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Ansu Fati
3 - 4
Oriol Soldevila
Cristian Herrera
3 - 3
Jordi Alba
2 - 3
Oriol Soldevila
2 - 2
O. Dembélé
1 - 2

Match Stats

23% 76%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 10
Total Passes 288 959
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It was a brilliant game of football, and it sees Barcelona enter the draw for the round of 16 which will take place on Friday. Next up for them is Atletico Madrid in LaLiga. Intercity go out of the Copa del Rey with their heads held high as their attention turns back to the Primera Division RFEF - Group 2 where they face Eldense.
Barcelona narrowly edge their way into the next round of the Copa del Rey after beating third-tier Intercity 4-3 after extra time. In normal time, the hosts came from behind three times, with Soldevila's hat-trick cancelling out goals from Araujo, Dembele and Raphinha. Barcelona dominated in extra time though, with Alba smacking the crossbar before Fati won the game for them with a lovely floated finish. Intercity gave it one last push, but they didn't have anything left in them to get another equaliser.
120' + 1' There is only one added minute here. Barcelona are determined to just keep possession, but a loose pass from Kessie hits Angong, and Intercity have one last chance. He looks to pick out Koffi, but there's too much on it, and Pena collects.
119' Barcelona are edging closer to the next round of the Copa del Rey, but Intercity aren't giving it up yet. They're closing the visitors down quickly, trying to win it back and mount one last counter.
117' BLOCK! Herrera delivers another good free-kick from the right and although Garcia clears it, he only gets it to Xemi on the edge of the D. He sets himself before hitting the shot, and it deflects wide off Alba's knee.
117' Intercity have a problem here as Murria has hurt his knee making a clearance. The medical team are on, and despite moving gingerly, he's going to try and see out the last few minutes.
115' GOOD SAVE! Raphinha threads it through the crowd in midfield to pick out Balde's run off the back of Murria. His first touch gets away from him which allows Campos to come off his line and take it off his foot.
114' Nsue cuts out Alba's throughball and picks out Soldevila, who is hovering on the halfway line. He helps it onto Herrera first time, and he's onside, but he overruns it straight into Kounde.
112' Intercity just can't keep hold of the ball when they break out of their own half. Barcelona are pressing high upfield - they don't want to let their lead slip again.
110' Raphinha's cross is blocked, but only as far as Alba, who floats another brilliant cross into the Brazilian. He has two defenders in front of him, so he pulls it back for Fati, but he slices his shot wide.
108' Alba plays a superb pass down the left wing with the outside of his right boot and Fati gives chase. He has Undabarrena tight to him though and can't get on the end of it.
106' Intercity get us back underway for the second half of extra time!
It's Barcelona that are currently heading through to the next round as they lead 4-3. The visitors dominated once again and thought they'd taken the lead through Alba, who smashed a shot off the underside of the crossbar. They kept pushing and Raphinha managed to pick out Fati, who lifted his shot over Campos. Intercity have proven that they won't be going out without a fight though.
Alejandro Balde
O. Dembélé
105' Barcelona's final change is a defensive one as they try to hold onto this lead. Dembele makes way for Balde.
103' Raphinha just drifted away from his marker and the space opened up for him to put his cross into the box.
Ansu Fati
103' FATI SCORES! For the fourth time, Barcelona take the lead! Barca change things up by going down their right this time, and Raphinha pulls it back to Fati, who is unmarked just inside the box. He runs onto it, striking it first time as Nsue slides in, but he lifts his shot over the keeper and into the back of the net. 4-3 Barca!
102' Soldevila is the first player to score a hat-trick against Barcelona in all competitions since Kylian Mbappe in the Champions League in February 2021 and the first Spanish player since Aritz Aduriz in the Supercopa in 2015.
100' OFF THE BAR! Intercity just can't get out of their own box at the moment. Busquets lifts a lovely ball over the top to pick out Alba, who just stayed onside. He lifts his shot over Campos, but it rattles the underside of the bar.
98' Siviero is screaming at his players to provide better cover to Barcelona's left as they break forward again. It's a wild delivery from Alba this time though that sails over everyone.
