Pele daughters confirm Brazil legend recently had Covid but deny he is terminally ill

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Pele World Cup
The daughters of Brazilian icon Pele have confirmed he had Covid-19 recently with the virus causing a lung infection that hospitalised him.

Pele was reportedly moved to end-of-life care yesterday, sparking fears about his health going forward as he has been battling bowel cancer since September 2021. The reports read that the chemotherapy being used to help treat the Brazilian had ceased to work.

However, his hospitalisation has nothing to do with that illness, with his daughters confirming he's being treated for a lung infection caused by Covid.

Speaking to Fantastico, his daughter, Kely said: "About three weeks ago he got Covid. He is vaccinated, with all the vaccines, but because of the cancer medicine, the chemotherapy, which is fragile, he got a lung infection. 

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"That's why he went to the hospital, because of the lung infection. Is he serious? It's serious, because he's a certain age, he's treating cancer."

His other daughter, Flavia, then went on to say: "At the hospital, he is better assisted. But he's not in the ICU, he's in a normal room. So he's not at risk. As a person with a more delicate health, it is better to be in the hospital. It is very unfair to start talking that he is in a terminal state, with palliative treatment."

The 82-year-old has had a number of health complications in recent years, including the aforementioned bowel cancer diagnosis. However, he has been watching Brazil at this year's World Cup and will be released from the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo once he fully recovers from this latest infection.

Brazil fans sent their messages of support to the legendary figure before their 1-0 defeat to Cameroon, a time when reports were a lot less positive.


His daughters also have strong hopes their father will be around to see Brazil win their sixth World Cup trophy despite their obvious concern surrounding his short-term health.

Pele will forever be an icon of not just Brazilian football, but the sport as a whole. Throughout his illustrious playing career, he netted 77 goals for his country as well as winning the 1962 and 1970 editions of the World Cup.