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Investigation finds tear gas was main cause of death in Indonesia stadium disaster

12:40 PM GMT+4 15/10/2022
Indonesia disaster 1
An investigation has concluded that tear gas was the main cause of death in the stampede which killed over 130 people in Indonesia on October 1.
  • Tear gas main cause of death in Indonesian stampede
  • Banned under FIFA regulations
  • Joint task force to help safety measures ahead of U-20 World Cup

WHAT HAPPENED? An investigation has found the leading cause of death to be tear gas following a stampede that left more than 130 people dead at a football match in Indonesia on October 1. FIFA have banned the use of the crowd control measure, putting the Indonesian authorities and the Indonesian FA (PSSI) under intense scrutiny.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: The fact-finding mission - carried out by government officials and football and security experts - concluded that the team on duty at the game had no knowledge that the use of tear gas was prohibited. It said the tear gas had been fired "indiscriminately" and officers had employed "excessive" measures.

AND WHAT'S MORE: Investigators also found that the PSSI had been negligent by ignoring regulations and have called for the resignation of its chairman and executive committee.


WHAT THEY SAID: Coordinating security minister Mahfud MD has said that a team separate from the fact-finders is still investigating the toxicity of the gas used, but no matter the outcome it could not "diminish the conclusion that the massive (number of) deaths was mainly caused by tear gas".

WHAT NEXT FOR INDONESIAN FOOTBALL? A joint task force between the PSSI and FIFA has been formed in order to improve crowd control and safety measures as the country is due to host the FIFA Under-20 World Cup next year.