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Chelsea v Palmeiras Live Commentary, 12/02/2022

2 - 1
R. Lukaku (54)
K. Havertz (117 pen)
Raphael Veiga (64 pen)
Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium
(FT 1 - 1)


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Chelsea win their first-ever Club World Cup title, and it's their second piece of silverware this season after their Super Cup triumph in August. Palmeiras' wait for the trophy goes on, with their 10-match winning run also coming to an end with this defeat.
Chelsea win the Club World Cup thanks to Havertz's late spot-kick in extra time! Lukaku headed the Blues ahead in the 55th minute, but Palmeiras pulled themselves back into it with Veiga's penalty which was awarded after Silva's handball. It stayed 1-1 for the majority of extra time before Luan used his arm to block Azpilicueta's shot and Chelsea were awarded a penalty. Havertz stepped up and coolly converted it in the 118th minute. Luan's game got worse though, with the defender being sent off seconds before the final whistle for a rash challenge on Havertz.
Red Card
120' + 6' LUAN IS OFF! It's gone from bad to worse for the defender, who gave away the penalty that looks to have won the game for Chelsea. It was a poor challenge as he kicked Havertz's legs out from under him and the referee shows him a straight red card. Palmeiras are down to 10 for the final few seconds.
120' + 5' VAR is checking a possible red card here for a challenge from Luan at the other end of the pitch. He slid in on Havertz, and in real-time, it looked like he'd won the ball, but the replays show differently as the referee is asked to go over to the monitor.
120' + 3' Luan sends a hopeful clearance upfield in an attempt to get his side into Chelsea's box. The tiredness has kicked in for the Brazilian side though and nobody's chasing it down.
Yellow Card
120' + 1' The Palmeiras bench aren't happy about something as Silva continues to receive treatment. The referee's attention has been drawn to Ferreira, and he's shown a yellow card for dissent.
120' Palmeiras are running out of time to find another equaliser, but they're still pushing. Gomez has moved into a centre forward position for the moment, but he ends up clashing heads with Silva as they both go for the ball.
K. Havertz
Yellow Card
118' Havertz is booked by the referee for what is deemed to be an excessive celebration.
Marcos Rocha
118' One final roll of the dice for Palmeiras now as Rocha is taken off and replaced by Deyverson.
K. Havertz
Penalty Goal
117' HAVERTZ SCORES! It initially looked like Azpilicueta was going to take it, but Havertz took the ball off him and placed it down. He confidently steps up to the spot and waits for the keeper to move before picking out the bottom right corner. 2-1 Chelsea!
E. Atuesta
Yellow Card
116' Atuesta is protesting while Chelsea get ready to take the penalty and the referee eventually books him for dissent before shooing him away.
Yellow Card
115' Luan is booked for the handball that gave away the penalty.
115' PENALTY TO CHELSEA! It doesn't take long for the referee to come to that decision after looking at the replays. Luan's arm is clearly away from his body as he turns to block Azpilicueta's shot.
114' PENALTY SHOUT! There are big shouts for a penalty from the Chelsea players, and they're claiming there was a handball in the box. The referee is asked to go over to the monitor, and it looks like it hit Luan's arm as he blocked Azpilicueta's shot.
113' Ziyech is still causing problems down the right, and he cuts back onto his left foot before whipping a wonderful cross into the six-yard box. Havertz is unmarked at the far post, but Rocha makes a brilliant clearing header in front of him.
112' Piquerez has a chance to bring it forward down the left now, but there's nobody in the box for Palmeiras. He holds it up for as long as he can, but eventually Werner drops back to win possession.
110' Sarr overruns the ball when he advances forward and Jailson has a chance to break on the counter. He falters after an initial burst of pace, and that gives Rudiger the chance to get across and clear his lines.
108' Both sides are starting to look tired now. Chelsea are slowly playing their way upfield and Azpilicueta swings another cross into the box, but it's headed away by Luan.
