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Iceland v France Live Commentary, 18/07/2022

1 - 1
D. Brynjarsdóttir (90+12 pen)
M. Malard (1)
AESSEAL New York Stadium


That's all from us, we'll see you for the quarter-finals! Until then though, goodbye!
Belgium's 1-0 victory over Italy sent them above Iceland on four points, meaning Portsteinn Haldorsson's side had to win. That late equaliser from the spot was the least they deserved after a tireless performance, but wasn't enough to secure a passage through to the quarter-finals. France had already qualified as group winners prior to the game, and although they'll be disappointed to have drawn, they could've won by some margin, but for VAR. They'll now look forward to the last eight, when they'll return to Rotherham to face the Netherlands.
Baltimore was electric for the entire game, providing her fellow forward with plenty of ammunition. This included 28 passes in the final third, creating three chances, and she also won the ball five times, twice in attacking areas. She was just as lively when going for goal herself, doing so four times, thrice in the box, and having eight touches in the box as well as seven final third entries. Entertainer.
That penalty proved to be the last kick of the match, and what a match it was! Late drama saw Iceland hit back for an unlikely point, but Belgium's win over Italy means that regardless of Brynjarsdottir's spot-kick, they are eliminated. France of course scored with the first shot of the match, and at times looked like adding more to the scoreline. They were denied twice by the VAR referee, but overall, performed well to routinely break down Iceland's compact, organised defence.
D. Brynjarsdóttir
Penalty Goal
90' + 12' GOOOAAALLLL!!! She scores!!! Brynjarsdottir steps up from 12 yards, sending Peyraud-Magnin the wrong way, and smashing the ball into the top corner to lock us up at 1-1! It's almightily late, but game on!
90' + 11' PENALTY!!! It's Sarr who's been penalised for fouling Jonsdottir, and Brynjarsdottir will step up to give Iceland a faint hope of winning this game!
90' + 9' Hang on a minute! We're checking with VAR for a possible penalty here, with Torrent potentially having fouled Jonsdottir in the box, and the referee wants to have a closer look at this one!
90' + 8' OVER!!! The corner is headed down and the ball's loose, but Vilhjalmsdottir arrives on the scene to blast the bouncing ball over the bar! That might just be it for Iceland.
90' + 7' Play continues well past the allocated six minutes, as Gudmundsdottir is found on the run by a delightful cross-field pass, and she wins a corner for what will likely be Iceland's very last chance to salvage something.
90' + 6' WIDE!! Cascarino does brilliantly down the right again, beating her marker before finding Sarr with a low cross. She engineers shooting space for herself, but can only skew her shot wide from close range!
90' + 5' Viggosdottir races to meet the corner at the front post, but can't direct her glancing header goalwards as it sails over the bar.
90' + 4' The final touch came off the France goalkeeper, so a corner will be taken after both players have received treatment.
90' + 3' OVER!!! What a chance!!! Iceland's free-kick is headed away, but Porvaldsdottir knocks it back into the box. It's pounced on by a sliding Brynjarsdottir, who can only blaze it over as Peyraud-Magnin bears down on her!
S. Karchaoui
Yellow Card
90' + 2' Vilhjalmsdottir is caught between Baltimore and Karchaoui in a challenge, and after the latter boots the ball into the face of Jensen, she's shown a yellow card.
90' + 1' We're into SIX minutes of added time, and with that latest decision going their way, can Iceland find an equaliser before time is up?
90' No Goal, again!!! VAR rules that Geyoro handled the ball as it bounced up for her to volley in, and for the second time in this second half, France are denied a game-securing second goal!
88' IS IT A GOAL? France have the ball in the net again as Cascarino finds Mateo on an underlapping run. She squares for Geyoro, who squeezes between both the goalkeeper and two defenders to scramble it home! That might just seal the win for France, if it's not chalked off this time...
E. Jensen
G. Árnadóttir
88' Arnadottir comes off in Iceland's latest change, replaced by Elin Metta Jensen.
86' Ouch! A contest for a bouncing ball between Tounkara and Porvaldsdottir sees the France defender barrelled over the sideline. She fell with quite the 'thud' too, and is now receiving treatment off the pitch.
85' Iceland's defenders have been busy throughout this game, with Viggosdottir making three tackles and five clearances, Brynjarsdottir intercepting five times, and Ingibjorg Sigurdardottir making six clearances as well!
83' CHANCE!!! Sigurdardottir drops the corner, and both Sarr and Baltimore have shots blocked at close range before it's finally cleared by Jonsdottir!
82' WIDE!!! Forward come France again through Sarr, who cuts inside and shoots but has her effort blocked. Torrent picks up the pieces, looking to place a shot in the top corner, but a deflection takes it wide of the post!
A. Andradóttir
A. Albertsdóttir
81' Albertsdottir is the next player off for Iceland, with the winger replaced by Amanda Andradottir.
81' SAVED!!! Cascarino takes on the defence, gliding past Gunnlaugsdottir before unleashes a firecracker of a shot from a tight angle, that stings the fingertips of Sigurdardottir as she parries the shot!
80' A long ball finds Gudmundsdottir surging down the wing, and she cuts inside Karchaoui before crossing, but with three Icelandic players to aim at, she can only find Tounkara, who clears for France!
O. Sarr
M. Malard
79' Malard's first minute goal is still the difference between these sides, and soon after being denied a second, she comes off for Ouleymata Sarr.
77' WIDE!!! What a goal that would've been! Immense strength from Porvaldsdottir sees her shake off the pressure of the imposing Tounkara, before turning and shooting low, but her left-footed effort skews just wide of the post!
76' BLOCKED!!! Cascarino takes a pass across the box from Malard, but can't pick out a pass. She tees up an arriving Mateo to shoot, and her first-time effort is blocked by Gunnhildur Jonsdottir!
74' Mateo picks out Baltimore with a delightful cross-field pass, and she takes on Arnardottir before crossing, which looks threatening before landing on the roof of the net!
73' France again break from an Iceland free-kick, and race to other end where Geyoro looks to pick out Malard. It's a poor final ball though, and Iceland win possession back.
72' Following another allocated cooling break, play resumes and Vilhjalmsdottir wins a free-kick in a dangerous area following Cascarino's challenge.
70' NO GOAL!!! VAR does intervene, and after a check on Malard's position right in the Iceland goalmouth, she's judged to be offside and so the goal will not count!
68' BALL IN THE NET!!! Great link-up play between Baltimore and Karchaoui sees the substitute cross for Malard, who is practically over the goal-line as she sweeps it home! France's players celebrate, but the replay of Malard's position suggests we'll be having another look at this...
68' Karchaoui finds the run of Malard down the left, who takes on the defence before squaring for Geyoro, but it's cleared into touch by Arnardottir before she can pull the trigger!
66' OFF THE POST!!! A good spell for France results in Geyoro having time and space to shoot in the box. She looks to find the bottom-right corner, but a Viggosdottir deflection takes it to the left, where Sigurdardottir has to react quickly to tip it onto the post!
K. Vilhjálmsdóttir
Yellow Card
64' Vilhjalmsdottir cynically drags down Palis as she looks to advance up the left wing, and the Iceland playmaker is shown a yellow card for the foul.
G. Geyoro
S. Toletti
63' Toletti also comes off, and Grace Geyoro, who scored a hat-trick against Italy, takes her place in midfield.
S. Karchaoui
S. Bacha
63' France also make changes, with Bacha brought off for Sakina Karchaoui.
62' After Peyraud-Magnin easily catches an Iceland free-kick, she throws long to Baltimore to spark a French counter-attack. Baltimore in turn feeds Malard in space, and she wins a corner from a deflection off Viggosdottir.
G. Jónsdóttir
S. Gunnarsdóttir
60' That header was Gunnarsdottir's last involvement, as the Iceland captain comes off for Gunnhildur Jonsdottir.
Á. Gunnlaugsdóttir
H. Gísladóttir
60' Gisladottir is also withdrawn, and Aslaug Gunnlaugsdottir takes her place.
S. Guðmundsdóttir
S. Jónsdóttir
60' Jonsdottir comes off now for Iceland in their first change, and is replaced by Svava Gudmundsdottir.
60' WIDE!!! In swings the corner, which is met by the head of Gunnarsdottir. Peyraud-Magnin is beaten all ends up, but the Iceland captain can't get the effort on target and watches it fly inches wide of the post!
59' Successive long throws from Jonsdottir are only half-cleared by France, and the Iceland winger picks up the ball to win a corner off a Bacha deflection.
57' SAVED!!! Albertsdottir cuts inside from the right, and lashes a venomous curling shot towards the top corner, which Peyraud-Magnin has to really stretch for to save and hold!
56' France counter at lightning speed, with Baltimore looking for the run of Malard. She almost latches onto the ball, but the path of the pass evades her and rolls into the waiting gloves of Sigurdardottir.
55' OFF THE WOODWORK!!! What a chance for France! Cascarino tees up Baltimore to shoot, and she lets fly, but her shot it blocked! The ball loops over the head of Sigurdardottir and looks to be going in, but bounces off the post and is cleared!!
53' Renard falls awkwardly from an aerial contest and hits the ground hard. She's convinced Vilhjalmsdottir fouled her, but the referee isn't convinced!
52' Jonsdottir has picked up a knock and needs treatment, and she is eventually taken off the pitch for a further assessment, leaving Iceland down to 10 players for the moment.
51' Gunnarsdottir races through midfield before feeding Vilhjalmsdottir, and she looks for the run of Albertsdottir, but the cross is cut out by the head of Tounkara.
50' Jonsdottir's long throw is missed by Brynjarsdottir at the front post, with Peyraud-Magnin collecting the awkwardly bouncing ball.
49' Iceland break as Jonsdottir carries the ball down the right-hand touchline. There's plenty of blue shirts to aim at, but she can't release the ball as Bacha slides in with a fantastic tackle to send the ball out of play.
47' Mateo latches onto the ball and drives through midfield. She looks for Malard on the edge of the box, but the striker's touch lets her down and Iceland come up with possession.
46' France resume proceedings, as Malard gets the second half underway!
E. Palis
C. Bilbault
46' Bilbault also comes off for Les Bleues, with Ella Palis taking her place in midfield.
D. Cascarino
K. Diani
46' Two half-time changes for France, with the first seeing Diani brought off for Delphine Cascarino.
The two sides are back out for the second half, and can Iceland mount an unlikely comeback in the next 45 minutes?
Malard's early, early goal was the first of three shots she had, with two being on-target. She's also managed five touches in the box, as well as eight passes in the final third, creating four chances in the process. Her link-up play, and of course her finishing, have been superb, and playing like this, France aren't missing Marie-Antoinette Katoto whatsoever.
The first half ends with France one goal up, following the fastest start they've ever made to a Euros match! Just 46 seconds were on the clock when Malard opened the scoring, but since then, it's been a fairly even game. France have still had the majority of the chances, but Iceland have defended well, having a few chances of their own that have really rested the French. If they carry on in the same fashion, we're set for a cracker of a second half.
45' + 3' Vilhjalmsdottir looks to pick out Porvaldsdottir with a chipped pass in the box, but it's headed back to the safety of Peyraud-Magnin by Tounkara for France.
45' + 1' We're into three minutes of injury time at the end of this first half.
44' Peyraud-Magnin punches a corner half-clear and her team-mates set off on the counter. Racing to the edge of the box, Mateo looks to pick out Baltimore in the box, but the vital touch of an Iceland defender stops the chance dead in its tracks.
43' Jonsdottir and Diani tussles for the ball down the touchline, ending with the Iceland winger being shoved over, and they'll have a free-kick to cross into the area.
41' OVER!!!! Peyraud-Magnin comes for the corner, but misses it completely, leaving her goal unguarded. It falls to Porvaldsdottir, who can't sort out her feet and sends a volley over the bar from just yards out!
40' Good play from Iceland sees Brynjarsdottir feed Jonsdottir wide to her left. She takes on Torrent and crosses, but the France right-back deflects the ball behind for a corner.
B. Þorvaldsdóttir
Yellow Card
38' Porvaldsdottir hauls down Bilbault after tussling with her up to the halfway line, and the Iceland forward receives the game's first yellow card as a result.
37' Mateo surges up the byline and looks to cross with three white shirts in tow, but miscues her attempt, under pressure from Gisladottir, and sends the ball into the side netting.
35' Malard and Baltimore attempt to pull off another one-two, but the striker's return pass to Baltimore is overhit and goes behind for an Iceland goal kick.
33' A deep free-kick is swung into the box by Gisladottir for Iceland, but it's far too close to Peyraud-Magnin and she gathers the ball with ease.
31' Baltimore picks out Malard on the run with a delightful lofted pass, but a heavy touch from the France forward sends the ball into Sigurdardottir's gloves.
30' Iceland almost play their way into trouble as Mateo looks to capitalise on a loose ball from Viggosdottir. Arnardottir is back there to recover possession though, and any chance for France is snuffed out.
28' Skilful shielding of the ball by Toletti allows France to keep possession, and she recovers to advance up the byline and win her side a corner.
26' Play is halted for a short while, as both teams take a two-minute cooling break here in Rotherham. A necessary break too, given the soaring temperatures in the UK across matchday three.
24' OVER!!! Toletti picks out Malard's run with a delightful throughball, but when one-on-one with Sigurdardottir, the French goalscorer can only blaze her shot over the bar!
22' Mateo attempts to find Diani across the face of goal with a low cross, but she overhits the pass and the ball skids away for an Iceland throw.
20' OFF THE POST!!! Malard drifts wide to receive the ball in space. She crosses to the front post, where Baltimore pounces to slide a volley towards goal, but it hits the post before Sigurdardottir gathers!
18' Only England (nine) scored more goals across their opening two games of this year’s UEFA Women’s European Championship than France's seven, while only Spain (44) attempted more shots across matchdays one and two than Les Bleues (43).
17' Despite some good spells for Iceland straight after Malard's opener, France have re-established control of this contest, and are currently averaging 65.5 per cent possession.
15' The corner lands right on the head of Renard, but the France captain can't direct her header on target and it goes behind.
