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90' + 4'
D. Khocholava
Red Card
90' + 2'
G. Montiel
3 - 0
M. Acuña
2 - 0
C. Sørensen
Yellow Card
Y. En-Nesyri
P. Gómez
1 - 0

Match Stats

57% 42%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 11 2
Total Passes 518 374
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Manchester City MCI Manchester City 6 4 2 0 14 2 +12 14 W D D W W
2 Borussia Dortmund BVB Borussia Dortmund 6 2 3 1 10 5 +5 9 D D D W L
3 Sevilla SEV Sevilla 6 1 2 3 6 12 -6 5 L W D L D
4 København FCK København 6 0 3 3 1 12 -11 3 D L D L D


8th Finals
UEFA Europa League


That's all for today, goodbye!
Sevilla's slim hopes of reaching the last 16 hinge on Dortmund's result against Manchester City, with that game kicking off shortly. If Dortmund avoid defeat, Sevilla will be playing in the Europa League, but if the German side lose, it'll go down to their final game against City. As for Copenhagen, their fourth place finish is confirmed, and they are out of the Champions League.
Sevilla secure European football in the new year after a 3-0 win over Copenhagen. The visitors had the better chances before the deadlock was broken, with Claesson striking the post from distance before the substitute, En-Nesyri glanced a header past Grabara to put Sevilla ahead. Diks then had a golden opportunity to equalise with his first touch, but smacked the bar with his header. Isco curled in a wonderful effort and Montiel tapped-in a rebound from Lamela's shot to round it off, with Khocholava also seeing red in stoppage time for a poor tackle on Isco.
D. Khocholava
Red Card
90' + 4' KHOCHOLAVA IS OFF! In his frustration, Khocholava kicks out a leg at Isco, catching the Spaniard on his calf with his studs. The referee initially shows a yellow card, but then he's called over to the monitor by VAR. It's a really poor challenge, and the defender is shown a straight red after the referee sees the replay.
G. Montiel
90' + 2' MONTIEL SCORES! Copenhagen were committing a lot of bodies forward to try and get a late goal, and Sevilla punish them on the counter. Lamela plays a throughball out to Montiel on the right before getting it back on the edge of the D. His low shot is well saved by Grabara, but Montiel is on hand to tap-in the rebound. 3-0 Sevilla!
90' Sorensen puts another long throw-in into the box and it causes all sorts of problems again for Sevilla. Cornelius seems to duck under it though and Daramy can't bring it under control on the stretch.
M. Acuña
88' Acuna could've stayed down waiting to see if a penalty was given, but instead, he hopped straight back to his feet and set up Isco for a brilliant goal.
88' ISCO SCORES! And that should do it for Sevilla! Acuna gets straight up after being brought down just inside the box, and he pulls it back to Isco on the edge of the area. He has time to get his head up before curling a wonderful shot over Grabara and into the far top corner of the net. 2-0 Sevilla!
88' SAVE! Sevilla almost seal the points here as Mir cuts inside from the right and drills a low shot towards the near post. Grabara sticks out a leg to deny him and Isco and Lamela get in each others' way as they try to turn in the rebound.
C. Sørensen
Yellow Card
86' Sorensen has two attempts at dragging Isco back, and he goes into the referee's book.
84' Copenhagen are moving the ball quickly upfield when they win it back, and Sevilla are struggling to get close to them. The visitors work it out to Bardghji on the right, but he can't pick out a cross.
82' OFF THE BAR! Sorensen puts a long throw-in into the box and Cornelius rises to flick it on. Diks is unmarked in the six-yard box and with his first touch, he flicks a header over Dmitrovic which smacks off the crossbar. Copenhagen so close to an equaliser!
C. Sørensen
E. Jelert
81' And Sorensen is coming on in place of Jelert.
O. Óskarsson
W. Clem
81' Clem is also making way, with Oskarsson replacing him.