96' Intercity just can't deal with the threat coming down Barca's left side, and Dembele peels away again. He fizzes a dangerous ball across the face of goal, but nobody's there to tap it in.
F. Angong
Álvaro Pérez
94' Alvaro pulled up with cramp at the end of the second half, and his game is over after going down again. He goes straight down the tunnel, with Angong replacing him.
92' SAVE! Barca have made a bright start here. Raphinha's cross is blocked, but he pulls it back to Kessie, who squares it to Fati. Campos takes the power off his low shot and then scrambles back to make sure it doesn't trickle over the line, and prevents a corner.
91' Barcelona get us back underway for extra time!
Intercity are high on confidence after pulling themselves back into this game three times, and despite throwing everything they could at them, Barca failed to find a late winner. Xavi was a frustrated figure in his technical area, and he'll be hoping his side will do better in the next 30 minutes.
We're going to extra time after Soldevila's hat-trick helps Intercity come from behind three times to draw 3-3 with Barcelona! Araujo gave the visitors the best possible start by heading in after four minutes, and Depay saw a deflected free-kick hit the bar. Soldevila volleyed in an equaliser, though Dembele chipped Barca back in front seven minutes later with a lovely finish. Barcelona were only penned back for three minutes after Soldevila's second equaliser, but they had no answer to third late on.
90' + 4' Barcelona are throwing everything they have at Intercity as Alba squares another cross in from the left. It falls at Fati's feet, but his shot pinballs to Alvaro, who clears his lines.
90' + 2' There's a problem for Dembele here and it looks like he jarred his knee taking that last shot. He's quickly back on his feet after treatment, much to Barca's relief as they've used all of their substitutions.
90' + 1' CLOSE! Into four added minutes here, and after Fati's overhead kick hits his own face, Dembele has a chance from the edge of the box. He gets his angles all wrong, volleying it wide of the far post.
90' Raphinha is crowded off the ball, but he manages to win a corner, which he goes over to take. It's a poor delivery from him as he doesn't beat the first man.
88' GOOD SAVE! Another great cross comes in from Alba on the left and Murria misses it, but Raphinha wasn't expecting it behind him. It bounces off him and back to Kessie, who puts his foot through it, but Campos parries it away.
Cristian Herrera
86' Kounde dawdles on the ball and Herrera wants it more as he outmuscles the defender before mounting the attack from his own half.
Oriol Soldevila
86' HAT-TRICK! Incredible from Soldevila! Kounde is pushed off the ball and Intercity break on the counter with three against two. Herrera won it back and carries it forward before slotting it to Soldevila, who is one-on-one with Pena. He coolly slots his shot under the keeper for his third goal of the game. 3-3!
85' WHAT A SAVE! Barcelona go straight down the other end, with Fati driving down the left before picking out Raphinha's run to the far post. He volleys it first time, and Campos stretches himself to get a strong hand to it.
84' GOOD SAVE! Intercity almost had a third! Soldevila dribbles his way to the edge of the box before playing a one-two with Mari to get in behind Barca's defence. It bounces in front of him but he gets a shot away which Pena smothers.
Marcos Alonso
Héctor Bellerín
83' Barcelona's last change sees Alonso come on for Bellerin for the last few minutes.
Emilio Nsue
Guillem Jaime
82' And Jaime is also making way, with Nsue on for him.
Eneko Undabarrena
M. Bellotti
82' Final changes for Intercity now as they try to find a third equaliser. Bellotti is the first to go off, with Undabarrena replacing him.
81' It's Fati that looks to set up Dembele this time, as he slides his throughball between Intercity's defence. He tries to drill a first-time cross into the box, but Jaime blocks it.
79' CHANCE! Barcelona are looking to put this game out of sight as Dembele helps it onto Fati ahead of him down the left. The space opens up for him so he pokes it towards the near post, but he can only pick out the side netting.
Jordi Alba
77' It's a wonderful cross from Alba down the left and it's hard for Intercity to do anything with at risk of putting it into their own net.
77' RAPHINHA SCORES! That's exactly the reaction that Xavi was looking for! It comes from the left again, with Alba curling a dangerous low cross into the six-yard box. Campos can't get a touch and the Intercity defenders don't want to risk scoring an own goal. Raphinha makes a late dart to the far post and taps into the empty net. 3-2 Barca!
76' Xavi is screaming instructions at his team from the sideline, and he is not happy about letting Intercity back into this match for a second time. Barca are keeping possession well as they try to break down the hosts.
Ansu Fati
M. Depay
74' Barcelona are making another change following Intercity's goal. Depay is taken off, with Fati coming on for him.
74' It's an inch-perfect cross from Cristo, who puts it right onto Soldevila's forehead to set up the goal.
Oriol Soldevila
74' SOLDEVILA SCORES AGAIN! Barca just couldn't clear their lines and it's played out to Cristo, who has acres of space down the left. He lifts a brilliant cross into the six-yard box and Soldevila is in the right place to thump his header past Pena and equalise for the second time in this game. 2-2!
73' It's one pass too many from Barcelona in Intercity's box, and the hosts are able to break on the counter. Mari has space to run into down the left and his cross pinballs around with Barcelona struggling to clear.
71' Alvaro did well to stop Barcelona's attempt at a counter-attack after their corner was cleared and he wins a free-kick on the right. It's a speculative effort at best from Soldevila, as he sends it high and wide of the far post.
69' Soldevila decides to go for a more direct route this time, as he plays the big switch out to Xemi. Kounde intercepts, but Barca don't clear their lines and the hosts have another corner.
Aarón Piñán
67' Intercity are making another change in response to that Barcelona goal. Pinan goes off, with Xemi on for him.
66' It looked like the ball got away from Gavi, but he rushed onto it before playing it through the line for Dembele.
O. Dembélé
66' DEMBELE SCORES! And Barcelona are back in the lead! He's been getting a lot of joy since switching out to the left side and Gavi plays a good throughball down the middle for him to chase. Campos rushes off his line, but the Frenchman keeps his cool to chip his shot over him and into the net. 2-1 Barca!
C. Koffi
Pol Roigé
65' Intercity are making their second change now, and it's Koffi that's coming on to replace Roige.
64' Dembele has switched out to the left, and he cuts inside but takes a heavy touch in the process. He crashes into the back of Murria, who got between him and the ball, and the referee waves away the questions of a penalty.
63' Intercity's confidence has skyrocketed as they break on the counter again. Roige carries it from the halfway line to the edge of the box when he gets his head up, but Gavi gets across before he can set up a team-mate.
Ferran Torres
61' And Raphinha is the last to come on as he takes Torres' place.
Eric García
R. Araujo
60' Araujo is also taken off, with Garcia on in his place.
Pablo Torre
60' There's a triple change for Barcelona in the aftermath of that equaliser. Torre is the first to make way, with Gavi replacing him.
Vadik Murria
59' Murria had two Barcelona defenders in front of him, but he drifted off the back of them to get on the end of the corner.
Oriol Soldevila
59' SOLDEVILA EQUALISES! Barca didn't clear their lines properly after the free-kick and gave away a corner. The corner is whipped high into the far post where Murria peels away to nod it back into the danger zone. Soldevila is unmarked and he volleys a great first-time effort past Pena, and he can't believe it! 1-1!
58' Intercity win a free-kick through the middle, and Roige floats it deep to the far post. Murria rises highest to nod it back into the crowd, but he can't pick out a team-mate.
56' WHAT A CHANCE! Alba clips a good cross into Depay, who has acres of space in the middle of the box. He hits the shot first time, blazing it high over the bar, but the linesman spares his blushes with a belated offside flag.
54' SAVE! Torres sees a shot blocked and Intercity break quickly on the counter, with Mari sliding it down the left for Pinan. He gets his shot away from a tight angle and Pena parries it before quickly collecting the rebound.
52' It's better from Intercity here as they knock the ball around quickly to get in behind. Pinan cuts inside to get away from Bellerin before lifting a cross into the far post, but Bellotti can only touch it wide.
Pablo Torre
Yellow Card
50' Torre misjudges the bounce and it allows Soldevila to break. The youngster tugs back his shirt and it shown the first yellow card of the game.
50' GOOD SAVE! Depay cuts inside from the left and plays a good throughball into the box for Dembele. He takes it around Alvero before putting his laces through it, but Campos gets behind the shot.
48' Barcelona have picked up where they left off in the first half as they push forward again. Alba slides it into the box looking for Torre, but there's too much on it and Campos collects.
46' Barca get us back underway for the second half!
Cristian Herrera
Rafa Gálvez
46' There's a change for Intercity at the break, as Cristian Herrera comes on in place of Galvez.
Xavi was a frustrated figure on the touchline - for all of Barca's dominance they only managed two shots on target in the first half. They got into good positions, but they need to be more clinical. Intercity have defended well for the most part, but they need to take the chances that do come their way if they want to equalise.
Barcelona take a 1-0 lead over Intercity into half-time. The visitors got off to the best possible start when Araujo flicked in Torre's corner just four minutes into the match. They dominated possession and created some good chances, with Depay's deflected free-kick hitting the bar and Torres and Dembele both firing wide, but they couldn't add to their advantage. At the other end, Pinan almost equalised after a lightning-quick counter, but Araujo blocked it on the line.
45' + 1' GREAT CHANCE! Barcelona break quickly and Busquets threads a good throughball into the box for Torres, who stays onside this time. He's looking for the far bottom corner with his shot, but sends it just wide.
45' Intercity win a free-kick just inside Barca's half and Soldevila floats a good cross to the edge of the box. Murria brings it down, and instead of going for goal looks to pick out Jaime, but plays the ball behind him.
43' Kounde finds himself high upfield as he charges into the box to get on the end of Dembele's throughball. A loose touch lets him down though, and Murria is able to put it out for a corner.
41' Intercity win a free-kick on the right and it's a good delivery from Soldevila. He curls it into the middle, but Murria just set off too early and the flag goes up.
39' The space opens up ahead of Araujo, and although he's a long way out, he decides to try his luck from range. He drills his low shot towards the far bottom corner, and Torres can't get a touch to help direct it on target.
37' CHANCE! Barcelona are upping the pressure again here as they win another corner. Araujo rises highest in the middle to get on the end of Torre's corner again, but he glances it wide.
35' WIDE! Torre spins away from Bellotti, leaving him in the splits, before cushioning it into Kessie. He unselfishly squares it into Dembele, who checks back to wrongfoot Alvaro, but then drills his low shot wide of the near post.
33' At 19 years and 276 days, Torre is the youngest player to be involved in a goal in each of his first two starts for Barcelona in all competitions (one goal and one assist) since at least 2013-14.
31' Just the 82 per cent possession for Barcelona so far in the first half as they continue to patiently play out from the back. Kessie eventually drills a cross into the box, but it's blocked by Bellotti.
29' Torres links up well with Dembele down the right, playing a one-two to get into the box. He slips at the crucial moment though, and Campos comes out to collect the loose ball.
27' OFF THE BAR! Depay steps up to take the free-kick and he drills it low across goal. Cristo sticks out a leg to deflect it, wrongfooting Campos as it loops up and smacks the top of the crossbar.
26' It's another good move from Barca as Dembele surges to the edge of the box after losing his defender. Galvez slides in right on the edge of the box, giving away a free-kick in a good position.
24' Barca are still keeping Intercity penned back in their own half here. They look to their right side again, but Bellerin can't pick out a team-mate in the crowded box.
22' WHAT A CHANCE! None of the Intercity defenders close Depay down and he teases a brilliant cross into the far post. Dembele is there but he can't sort his feet out quick enough, touching it wide from very close range.
20' It's Torres that sloppily gives the ball away this time, and Soldevila is looking for options ahead of him for another quick break. He doesn't have one this time though, and Torre stops him from going it alone.
18' OFF THE LINE! Depay loses the ball on the edge of Intercity's box and Alvaro gets it away before Soldevila slides it forward for Pinan. He drives through Barca's half, brushing aside his defender before taking it around Pena in the box, but Araujo slides in to deny him an equaliser.
