Sergio Aguero labelled a ‘son of a b*tch’ by Argentine journalist after ‘dangerous’ comments over dollarisation of economy

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Sergio Aguero has been called a 'son of a b*tch' by a journalist after he suggested the dollarisation of Argentina's economy.
  • Aguero criticised for comments on economy
  • Has suggested 'dollarisation' of Argentina
  • Journalist described him as 'dangerous' for his comments

WHAT HAPPENED? The former striker, who was forced to hang up his boots due to a heart condition in 2021, had suggested that the Argentine economy should do away with Peso as their official currency and switch to dollars.

He argued that the country is 'screwed' and 'needed dollars' as the value of Peso is insignificant outside its borders. This has led Pablo Duggan, an Argentine journalist, to hit out at him, claiming that the footballer is speaking from a position of privilege and is distant from the ground realities of the country.

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WHAT THEY SAID: "[Aguero] is speaking from his place as a billionaire in dollars, it is not that he has the money here in pesos, he never received a salary in pesos. For him, of course, dollarization is the best thing that can happen, and he does not give a damn about the peso," he told on Radio 10.

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Duggan further continued and called Aguero a 'son of a b*tch' who requires 'a hit on the head' to make him talk sense.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Argentina's economy is in dire straits as it is reeling under hyperinflation as rates have surged to 104% in March. Duggan also called Aguero a 'dangerous' character and has asked him to be 'responsible' for his comments.

"He doesn't realize how pervasive his words are, giving that speech to the poor people of Argentina using the fame that Aguero has is a bad type. What point of comparison can he have with one who cleans windows?

"Who is Aguero talking to? Well, I tell you, all of Argentina is listening to you. You have to be a little responsible for the nonsense you say. Today Aguero is a dangerous character," he added.


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WHAT NEXT? Aguero is yet to respond to Duggan's criticism. However, the former striker will be in good spirits as Manchester City progressed to the semifinals of the Champions League and has the possibility to lift the treble, including the Premier League and FA Cup, to cap off a successful season.