K. Diks
V. Lund Jensen
80' Triple change for Copenhagen now. Lund is the first to go off, with Diks on in his place.
G. Montiel
Yellow Card
79' Montiel is arguing against a free-kick that was awarded to Copenhagen, and he's eventually booked for dissent.
M. Acuña
P. Gómez
77' Sevilla's final change sees Acuna come on to replace Gomez.
76' The visitors are trying to press high upfield, but Sevilla are determined to see out a vital three points. They're knocking it around comfortably, with no rush to get it upfield at the moment.
74' Sevilla are switching it from right to left and back again in an attempt to open up the space, but Copenhagen are staying compact. Mir swings it in from the right, but can only pick out Lund.
A. Cornelius
H. Haraldsson
72' Copenhagen are making another change now. Haraldsson goes off for Cornelius.
E. Lamela
Yellow Card
72' Lamela clipped Daramy's heels and then just kicked the ball away from the winger before he could take a quick free-kick. He's booked for dissent.
Rafa Mir
Y. En-Nesyri
70' En-Nesyri pulled up with an injury a couple of moments ago and the goalscorer is being taken off just 25 minutes after his introduction. Mir replaces him.
V. Claesson
Yellow Card
69' Claesson picks up the first yellow card of the game after clipping the back of Isco's heels.
67' Copenhagen are now desperately searching for what would be their first Champions League goal this season. Khocholava goes long for Daramy down the left again, but there's no one in the box waiting for his cross.
65' Sevilla look like they've had a weight lifted off their shoulders and they're moving the ball around comfortably in midfield. Isco drives forward to touch it to Lamela, and he picks out Gomez with his cross, but a heavy touch gifts it straight to Grabara.
R. Bardghji
Í. Bergmann Jóhannesson
63' Copenhagen are making their first change in the aftermath of that goal, and it's 16-year-old Bardghji that's coming on for Johannesson.
P. Gómez
61' Gomez does well initially to get away from Lerager as he cuts inside, and he picks out En-Nesyri with the cross.
Y. En-Nesyri
61' EN-NESYRI SCORES! It's not the best cross from Gomez as he cut inside from the left as he chipped it down the middle, but Jelert failed to make the clearance in the middle. En-Nesyri gets the slightest glance to catch out Grabara and it bounces past the keeper into the back of the net. 1-0 Sevilla!
60' CHANCE! Sevilla are left wide open as Copenhagen break on the counter and Clem slides it through to Haraldsson. His run starts in his own half so he can't be offside, but he gets the chip wrong when he's one-on-one and it bounces well wide of the far post.
59' GOOD SAVE! Marcao slides in but fails to cut out the pass and Johannesson helps it through to Haraldsson down the right of the box. He drills a low shot across goal, but it's smothered by Dmitrovic's legs.
57' NO PENALTY! VAR is checking for a potential penalty to Sevilla here. When the corner was swung into the box, En-Nesyri jumped over Claesson and his header hit the midfielder's arm. After looking at the replays, the referee sticks with his onfield decision of no penalty as Claesson was pushed before the handball occurred.
56' GREAT SAVE! Lamela's first touch ends up being a good throughball to pick out Isco just outside the D. He lets it bounce before firing a shot own the middle and Grabara has to stretch to tip it over with his fingertips.
E. Lamela
55' Another change for Sevilla and it's Suso that's making way for Lamela.
55' Gudelj and Khocholava are both back on their feet after treatment and they'll be able to carry on.
53' Another corner is swung into the box for Copenhagen and Khocholava attacks it. Guedlj throws himself in front of it to make the block and there's a clash of heads which leaves both players down receiving treatment.
51' Copenhagen have made a bright start to the second half and they patiently work it down their left again. Gomez dawdles on it in his own box and Claesson nicks it off him, but Marcao blocks his cross from going in.