106' Palmeiras get us back underway for the second half of extra time!
It's still level at half-time in extra time with Chelsea and Palmeiras drawing 1-1. In a similar fashion to the first 90 minutes, Chelsea dominated possession and they had a couple of chances, but couldn't test Weverton. A deflected effort from Pulisic ended up hitting the ball, but that was the closest we came to a goal in that first half.
Yellow Card
105' Saul tries to break and Wesley just steps across him, causing the Spaniard to crash into his back. He's shown the first yellow card of the game.
Rafael Navarro
103' Another change for Palmeiras now and it's Dudu that's going off for Navarro.
101' It's patient play from Chelsea again, and Saul threads a great throughball to Havertz on the right of the box. Piquerez is giving him no time on the ball and after a bit of pushing and shoving from both players, it rolls harmlessly out.
99' OFF THE BAR! Pulisic knocks it onto Werner in the left of the box and he pulls a cross back from the byline. Pulisic gets the return ball and tries to flick it on, but a deflection only helps it onto the woodwork.
98' Saul gets the ball caught under his feet on the edge of the box, but it works out as it bounces to Pulisic behind him. The American hits the shot first time, but Danilo throws himself in front of it to make the block.
96' Chelsea win another free-kick in a good position just outside the box and Ziyech clips it in this time. Silva is the closest to it, but he has two markers and Luan manages to bundle it away.
94' Palmeiras can't get out of their own half at the moment as Chelsea push forward again. Azpillicueta carries out from the back before picking out Ziyech, but a heavy first touch from him knocks it straight out of play.
92' Ziyech is getting straight into the action after coming off the bench and he whips a lovely cross into the far post from the right. Havertz tries to meet it, but Weverton gets there first to punch it away.
91' And we're back underway for extra time!
M. Sarr
A. Christensen
91' Christensen is also taken off, with Sarr on in his place.
H. Ziyech
M. Kovačić
91' Chelsea are making a double change at the start of extra time with Ziyech coming on to replace Kovacic.
After the Palmeiras equaliser, both sides seemed to lose their drive to go forward, with few chances being created by either side. Chelsea dominated possession again, but they'll need to start taking their chances if they want to avoid this going to penalties. Palmeiras still caused a lot of problems on the break though, and they'll need to keep that up in extra time.
We're heading to extra time in the Club World Cup final after a 1-1 draw between Chelsea and Palmeiras in normal time. The game took a while to get going, but Chelsea came out with more urgency in the second half. Lukaku headed Hudson-Odoi's cross past Weverton in the 55th minute, but Palmeiras responded quickly, with Veiga converting the spot-kick that was given after Silva's handball.
90' + 4' Pulisic rides the challenge from Rocha and the referee plays a good advantage when he manages to stay on his feet. He switches it out to the right side and Kante curls an early cross into the box, but it's blocked by Gomez.
90' + 2' Into the second of five added minutes here and Chelsea win a corner. Pulisic's cross is cleared, but only as far as Werner on the far side. He swings a second ball into the box, but Weverton punches it away.
90' Pulisic is standing over the free-kick on the right for Chelsea and he curls it into a dangerous area in the box. Luan is first to it though and he gets a lot of distance on his clearance.
88' Palmeiras are enjoying a good spell of possession and they're patiently playing their way out from the back. Rocha goes long, lifting it over Chelsea's compact midfield, but Atuesta was offside.
86' Wesley weaves his way through midfield, nudging Kovacic away before spreading it out to Atuesta down the right. He lifts a dangerous cross into the middle and Christensen just gets there ahead of Jailson.
84' Saul runs into Rudiger and that allows Jailson to break through the middle. He has Dudu up in support, but the forward drifts into an offside position. It's switched to Wesley instead, but he can't pick out a cross.
82' Chelsea are keeping possession well again at the moment, but they're struggling to get into the box. Werner is dropping deep to get on the ball, meaning there's no one to aim for up top.