15' BLOCKED!!! Mateo picks out Malard, but she's dispossessed. The ball is loose though, and Baltimore arrives late, shooting low having her effort tipped wide by the boot of Viggosdottir!
14' More good play from France sees Mateo put Malard into space. She cleverly back-heels to the advancing Diani, but she can't reach the ball in time before it's cleared by Iceland!
12' BLOCKED!!! Good link-up play from Baltimore and Malard again as the winger sets off on a run towards the box. She plays another one-two, but gives her striker the ball back, and Malard's first-time shot is blocked by Ingibjorg Sigurdardottir!
11' OFF THE BAR!!! The corner is swung to the back post, where Jonsdottir is waiting, and her header hits the frame of the goal on its way over!
10' Albertsdottir is in space down the left and crosses into the danger area. Gunnarsdottir is inches away from it, but Bacha puts it behind to concede a corner!
9' WIDE!!! Baltimore cuts inside before playing a great one-two with Malard. She gets the ball back on the edge of the box and has a shot, but can only skew her effort wide of the target!
8' It's been a good response from Iceland so far, who having been caught napping for that early Malard goal, have really stepped up in recent minutes. If only their energetic press had kicked in from the first minute!
6' WIDE!!! Good play from Iceland as Vilhjalmsdottir beats her man and approaches the edge of the box. She looks to place a shot into the bottom corner, but drags it just a yard wide of the post!
5' Mateo’s eight chances created for France against Belgium last time out – including an assist for the winning goal – were the most by a player in a single match at the UEFA Women’s European Championship since Dzsenifer Marozsan created 10 for Germany against Iceland in 2013. With that early set-up for Malard, Mateo has now assisted a goal in each of her last five appearances for France in all competitions.
3' Jonsdottir hurls a long ball into the France box, but a poor touch from Ingibjorg Sigurdardottir sends it behind for a goal kick.
C. Matéo
1' The run from Mateo was superb, causing the Iceland defenders to stand off her as she drove towards the box. That gave Malard all the space she needed, and the France striker did the rest.
M. Malard
1' GOOOOAAAALLL!!! That didn't take long!!! Just 46 seconds on the clock as Mateo drives to the edge of the box. She squares to Malard, who calmly side-foots the ball into the bottom corner to put France into a 1-0 lead! What a start for the group winners!
1' Iceland kick us off, and we are underway in the final round of group games at Euro 2022!
The teams are on the pitch, and we're almost ready for kick-off in Rotherham!
Already through to the last eight, France make six changes, but the biggest of those is up front; with key forward Marie-Antoinette Katoto out of the tournament with a serious injury, Melvine Malard steps in the centre forward position.
Iceland make three changes from their draw with Italy, with Gudny Arnadottir and Ingibjorg Sigurdardottir coming into their back four. Agla Maria Albertsdottir starts on the left wing, with Karolina Lea Vilhjalmsdottir in a withdrawn role behind striker Porvaldsdottir.
FRANCE SUBS: Mylene Chavas, Justine Lerond, Ella Palis, Sakina Karchaoui, Grace Geyoro, Kenza Dali, Ouleymata Sarr, Griedge Mbock Bathy, Delphine Cascarino, Eve Perisset, Hawa Cissoko.
FRANCE (4-3-3): Pauline Peyraud-Magnin; Marion Torrent, Aissatou Tounkara, Wendie Renard, Selma Bacha; Sandie Toletti, Charlotte Bilbault, Clara Mateo; Kadidiatou Diani, Melvine Malard, Sandy Baltimore.
ICELAND SUBS: Telma Ivarsdottir, Audur Sveinbjornsdottir, Sif Atladottir, Elisa Vidarsdottir, Gunnhildur Jonsdottir, Selma Sol Magnusdottir, Alexandra Johannsdottir, Elin Metta Jensen, Gudrun Arnardottir, Aslaug Gunlaugsdottir, Svava Gudmundsdottir, Amanda Andradottir.
ICELAND (4-2-1-3): Sandra Sigurdardottir; Gudny Arnadottir, Glodis Perla Viggosdottir, Ingibjorg Sigurdardottir, Hallbera Gudny Gisladottir; Sara Bjork Gunnarsdottir, Dagny Brynjarsdottir; Karolina Lea Vilhjalmsdottir; Sveindis Jonsdottir, Berglind Bjorg Porvaldsdottir, Agla Maria Albertsdottir.
Group leaders France have won two from two so far, and are uncatchable at the top of Group D. Their 5-1 demolition of Italy in their first game showed their tournament-winning credentials early on, and they’ll be hoping to finish the group stage with a 100 per cent winning record.
It’s now or never for second-placed Iceland, who have drawn their first two group games. They’ve taken the lead in both, but have been pegged back by Belgium and Italy respectively, and will be hoping that they can finally get their first win against France.
Hello, and welcome to live coverage of this fixture in the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022, between Iceland and France in Group D.