49' OFF THE POST! Dmitrovic rushes off his line to punch away a corner, and he stays down. Claesson meets it in the D, and volleys his shot into the ground. It bounces over everyone in the middle and rebounds off the near post and Gudelj clears it ahead of Haraldsson to prevent a tap-in.
48' Kristiansen swings in a good cross from the left and Gudelj's clearance only goes as far as Daramy. He spins away from Jordan and tries to curl it into the far post, but a deflection helps it wide.
46' Copenhagen get us back underway for the second half!
Y. En-Nesyri
K. Dolberg
46' There's a change for Sevilla at the break, and it's Dolberg that's taken off for En-Nesyri.
Both sides know that only a win will be enough to keep them in contention for the other knockout place in this group. Neestrup's young side have performed well so far without creating too much, while Sevilla's frustration started to get the better of them when they did get into good positions.
It's goalless at the break between Sevilla and Copenhagen. There wasn't too much action in the first half, though Copenhagen had the slightly better chances, with Dmitrovic denying Haraldsson before Telles blocked him from having a tap-in. At the other end, Grabara made a good save to deny Suso, but the rest of the chances have been straight at him. As it stands, this result isn't good enough for either team.
45' Telles decides to whip an early cross into the box this time and Dolberg launches himself forward. He doesn't get on the end of it, but crashes over Lund in the process and the free-kick goes against him.
43' Johannesson spreads it out to Daramy this time, and he drags Copenhagen upfield. Sevilla are quick to get back into their shape though, and the visitors can't get it into the box.
41' Sevilla's frustration is starting to show as they're struggling to get it into the box. Jordan tries to force it down the right for Suso, but he's asking too much as he fires it straight out.
39' It's another great run from Daramy down the left and he twists left and right to leave Gudelj behind. He has three in the box with him, but he pulls it back behind all of them and Montiel gets it away.
37' CHANCE! Gomez threads the ball through to Dolberg and he has a free run into the box. Khocholava gets back to deflect the ball into the air and it allows Grabara to come out and poke it further from goal before a belated offside flag goes up.
35' GOOD SAVE! Rakitic slots it through to Suso in the crowded box, and he opens up a pocket of space with a drop of the shoulder. He fires a shot towards the near post this time, and Grabara parries it away.
34' Suso is still causing Copenhagen a few issues down the right as he cuts inside again. He brushes Daramy aside before hitting a low shot towards goal this time, but it rolls well wide of the far post.
32' Jelert loses the ball to Telles, and his first thought is to look for Gomez on the edge of the box. Another loose touch lets him down though and Lerager gets it clear.
30' Copenhagen are enjoying a good spell of possession here, but Lund eventually tries to go for a more direct route. He goes long, but there's too much on it for Haraldsson and Dmitrovic collects.
28' BLOCK! Daramy is forced wide, but he spins past two Sevilla players to continue his driving run into the box. He lifts it towards Haraldsson from the byline, close to the goal, but Telles is in the right place to deflect it back to his keeper.
26' It's a better cross from Telles this time as he whips a cross in and Isco is just beaten to it by Khocholava. It falls for Suso on the edge of the box, but he can't sort his feet out quick enough to have a shot.
24' Dolberg is picked out on the edge of the box, but he has three in front of him, so he looks back to Suso. He squares it into Rakitic in the area, but he swipes at it, completely missing the ball, and it bounces away off his standing leg.
22' SAVE! Copenhagen's patience pays off as Claesson cuts out Rakitic's pass and sets the visitors on the counter. He slides it through for Haraldsson, who spins before lifting a shot towards the far post, and Dmitrovic pushes it wide.
20' Sevilla move it quicker this time, with Montiel laying it off to Suso on the edge of the box. He cuts inside, taking it around Lund before curling his shot straight at Grabara, for another comfortable save.
18' Sevilla are patiently working it upfield, but the final ball into the box is letting them down. It's switched out to Telles on the left, and he gets a yard on Jelert to whip it in, but he can only pick out Khocholava.