80' Lukaku is now Chelsea's outright top goalscorer in all competitions this season with 10 goals. The Belgian has now scored 10+ goals in each of his last 10 club seasons.
E. Atuesta
Raphael Veiga
78' And the Palmeiras goal scorer, Veiga, is also making way, with Atuesta on in his place.
77' Palmeiras are making a double change of their own. Rony is going off, with Wesley on for him.
C. Hudson-Odoi
76' And Hudson-Odoi is also taken off, with Saul replacing him.
T. Werner
R. Lukaku
76' There's a double change for Chelsea here, and the goal scorer, Lukaku, is taken off for Werner.
75' There are half-hearted shouts for a penalty from the Chelsea fans now after Pulisic claims he was being pulled back by PIquerez when he was chasing Azpilicueta's throw-in. There was nothing in it though, and the goal-kick is given.
73' CLOSE! Lukaku has pulled out to the right for the moment and he gets his head up to spot Pulisic in space on the edge of the D. He takes the shot first time, trying to pick out the far bottom corner, but it's just wide of the post.
72' It's Palmeiras' turn to attack now, with Dudu leading the way down the left. He swings it into Veiga, who peeled away from Rudiger, but he scuffs his shot straight down the middle at Mendy.
70' Again, Hudson-Osoi breezes past Rocha on the left and squares a low cross to Havertz in the box. He knocks it past Luan, before trying to pull it back for Lukaku, but it's behind the Belgian.
68' Chelsea are trying to get themselves back onto the front foot here and Kante plays a good ball down the right for Pulisic. He touches it to Havertz, who has a go from the tightest of angles at the near post, but it's always heading wide.
66' Palmeiras have come to life after that goal and they're pushing Chelsea back into their own box. Veiga bursts down the right and whips a good cross into the far post and Silva has to head it away.
Raphael Veiga
Penalty Goal
64' VEIGA SCORES! It's an emphatic penalty from Veiga as he keeps his cool and drives the spot-kick into the bottom right corner. Mendy dives the wrong way and can only watch as it hits the back of his net. 1-1!
62' PENALTY TO PALMEIRAS! A long throw-in from Rocha causes Chelsea all sorts of problems and the Brazilian side are saying it struck Silva's hand. The referee goes over to the monitor and after a quick look at the replays, he points to the spot.
Zé Rafael
60' Palmeiras are making their first change of the game. Rafael has just gone down with a problem, so they take him straight off. Jailson is on in his place.
59' Rafael plays another great throughball between Chelsea's central defenders and Dudu has a clear run at goal. A heavy touch lets him down on the edge of the area though and Mendy rushes off his line to scoop it up.
57' PULISIC! Palmeiras can't keep up with Chelsea's pace at the moment as Pulisic skips away from Danilo to open up space on the edge of the box. He rifles a shot across goal, and Weverton is getting nowhere near it, but it flashes wide.
56' Chelsea are looking to add a quick second goal to their tally as Hudson-Odoi drives down the left again. He fizzes in a cross this time, but it's behind Lukaku and Gomez hacks it away.
C. Hudson-Odoi
54' Hudson-Odoi has put some great crosses into the box in this game, and this was another one.
R. Lukaku
54' LUKAKU SCORES! Hudson-Odoi makes another good run down the left and he finally picks out a team-mate with his cross. Lukaku just sits off Luan and jumps over the defender to thump a header just out of Weverton's reach and into the back of the net. 1-0 Chelsea!
53' Rudiger heads it clear, but a heavy touch from Hudson-Odoi puts the pressure straight back on Rony. He runs at Rudiger, but the defender doesn't allow him any space to cut into the box.
52' Chelsea are moving the ball a lot quicker at the start of this second half, and Azpilicueta threads a good ball down the right for Lukaku. He's being given no space by Scarpa though and eventually knocks it out of play.
50' Rudiger decides to have another go from range and it's not a bad effort from the defender. A small deflection takes it looping towards goal, and Weverton is scrambling back to his line, but it's wide.
48' Hudson-Odoi is taken out by Rocha and wins a free-kick down the left. He takes it himself and curls a deep cross into the box, but it's too close to the keeper and Weverton collects it.
46' Palmeiras get us back underway for the second half!
The final pass into the box let Chelsea down a lot in the first half, but Tuchel will know if they can improve on that and get Lukaku into the game more, they stand a chance. As for Palmeiras, they've caused the Blues some real problems when they've broken on the counter, but they need to be more clinical if they want to lift the trophy.
It's goalless at the break between Chelsea and Palmeiras. It's been a half of few clear-cut chances, though Chelsea dominated in terms of possession. Their best chance fell for Silva, whose drilled long-range shot was helped wide by Weverton just before the break. Palmeiras picked their moments to break forward and got into some good positions, but their finishing let them down.
45' + 2' SAVE! The Palmeiras defenders allow Silva to come forward and when the space opens up through the middle, he decides to have a go from range. He drills it towards the near post and, even though it looked to be heading wide, Weverton helps it on its way.
45' Chelsea are struggling to break Palmeiras down at the minute and Rudiger runs out of patience as he lifts a deep cross into the box. It's too high for everyone and it bounces harmlessly wide of the far post.
43' Kante is caught on the ball and Rafael sends another quick throughball towards the box. Rony runs onto it but hits his low cross straight at Silva instead of Dudu.
41' Veiga steps in to nick the ball off Kovacic and spots Rony running into space through the middle. The winger has space and time, but instead hurries the shot from long range, sending it flying high into the stands.
39' Christensen finds himself high on the right wing and he swings a great cross onto the edge of the six-yard box. Weverton comes out and decisively punches it away before winning a foul as Pulisic jumps into him.
37' CHANCE! Rafael clumsily bundles Pulisic over and he steps up to take the free-kick just outside the box. He tries to curl it into the near top corner, but it's just too high and it sails over the bar.
35' Pulisic makes a great run down the right and he has two to aim for in the middle. He tries to pull it back for Kante, but Scarpa sticks out a leg to intercept it. It almost falls kindly for Lukaku, but Weverton reacts quicker.
33' Danilo swings a corner into the box for Palmeiras and Luan goes down after tripping over Azpilicueta. There are big shouts for a penalty from the Brazilian fans, but there was nothing in that.
C. Pulišić
M. Mount
31' Mount's injury problem that kept him from starting the semi-final seems to have come back. He's having to make way, and Pulisic replaces him.
30' It's better from Palmeiras now as they're starting to push Chelsea back into their own half. Veiga drives through the middle and Kante can only tug him back to stop him.
28' GREAT CHANCE! Veiga's throughball is completely missed by Christensen and Rafael does well to wrongfoot both Silva and Rudiger being teeing up Dudu. He's got space on the left of the box, but can't sort his feet out quick enough and fires his shot wide.
26' Chelsea are starting to cause Palmeiras some real problems now as Azpilicueta pulls it back to Lukaku on the edge of the box. He can't turn Rafael, so tees up Havertz instead. He ends up dragging at his shot though, sending it wide of the far post.
24' CHANCE! Palmeiras go long again, with Danilo picking out Dudu down the right this time. He cuts inside, skipping past three Chelsea defenders to open up space on the edge of the D. He has a go from range, but his shot curls high over the bar.
22' It's better service for Lukaku, with Christensen picking him out on the edge of the box, and the forward holds off Rafael before teeing up Kante. He runs onto it and hits it first time, but it's blocked by Gomez.
20' Silva is allowed to carry the ball a long way before sliding in Kovacic. He pulls off a lovely turn before trying to thread it through for Lukau, but Luan slides in to block it.
18' Palmeiras win a free-kick on the right, but Veiga's cross is over everyone. Scarpa picks it up on the far side and whips a much better ball into the middle, but Rony's header is straight at Mendy.
