get us back underway for the second half!
Leeds were bright in the first half and reacted well after losing two players to injury and being pegged back. They look dangerous every time they go forward and West Ham struggled to cope with their counter-attack. The hosts took a while to get going but created some good chances to get themselves back into the game, and Moyes will be hoping they can do that again.
Leeds take a 2-1 lead over West Ham into half-time. Leeds made a bright start to the game and took the lead just 10 minutes in. Klich's effort was well saved by Fabianski, but he couldn't keep Harrison out on the rebound. Dawson headed just wide for West Ham before Bowen thumped a free header past Meslier from a corner. Just three minutes later though, Harrison restored Leeds' lead with a close-range tap-in.
45' + 4' CHANCES! Vlasic drifts away from Dallas down the left and pulls it back for Bowen in the middle of the box, but his low shot is blocked by Bate. Leeds go straight down the other end and the space opens up for James again, but his curling shot is just wide of the far post.
45' + 3' CHANCE! James' run is cut out by Diop, but the defender's touch ends up benefitting Leeds as it rolls to Klich. He plays the return pass to James, but he fires his shot straight at Fabianski from the edge of the box.
45' + 2' West Ham have scored 24 Premier League goals from corners since the start of 2020, more than any other side. They've also netted from a corner in three of their four league games against Leeds in that time.
R. Koch
Yellow Card
45' Koch trips as he tries to get across to Antonio, and he ends up clipping the forward with a very clumsy tackle which earns him a booking.
43' Rice wins another corner for the Hammers and Cresswell loops it towards Bowen on the penalty spot again. This time, he has defenders tight to him, but he gets caught under the ball and his header flies high over the bar.
41' RICE! Vlasic touches the ball inside for Fornals and Rice is sprinting through the middle once again. It's a wonderful throughball, but he has to take the shot from a tight angle as Meslier closes him down, and he drills it into the side-netting.
39' CHANCE! Leeds are on the attack again, with Raphinha breezing past Cresswell down the right. He lifts a cross into the box for James, but he gets caught under it as he loops a header towards goal and it lands on the roof of the net.
L. Ayling
37' Ayling was going for goal with his header, but it ended up being a good flick-on to Harrison to set him up instead.
J. Harrison
37' HARRISON SCORES! Just three minutes after losing their lead, Harrison restores it for Leeds! The corner is swung into the middle and the West Ham defenders ahead of Ayling miss it. The defender then flicks it on and the ball is heading wide until Harrison pokes it past Fabianski from close range. 2-1 Leeds!
36' Antonio loses the ball in his own half and Struijk quickly goes long, trying to pick out James' run. It's too high for him though, and it's an easy one for Diop to deal with.
A. Cresswell
33' It's another good delivery by Cresswell from a corner, and this time, Bowen finishes it off by finding the back of the net.
J. Bowen
33' BOWEN EQUALISES! Cresswell's corner goes over the crowd waiting at the near post and none of the Leeds players are picking up Bowen in the middle. He has a free header, which he thumps past Meslier and into the bottom left corner. 1-1!
33' West Ham are really starting to up the pressure here and Rice is causing Leeds all sorts of problems. He makes another driving run - down the left this time - and ends up winning a corner for his persistence.
31' Harrison has scored in back-to-back Premier League appearances for just the second time in his career - and first since January 2021.
29' CLOSE! The corner is whipped into the edge of the six-yard box for West Ham and Rice is millimetres away from making contact. Dawson is right behind him and thumps a header towards goal, but it's just wide of the near post.
28' There are big shouts for a penalty from the West Ham players and fans as Antonio goes to ground in the box. The ball was pulled back to him by Vlasic and the forward takes a touch in front of Hjelde before going down, but there wasn't anything in that.
26' Bate nicks the ball off Bowen but turns straight into Coufal when he tries to break forward. It's West Ham's turn to break on the counter until Klich pulls back Lanzini to give away a free-kick.
M. Antonio
Yellow Card
24' Antonio just over-ran the ball and he slid in to try and keep hold of it. He catches Koch with a late challenge, and he's subsequently shown the first yellow card of the game.
L. Hjelde
Junior Firpo
23' Firpo tried to carry on, but he only lasted another minute as he makes his way off with a hamstring injury. He goes straight down the tunnel, with Hjelde replacing him.
L. Bate
A. Forshaw
22' It's just the one change for Leeds here. Forshaw gingerly makes his way straight down the tunnel, with Bate on in his place.
