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90' + 2'
P. Struijk
J. Gelhardt
1 - 1
90' + 1'
T. Lamptey
Yellow Card
L. Cooper
Yellow Card
Yellow Card
D. Welbeck
Y. Bissouma
0 - 1

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50% 49%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 6
Total Passes 394 403
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Leeds have moved up to 17th, one point above Burnley, who have now dropped into the relegation zone. The Clarets, as well as Everton, both have a game in hand over them though. Leeds finish their season with a trip to Brentford next Sunday. Brighton drop to 10th and are now unbeaten in four. They host West Ham in their final game.
Struijk's stoppage-time header snatches a late point for Leeds in a 1-1 draw with Brighton. Welbeck put the Seagulls ahead with a lovely chipped effort in the first half after taking advantage of Llorente's hesitation, but Leeds kept pushing. Klich forced a great save out of Sanchez just before the break, and the keeper was called into action to deny Raphinha from a free-kick in the second half as well. Gelhardt also dragged a shot wide, but he set up the equaliser, lifting it into Struijk, who nodded in from close range.
90' + 8' CLOSE! We're still going here and Brighton work it upfield through Mac Allister. He tries to switch it to Lamptey, but Cooper slides in to intercept it. His clearance goes to Lallana, who helps it onto Lamptey anyway. He drills a low shot across goal, and it's just wide.
90' + 6' Leeds have the belief that they can win this game now and they've only got seconds left on the clock. Raphinha puts a long throw-in into the box, but it's nodded away by Dunk before Welbeck helps it on.
90' + 4' There are huge shouts for a penalty from the home fans for a handball against Veltman! Gelhardt is at the centre of it again as he volleys a cross into the middle and it hits the defender. VAR has a quick check, but it's only a corner for Leeds.
J. Gelhardt
90' + 2' Gelhardt skips away from Cucurella before chipping the ball over the defender on the floor. He has a quick glance up before playing a great cross in.
P. Struijk
90' + 2' STRUIJK EQUALISES! And Elland Road erupts with noise! Llorente switches it out to Gelhardt on the right, and he keeps his composure brilliantly to beat two Brighton defenders. He lifts it over the crowd to pick out Struijk at the far post and he has a free header as he nods it into the back of the net. That could be a huge goal in their season! 1-1!
T. Lamptey
Yellow Card
90' + 1' Lamptey pushes his way in front of Phillips and uses his arm to just knock it away from the midfielder, so he's shown a yellow card.
90' + 1' Leeds win a corner, but it's another poor delivery from Raphinha as he hits the first man yet again. Brighton try to break quickly on the counter, but Welbeck has no one up with him.
89' Struijk clatters into Veltman as they both try to get on the end of a long ball. Veltman is quickly back to his feet after treatment, but Struijk needs a bit longer after an awkward landing. They're both okay to carry on though.
T. Lamptey
L. Trossard
87' Final change for Brighton now, and it's Trossard that's going off for Lamptey.
86' GREAT CHANCE! Cucurella's cross is over everyone, but Webster helps it out to Trossard on the far side. He lifts a brilliant cross into the far post and Welbeck meets it, but he thumps his header just wide.
L. Cooper
Yellow Card
84' Cooper slides in late on Bissouma to stop his run and the yellow card is out again. That's the 100th yellow card that Leeds have received in the Premier League this season.
P. Struijk
Junior Firpo
83' And Firpo is also taken off, with Struijk on in his place.
S. Greenwood
M. Klich
83' Double change for Leeds here as they look to try and snatch a late point. Klich is the first to make way, with Greenwood on for him.
Yellow Card
81' Veltman just drags the ball away from Rodrigo, who kicks out a leg in frustration to trip him. It wasn't a great challenge, and he's earned himself a yellow card.
79' Brighton are keeping Leeds penned back in their own half at the moment here and just patiently knocking it around in front of them. The visitors look to be in control until Lallana's wayward pass goes to Llorente.
77' Brighton are just slowing the pace of the game down again as they push forward, but Gross is blocked on his way to the corner by Firpo. Leeds can't get out though, and the home fans' frustration is starting to show.
75' CLOSE! Leeds are making the chances here, but their finishing is still letting them down! Gelhardt is picked out on the edge of the box and he squeezes a low shot on goal with Cucurella sliding in. He ends up dragging it just wide of the near post though.
A. Lallana
M. Caicedo
74' Second change for Brighton now, and it's Caicedo that's making way for Lallana.
73' GOOD SAVE! Shackleton curls a great cross into the box from the right and Raphinha gets in front of Veltman to chest it down for Rodrigo. He goes for power, hitting a low shot on goal, but Sanchez smothers it.
Junior Firpo
Yellow Card
71' It's a poor challenge by Firpo on Bissouma and he goes into the book for it.
69' GREAT CHANCE! It's a wonderful throughball from Phillips and Raphinha gets goal side of Cucurella. Sanchez rushes off his line as the Brazilian pokes it towards goal, but he can only send it wide.
J. Shackleton
R. Koch
68' Leeds are making their first change of the game here. Koch goes off, with Shackleton on in his place.
66' GREAT SAVE! Raphinha steps up to the free-kick that Gelhardt won through the middle, and it's a brilliant effort. He gets a lot of power on it and gets his shot over the bar. Sanchez gets a strong hand to it and pushes it away from the incoming Leeds players.
M. Caicedo
Yellow Card
65' Caicedo slides in on Gelhardt and gets nowhere near the ball. He's shown the first yellow card of the game.
64' The Leeds defenders just drop off Trossard and he's allowed to carry the ball a long way. He cuts inside before having a go from range, but his effort flies high and wide.
A. Webster
S. March
62' Brighton are making the first change of the game, and it's a defensive one, going to four at the back. Webster comes on in place of March.
60' Another Leeds attack comes to an end after Phillips bundles Cucurella over and Trossard finds some space down the left. He curls a deep cross into the box, but it's too close to Meslier, who collects it.
58' Brighton are able to just ease the pressure with a free-kick, which March swings in and he wins a corner after Raphinha's poor clearance. That's taken deep and Dunk heads it back across, but it lands on the roof of the net.
56' Brighton are unbeaten in their last 10 Premier League matches when leading at half-time (W8 D2), dating back to May 2021 against Wolves (lost 2-1).
54' BLOCK! Leeds break quickly again and Raphinha has acres of space to run into down the right. He clips a good cross into the near post and Rodrigo tries to catch out Sanchez with a clever flick, but Dunk slides in to take it wide.
52' Leeds win another free-kick down the left and Phillips swings it in. Welbeck's flick-on only goes as far as Harrison, who rushes the shot and he slices his volley high over the bar.
50' March does brilliantly to keep the ball in play along the byline, but his chipped cross is acrobatically cleared by Firpo. He only gets it as far as Trossard, who scoops it up towards Mac Allister, but he fouls Llorente in the process.
48' Gelhardt does well to keep hold of the ball as he weaves between three Brighton defenders before pulling it back to Raphinha. It's slightly behind him, but he gets the shot away, blazing it over the bar.
46' Leeds get us back underway for the second half!
After Burnley's loss to Tottenham earlier, a draw here would be enough for Leeds to move out of the drop zone, but they really need a win with only one game left after this one. They've had bright moments, but their finishing needs to improve. Potter will be pleased with his side's performance so far and will be hoping for more of the same.
Welbeck's goal gives Brighton a 1-0 lead over Leeds at half-time. The hosts started brightly and had a great chance just two minutes in, but Gelhardt's volley struck his own team-mate on the line. Brighton grew into the game though and Welbeck took advantage of Llorente's hesitation to latch onto the ball before chipping it over Meslier into the bottom corner. Leeds finished the half brightly though, with Klich forcing Sanchez into a great save.
45' + 1' Phillips does well to win the ball back and he sets Harrison off down the left. He swings a good cross in, but Raphinha slips at the key moment again and Sanchez comes out to collect it.
44' Gelhardt nods the ball down and Cucurella is just scrambling back to his feet and Rodrigo gets there. He takes the ball to the face from close range, but he's okay after treatment.
42' GREAT SAVE! Raphinha pulls the corner back to Klich on the edge of the box this time, and he runs onto it, hitting the shot first time. It's a sweet strike that's creeping in at the near post until Sanchez gets a strong hand to it.
41' Leeds are just starting to up the pressure again here as Raphinha drives into the box. His pullback from the byline is put out for a corner by Bissouma, but the hosts can't make anything of it.
39' Phillips takes a Leeds free-kick short to Klich, who lifts it into the far post. Raphinha nods it down, and Cucurella can't get it clear. Harrison hits a shot against the defender before it comes back to Phillips again, but his low shot is drilled just wide.
37' It's another wonderful long ball from March on the left and Trossard is trying to find an angle when Koch slides in with a brilliant tackle. It comes to Mac Allister too quickly and it hits him before bouncing wide.
35' Firpo's hopeful long ball is cut out by Dunk, but Veltman stumbles over it when it's laid off to him. Luckily for him, Raphinha slips before he can make the tackle and Brighton the defender clears his lines.
33' CLOSE! Trossard gets the better of Koch and clips a great cross into the six-yard box for Mac Allister. He flicks it towards goal and Meslier is beaten, but it lands on the roof of the net.
31' Gelhardt's header back to Klich is pounced on by Trossard and he tries to thread an early throughball into the box for Mac Allister. It's overhit though, and Meslier gathers it.
29' Welbeck is down holding his head and the medical team are called on to give him some treatment. He's back to his feet though and he'll be able to carry on.
27' Mac Allister helps it out to March on the right and he cuts inside, skipping away from four Leeds defenders on the edge of the box. He helps it out to Welbeck, but he slips as he takes his first touch and Koch is able to hook it clear.
25' Brighton win another free-kick down the right, and Gross goes for the big switch out to the left again. Firpo reads it well this time though and gets across to cut it out.
23' Leeds just can't keep hold of the ball at the moment, though Phillips tries to get them upfield with a long ball. Gelhardt backs into Dunk as he tries to bring it down, but he's judged to have fouled the defender.
Y. Bissouma
21' Bissouma started the move from deep in his own half and the Leeds player sat back and allowed him to drive forward.
D. Welbeck
21' WELBECK SCORES! Bissouma slides it forward into the penalty, and it looks like Llorente has it covered, but Welbeck just brushes him aside to get on the ball. From the right of the six-yard box, he chips a shot over Meslier, and it nestles into the far bottom corner. 1-0 Brighton!
19' GOOD SAVE! March has two defenders tight to him down the right, but he manages to squeeze a pass into the box for Gross. He takes on the shot from the angle, but Meslier gets down to keep him out.
18' Mac Allister takes it around Phillips and the space through the middle just opens up for him. He's a long way from goal when he hits the shot, and it's straight at Meslier.
16' Klich surprises Cucurella when he closes him down on the right, and he nicks it before fizzing a low cross into the box. It's behind Raphinha, but Gelhardt has a swing at it, slicing it well wide.
14' CHANCE! Trossard lifts a lovely ball into the middle of the box for March, who timed his run perfectly. He takes his shot from a tight angle when Meslier rushes off his line, but rolls it wide of the far post.
12' Leeds have lost eight of their last 10 league meetings with Brighton (W1 D1), also failing to score on eight separate occasions in that run.
10' SAVE! March slides it down the right to Mac Allister, who takes it to the byline before pulling it back to Caicedo. He slips when he hits it, but it bounces back to him off Cooper, and his improvised second attempt is straight at Meslier.
8' Mac Allister sees a shot blocked from the edge of the box, but Brighton recycle it and end up winning free-kick on the right. Gross takes it, going for the big switch out to Trossard, but he overhits it straight out of play.
6' Welbeck pushes his way into Leeds' half and he's bundled over by Rodrigo. He's expecting to win a free-kick, but the referee allows play to continue with Leeds in possession, much to the forward's frustration.
4' Leeds are knocking it around comfortably in their own half until Meslier decides to go long to Gelhardt. He's in a foot race with Veltman, but it's the defender that gets to it first.
2' CHANCE! Leeds have made a bright start to this game, and win an early corner when Harrison's cross is blocked. He swings it in and Sanchez spills it with Gelhardt right in front of him. He volleys a shot on goal, but it ends up smacking Cooper in the face on the line.
1' Gross gets the game underway for Brighton!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Leeds have only lost their final home game in just one of their last 18 top-flight campaigns (W10 D7), with that defeat coming against Tottenham in 1995-96 (1-3). Meanwhile, Brighton have won their final away league game in just one of the last seven seasons (D4 L2), beating Burnley 2-1 on the final day of the 2019-20 campaign.
Unsurprisingly, Graham Potter names an unchanged line-up to the team that brushed aside Manchester United last weekend, which means that Trossard is making his 100th appearance in the Premier League.
Jesse Marsch makes three changes to the side that lost to Chelsea on Wednesday. Firpo, Klich and Gelhardt are all brought in, while Harrison has also shaken off the issue that forced him off in that game to start here. Struijk and Bate drop to the bench, while Daniel James is suspended for the rest of the season due to his red card.
BRIGHTON AND HOVE ALBION SUBS: Neal Maupay, Adam Webster, Evan Ferguson, Odeluga Offiah, Tariq Lamptey, Shane Duffy, Adam Lallana, Steven Alzate, Jason Steele.
BRIGHTON AND HOVE ALBION STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Robert Sanchez; Joel Veltman, Lewis Dunk, Marc Cucurella; Solly March, Yves Bissouma, Moises Caicedo, Leandro Trossard; Pascal Gross, Alexis Mac Allister; Danny Welbeck.
LEEDS UNITED SUBS: Archie Gray, Pascal Struijk, Charlie Cresswell, Kristoffer Klaesson, Lewis Bate, Nohan Kenneh, Leo Fuhr Hjelde, Jamie Shackleton, Sam Greenwood.
LEEDS UNITED STARTING XI (5-4-1): Illan Meslier; Raphinha, Robin Koch, Diego Llorente, Liam Cooper, Junior Firpo; Rodrigo, Mateusz Klich, Kalvin Phillips, Jack Harrison; Joe Gelhardt.
Leeds' Premier League survival is now out of their own hands, but a win today will see them move out of the relegation zone. Burnley and Everton still have a game in hand over them though. Leeds go into their final home game of the season needing a win to stay in touch with those sides. They've lost each of their last three matches, conceding nine goals in the process, which has made their already poor goal difference even worse. As for Brighton, they come into this game in good form having lost just one of their last seven outings (W4 D2), including a 4-0 thrashing of Manchester United last Saturday.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Leeds United and Brighton and Hove Albion at Elland Road!