16' Johannesson wins a free-kick on the right, and it's a good opportunity for Copenhagen to get the ball into the box. It's a poor cross though as he loops it high over everyone on the edge of the box and into the stands.
14' It's a brilliant run by Johannesson from his own half as he dribbles past two Sevilla players. He tries to square it to Claesson inside the D, but Jordan slides in to get a vital touch to take it away from him.
12' Sevilla remain winless in the Champions League this term, drawing two and losing two of their four games. They've never previously failed to win any of their opening five matches in a single season in the competition.
10' Rakitic is bundled over and Sevilla have a free-kick in a good position on the left. Isco curls it towards the far post, but Khocholava rises highest to flick it behind for a corner, which comes to nothing.
8' Marcao is forced to rush his clearance and Johannesson cuts it out and threads it through to Clem. He has Claesson ahead of him, but a poor touch lets him down and Sevilla win it back again.
6' Isco dawdles on the ball, but Marcao quickly flies in to prevent the counter and set Sevilla on their way again. It's switched out to Suso on the right, and he cuts inside before fizzing his shot on goal, but again, it's straight at Grabara.
4' Jelert plays a clever one-two with Johannesson down the right to get into space and he squares it in from the byline. It's a poor cross in the end though, and Marcao comfortably hooks it away.
2' Early chance for Sevilla here after Isco latches onto a loose pass from Lund, and he squares it to Gomez on the edge of the box. He touches it past Khocholava but then curls his shot straight down the middle at Grabara.
1' Dolberg gets the game underway for Sevilla!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Copenhagen are winless in all 13 of their major European matches against Spanish teams (D5 L8), losing their last three on Spanish soil. Their six away games in Spain has seen them draw two and lose six, all against different teams.
Jacob Neestrup makes just two changes from the draw with Midtjylland last time out, bringing Johannesson and Clem into midfield. Bardghji starts on the bench, and Marko Stamenic is out due to injury.
Jorge Sampaoli makes four changes to the side that lost to Real Madrid at the weekend. Dmitrovic starts in goal, with Suso, Gomez and Dolberg also coming in. Bounou, Navas and Lamela drop to the bench, while Oliver Torres misses out through injury.
COPENHAGEN SUBS: Andreas Cornelius, Kevin Diks, Roony Bardghji, Christian Sorensen, Orri Oskarsson, Andreas Dithmer, Peter Ankersen, Karl-Johan Johnsson, Paul Mukairu.
COPENHAGEN STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Kamil Grabara; Davit Khocholava, Lukas Lerager, Valdemar Lund; Elias Jelert, William Clem, Isak Bergmann Johannesson, Victor Kristiansen; Hakon Haraldsson, Mohamed Daramy; Viktor Claesson.
SEVILLA SUBS: Alberto Flores, Kike Salas, Karim Rekik, Yassine Bounou, Adnan Januzaj, Marcos Acuna, Jesus Navas, Rafa Mir, Youssef En-Nesyri, Erik Lamela, Jose Carmona, Thomas Delaney.
SEVILLA STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Marko Dmitrovic; Gonzalo Montiel, Nemanja Gudelj, Marcao, Alex Telles; Ivan Rakitic, Joan Jordan; Suso, Isco, Papu Gomez; Kasper Dolberg.
With both sides on two points, one of them will be knocked out of the Champions League if they lose this game. Sevilla, whose four-game unbeaten run in all competitions (W1 D3) was ended by a 3-1 defeat to Real Madrid on Saturday, will be unable to reach the last 16 if they don't win and Borussia Dortmund avoid defeat. If they win and Dortmund avoid defeat, they'll secure a Europa League play-off spot. Copenhagen have drawn their last five matches in all competitions, but that won't be enough to keep them in the Champions League. If they avoid defeat or Dortmund win, they can't make the knockout round, but a victory for both them and the German side will see them into the Europa League.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Champions League Group G meeting between Sevilla and Copenhagen at the Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan!