WATCH: Pique fires another shot at Shakira following break-up song by 'trading his Ferrari for a Twingo'

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GFX Gerard Pique Shakira / imago images
Gerard Pique continues to fire back at Shakira in their war of words, with the ex-Barcelona defender quite literally trading a Ferrari for a Twingo.
  • World Cup winner targeted in diss track
  • Is having fun responding to that
  • War of words with ex-wife dragging on

WHAT HAPPENED? The World Cup winner has become the subject of a supposed diss track from his pop star ex-wife, with Shakira including the line in her song BZRP Music Sessions #53: “I'm worth two 22's. You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo. You traded a Rolex for a Casio.” Pique has been seeing the funny side of those accusations and turned up for the latest round of action in his 7-a-side Kings League driving an £8,000 Renault car.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Pique has already reacted to Shakira’s Casio dig by agreeing a partnership between Kings League and the watch manufacturers. He has been seen proudly showing off his new digital watch, while he also handed out boxed offerings as gifts to the other presidents of his 7-a-side competition – saying Casio products would “last a lifetime”, in what is considered to have been another dig at his failed marriage to Shakira.

WHAT NEXT? Pique announced his retirement at Barcelona in November 2022 and is now enjoying working on his ventures away from the pitch, with Sergio Aguero convinced to make a surprise goal-scoring appearance in the Kings League over the weekend.