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Nketiah in the room goes viral (again) as Eddie inspires Arsenal past Man United

12:49 AM GMT+4 23/01/2023
Eddie Nketiah Arsenal 2022-23
Eddie Nketiah was the darling of Gunners supporters worldwide after his brace dispatched Manchester United on Sunday

Eddie Nketiah was the hero for Arsenal once again on Sunday, stepping into the breach and extending his excellent goalscoring form as Manchester Untied were dispatched 3-2 in a Premier League thriller.

Whenever Nketiah scores, his catchy theme tune is rolled out on social media as well as on the terraces at the Emirates Stadium.

“Your defence is in trouble,” as the viral clip goes, “Nketiah in the room.”

He certainly was against United on Sunday, and Gooners online were loving it.

Here’s what they had to say after the Red Devils were silenced by Nketiah (in the room).

  • Nketiah in the room

    First of all, we have to start off with the increasingly prevalent Nketiah chant, which was again ringing around after his double on Sunday.

    The craze has caught on in South Africa, with numerous supporters reminding their United counterparts that the striker was ‘in the room’ after the Red Devils’ backline clearly found themselves in trouble.

    Arsenal TikToker Babablueh is believed to be the creator of the viral clip from which the chant originates, which first emerged after the striker’s double against West Ham United on Boxing Day.

  • Eddie acknowledges

    Nketiah himself paid reference to his own chant after the match with a tweet beginning with the line: “Your defence is in trouble…”

    Clearly Eddie is like the rest of us, he just can’t stop humming that catchy tune.

  • Mikel Arteta Arsenal Man Utd 2022-23

    Arteta trusts him

    User @AFCElliot believes that Nketiah’s showings at the moment will ensure that Mikel Arteta and Arsenal don’t need to dip into the transfer market for another goalscorer during the current window.

    “Looking at his performances, Mikel has gained a lot of confidence in him,” he wrote. “Otherwise, we’d be in the market for a striker right now…”

  • Arsenal set the pulse racing

    Understandably, there’s a lot of excitement about this Arsenal side, not just for their position in the table, but also for the way they’re taking the game to opponents.

    “What a game,” wrote @murraygunnerafc. “I haven’t been this excited about Arsenal for a long, long time.

    “Partey, Nketiah, Saka, Odegaard…all phenomenal.”

    How important could this victory—and the performance—prove to be as the season wears on.

  • Gabriel Jesus Arsenal 2022-23

    What about when Jesus returns?

    While Gabriel Jesus is still set to be sidelined for sometime, Twitter user @legendaryniz was asking the same question as many about what happens when he returns.

    “So if you’re Arteta, do you slot Jesus back in once he’s fit,” he asked, “or you stick with Nketiah?”

  • Vote for Jesus

    One user, @LankyObserver, believes that it has to be the Brazil superstar who leads the line for the Gunners during the run-in, when he’s back in action.

    “Nketiah isn’t as clinical as Jesus,” he wrote, “he’s done a good job stepping up in Gabriel’s absence, but remains a squad player. Good to have for depth.

    “When Jesus returns, Arsenal’s xG will bump.”

  • The final word

    We’ll give the final word to Nyasha Ch’nono.

    “Jesus knows all his disciples are still spreading the word,” they wrote emphatically!

    Do you agree or disagree with his conclusion?