16' Lukaku is pushed over by Piquerez this time and Chelsea have another free-kick. Mount steps up to take this one as well and fires it around the outside of the wall towards the near post, but it's well wide.
14' Mount can't find any space down the right, but he manages to switch it out to Hudson-Odoi on the opposite flank. He whips another great cross into the far post, but it's just slightly overhit so Azpilicueta can't keep it in at the far post.
12' A loose touch from Scarpa causes some problems for Rafael as Mount knocks the ball out of his pass. Rafael slides in and Chelsea win a free-kick which comes to nothing.
10' The bounce on the long clearance by Weverton catches Rudiger out and Rony quickly latches onto it. He's forced wide by the defender but gets a yard to cut inside before firing a shot so wide, it bounces out for a throw-in on the far side.
8' Piquerez spins away from Azpilicueta and makes a darting run down the left. Nobody is getting up with him in support though and Kovacic nudges him off it when he stops to try and hold it up.
6' It's a good spell of possession for Chelsea before Kante goes long over the top. Havertz just manages to keep it in play at the byline, hooking it back for Lukaku. He lays it off to Azpilicueta, but Gomez gets there first to clear it.
4' Rony has drifted out wide on the right, and he curls a great cross into the middle where Dudu has pulled away. He goes for the spectacular with a bicycle kick, but it's just too high for him.
2' Hudson-Odoi swings a great cross into the box and Azpilicueta just slips before he can bring it down. Weverton comes off his line to close down the angle and Rafael eventually manages to get it away.
1' Lukaku gets the Club World Cup final underway for Chelsea!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Brazilian sides have won three of their four games against English opposition at the Club World Cup (L1), the only exception being a 1-0 defeat for Flamengo against Liverpool in the 2019 final.
Abel Ferreira was clearly impressed with his side's display in their semi-final as he names an unchanged team today. Rony leads the line, with last match's goalscorers, Dudu and Veiga, as his support in behind.
Thomas Tuchel is back on the touchline for Chelsea after recovering from Covid-19, and he makes four changes from the semi-final win. Mendy is back in goal after returning from the Africa Cup of Nations, with Kante, Hudson-Odoi and Mount also brought in. Kepa, Jorginho, Alonso and Ziyech all drop to the bench.
PALMEIRAS SUBS: Wesley Ribeiro, Marcelo Lomba, Eduard Atuesta, Mayke, Jailson, Murilo Cerquiera, Jorge, Mateus Oliveira, Breno Lopes, Rafael Navarro, Benjamin Kuscevic, Deyverson.
PALMEIRAS STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Weverton; Marcos Rocha, Gustavo Gomez, Luan Garcia, Joaquin Piquerez; Danilo, Ze Rafael; Dudu, Raphael Veiga, Gustavo Scarpa; Rony.
CHELSEA SUBS: Trevoh Chalobah, Jorginho, Saul Niguez, Hakim Ziyech, Ross Barkley, Malang Sarr, Timo Werner, Kepa Arrizabalaga, Christian Pulisic, Marcos Alonso, Marcus Bettinelli, Kenedy.
CHELSEA STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Edouard Mendy; Andreas Christensen, Thiago Silva, Antonio Rudiger; Cesar Azpilicueta, N'Golo Kante, Mateo Kovacic, Callum Hudson-Odio; Mason Mount, Kai Havertz; Romelu Lukaku.
Champions League winners Chelsea have a chance to lift their second trophy of the season, after lifting the UEFA Super Cup at the beginning of the campaign. They edged past Al-Hilal with a 1-0 win in their semi-final to reach the final for the second time in their history; they lost to Brazilian side Corinthians in 2012. Palmeiras retained their Copa Libertadores title in November and bettered last season's semi-final exit in this competition by seeing off Al Ahly 2-0 last time out. They come into this game unbeaten in their last 10 matches (W7 D3), a run that dates back to mid-November.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Club World Cup final between Chelsea and Palmeiras at the Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium!