'They do not know Brazilian history' - Tite bats away more questions about World Cup dance criticism

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Brazil coach Tite has responded again to the criticism his players have received for dancing in their celebrations at the World Cup.
  • Brazil players dance after scoring at World Cup
  • Stars have been accused of disrespect
  • Tite says dancing is part of country's culture

WHAT HAPPENED? The likes of Neymar, Vinicius Junior, Richarlison and Lucas Paqueta have marked their goals with some Brazilian dance routines, and Tite even joined in on one occasion. Some have labelled their celebrations as disrespectful to their opponents but Tite has defended his players, saying the dances are part of his country's culture.

WHAT THEY SAID: "I will not make comments to those who do not know Brazilian history and Brazilian culture, the way each and every one of us is, I leave that noise aside," Tite said at a press conference. "I respect the culture, the way I am and the way this national team is. Lots of other kids will dance because it is Brazilian culture when a goal is scored. It is not being disrespectful, that is [us] and how we do things... as a culture and [it] will help the education of kids in school. We will continue doing things in our manner."

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Earlier this season, Vinicius Junior faced criticism from the president of Spanish football agents, Pedro Bravo, who was accused of racism when he said the winger is "a monkey" when he dances after scoring. The controversy has not stopped Vinicius Junior nor any of his team-mates.


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WHAT NEXT FOR BRAZIL? Neymar and his team-mates will hope to dance their way into the semi-finals of the World Cup when they take on Croatia on Friday.