16' In Intercity's only previous appearance in the Copa del Rey in the 2019-20 season, they faced another LaLiga team in Athletic Bilbao - they were knocked out after a 4-0 defeat.
14' Intercity have their first chance to break on the counter, with Mari bursting forward down the left. The cross lets him down though as Kounde hooks it away.
12' SAVE! It's good work from Depay down the left as he checks back to lose Jaime before fizzing it into the D for Kessie. He spins before scuffing a shot on goal, which is held by Campos.
10' Busquets gets in the way of Soldevila's clearance but takes the hit straight in the face. He goes straight down in need of treatment, but he's going to be able to carry on.
8' Intercity are starting to press higher upfield and Pinan tries to flick it onto Soldevila when he wins it back. Kounde gets across to clear his lines but gifts it straight back to Pinan, who is let down by his first touch.
6' Barcelona are on the attack again, and all of their early threat is coming down the right. Bellerin swings it into the far post and Depay stretches to hook it back from the byline, but nobody is waiting behind him.
Pablo Torre
4' Torre took his time placing the ball at the corner and after a quick glance up, curls a good cross into the near post for Araujo to run onto.
R. Araujo
4' ARAUJO SCORES! What a start for Barcelona! It's a good delivery from Torre on the corner, but Araujo has a completely free run through the middle of the box after losing Murria. He throws himself forward at the near post to send his header past Campos and into the back of the net. 1-0 Barca!
2' It's Barcelona with all of the early possession here, and they're patiently working it forward. Bellerin finds space down the right to curl a cross in, but Torre's first-time volley is blazed over the bar.
1' Pinan gets the game underway for Intercity!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Barcelona have progressed from their last 21 Copa del Rey ties against teams from a lower division, with their last such defeat coming against Gramanet in October 2004 (1-0).
Xavi makes wholesale changes from the draw with Espanyol last weekend, but it's still a strong line-up. Alba is the only player to retain his place as he won't be available for their next league game due to suspension. Pena starts in goal, Araujo makes his return from injury and Depay leads the line. Raphinha, Gavi, De Jong and Fati are among the options on the bench.
Gustavo Siviero makes just three changes to the side that knocked Mirandes out in the last round of the competition in their most recent outing. Alvaro, Bellotti and Pinan are all brought into the team. Kecojevic, Cristian Herrera and Xemi drop to the bench.
BARCELONA SUBS: Andreas Christensen, Frenkie de Jong, Raphinha, Eric Garcia, Arnau Tenas, Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Ansu Fati, Marcos Alonso, Alenjandro Balde, Sergi Roberto, Gavi.
BARCELONA STARTING XI (4-3-3): Inaki Pena; Hector Bellerin, Ronald Araujo, Jules Kounde, Jordi Alba; Franck Kessie, Sergio Busquets, Pablo Torre; Ousmane Dembele, Memphis Depay, Ferran Torres.
INTERCITY SUBS: Manu Herrera, Emilio Nsue, Christian Herrera, Frank Angong, Carlos Carmona, Xemi, Leonel Ferroni, Eneko Undabarrena, Ivan Kecojevic, Jon Etxaniz.
INTERCITY STARTING XI (5-4-1): Gaizka Campos; Guillem Jaime, Vadik Murria, Alvaro Perez, Rafael Galvez, Cristo Romero; Oriol Soldevila Puig, Martin Bellotti, Miguel Mari, Pol Roige; Aaron Pinan.
Barcelona are making their first appearance in the Copa del Rey this season, as the most decorated club in the competition aim to win their 32nd title. They returned to action after the World Cup break with a 1-1 draw against Espanyol in the league on Saturday, extending their unbeaten run to five games in all competitions. The LaLiga leaders pose a huge challenge to their opponents, who play their football in Primera Division RFEF - Group 2. Intercity have already beaten Cirbonero and Mirandes to get to this stage, and it's the furthest they've ever come in the competition. They've lost just one of their last six matches in all competitions (W2 D3), including a 0-0 draw with Barcelona B in Spain's third division in early December.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Copa del Rey round of 32 meeting between Intercity and Barcelona at the Estadio Antonio Solana!