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Watch: Richards spits out pasta and eats it again as he wildly celebrates De Bruyne's early goal vs Real Madrid

2:08 PM GMT+4 27/04/2022
Richards pasta De Bruyne 2022
The pundit was enjoying his dinner when Man City scored their Champions League semi-final opener after just 94 seconds - taking him by surprise

Of all the many moments of dexterity and skill on display during the Champions League semi-final first leg between Manchester City and Real Madrid, few were as eye-catching as that performed by Micah Richards.

The former Man City defender was working as a pundit on CBS' coverage of the match, and with his pre-match analysis done, he was tucking into his dinner as the game began.

Richards was caught off guard by Man City's brilliant start as Kevin De Bruyne scored the opener after 94 seconds - and performed a piece of remarkable oral gymnastics not to spill his food all over himself.

Watch: Richards' sensational pasta save

Following the game - which Man City won 4-3 in a truly sensational encounter - CBS showed some previously unbroadcast footage of Richards calmly eating a bowl of pasta as the broadcast cameras ran idly.

However, with mouth full, he suddenly bursts into wild celebrations at De Bruyne's opener, while quickly having to swallow his food before cheering loudly.

The celebration was analysed tongue in cheek by fellow pundit Jamie Carragher - who pointed out on the slow motion replay that Richards had somehow managed to catch a piece of pasta on the edge of his lips, and swallow it before it spilled out, even amid the joy of celebrating.

Carragher said: "When you talk about some of the technicians we had on show today - Kroos, Modric, De Bruyne, Silva - no-one produced a better first touch and control of the situation than Micah Richards.

"He thinks he's lost it, miscontrolled it... then look at this! Forget your Modric, we've got Micah!"

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