20' This isn't looking good for Leeds as Forshaw has gone down, and it looks like he's picked up a hamstring problem. The medical team are on to see to him and Bielsa is readying a substitute in case it's needed. Firpo is also holding his hamstring, but it's not clear if he'll need to come off as well.
18' It's another good run by Rice but this time, he pushes his way into the box. He's forced wide of the target, so he tries to clip it into Antonio instead. The forward slips at the key moment though, and Dallas hooks it away.
16' A loose pass from Koch gifts the ball to Rice and he makes a great run through the middle, shrugging off three challenges from Leeds players. He tries to slide it through to Fornals, but Struijk slides in to intercept.
14' Leeds break quickly on the counter, and Dawson can't get anywhere near James as he drives through the final third. He spots Fabianski rushing off his line, so tries to lift his shot over him, but there's no dip on the shot and it lands in the crowd.
12' West Ham are trying to find their rhythm in this game, and they look to Vlasic down the left again. Leeds aren't giving them any time on the ball though, and he's crowded out near the corner flag.
A. Forshaw
10' Forshaw was alert at the far post, and he reacted quickest to pounce onto the loose ball after Fabianski's save. Harrison was calling for it, and he set him up for the goal.
J. Harrison
10' HARRISON SCORES! Cresswell misjudges the bounce of Koch's long ball and Raphinha is behind him to bring it under control. He pulls it back for Klich and his shot is well saved by Fabianski. Forshaw lays it off to the unmarked Harrison, who fires his shot across goal. Fabianski gets a hand to it, but can't stop it from crossing the line. 1-0 Leeds!
8' Leeds are keeping the pressure on West Ham here and win another corner. Raphinha whips this one into the near post and it's glanced on by Klich, but it loops high over the bar.
6' BLOCK! Klich plays a one-two with Forshaw on the edge of the box, but touches it to Harrison down the left when he can't open find space for a shot. The ball gets caught under his feet as he cuts inside and when he does take aim, Dawson is there to block.
4' It's better from Leeds now and they've won a free-kick down the left. It's a good cross from Raphinha to pick out Ayling, who had a free header in the middle, but he can't direct his effort on target.
2' West Ham are knocking the ball around comfortably in midfield until Vlasic bursts past Ayling with a good run down the left. He swings a deep cross into the box, but none of his team-mates are there and it bounces harmlessly out of play.
1' Klich gets the game underway for Leeds!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
West Ham have won just five of their 23 Premier League games against Leeds, although they have prevailed in each of their last three meetings in the competition.
Marcelo Bielsa makes four changes from the defeat to West Ham last week. Struijk comes straight into the team after recovering from a knee injury, with Dallas, Forshaw and Raphinha also coming in. Hjelde and Bate drop to the bench, where Rodrigo is also named after returning from a heel problem. Diego Llorente misses out through suspension.
David Moyes was clearly impressed with his side's performance against Norwich in midweek as he names an unchanged line-up today. He also has Fredericks available amongst the substitutes after he recovered from an injury.
LEEDS UNITED SUBS: Archie Gray, Jack Jenkins, Lewis Bate, Leo Fuhr Hjelde, Stuart McKinstry, Nohan Kenneh, Kris Moore, Rodrigo Moreno, Kristoffer Klaesson.
LEEDS UNITED STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Illan Meslier; Luke Ayling, Robin Koch, Patrick Struijk, Junior Firpo; Stuart Dallas, Adam Forshaw; Raphinha, Mateusz Klich, Jack Harrison; Daniel James.
WEST HAM SUBS: Arthur Masuaku, Sonny Perkins, Ryan Fredericks, Ajibola Alese, Ben Johnson, Alphonse Areola, Armstrong Okoflex, Andriy Yarmolenko, Alex Kral.
WEST HAM STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Lucasz Fabianski; Vladimir Coufal, Craig Dawson, Issa Diop, Aaron Cresswell; Manuel Lanzini, Declan Rice; Jarrod Bowen, Pablo Fornals, Nikola Vlasic; Michail Antonio.
Just one week ago, West Ham knocked Leeds out of the FA Cup with a 2-0 win on this ground, and they will be looking to keep their momentum going as they try to establish a firmer grasp on fourth place in the league. The Hammers have won each of their last four games in all competitions after a five-match winless run. As for Leeds, they have won just one of their last six in all competitions, though that win did come in their last Premier League game when they beat Burnley 3-1. They have struggled on the road this season; their only away win so far a 2-1 success over Norwich City.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between West Ham and Leeds United at the London Stadium!