Sadio Mane, Paul Pogba & the 21 most disappointing signings of the 2022-23 European season - ranked

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As more and more money gets pumped into the European game, clubs are getting better and better at flushing their transfer budgets down the toilet in the form of ill-judged signings. The 2022-23 campaign has been a particularly poor year in a recruitment sense across the continent.

It won't surprise you to hear that Premier League clubs were the worst offenders, but sides in Italy, Germany, Spain and beyond have all proved their incompetence in the transfer market in recent times, too.

Overpaying is not the only sin that has been committed by Europe's top clubs this season, though. There have also been failures in due diligence and scouting, with several signings clogging up a space in the squad when anyone with half an idea about football might have clocked that they weren't suited to that particular club.

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Below, we've taken a look at this campaign's worst transfer offenders by ranking the 21 most disappointing signings in Europe...