Francesco Acerbi: Inter's veteran cancer survivor out to stop Erling Haaland in the Champions League final

Francesco Acerbi Inter 2022-23 HIC 16:9Getty

Italian street artist Mr. Savethewall posted his latest piece to Instagram earlier this week. It depicts Inter duo Lautaro Martinez and Romelu Lukaku trying to take down Manchester City striker Erling Haaland with a pair of slingshots, an amusing and apt reference to the David versus Goliath-like nature of Saturday's Champions League final.

It's not entirely accurate of course. Neither Lautaro nor Lukaku will actually be tasked with tackling Haaland - that unenviable challenge will instead be assigned to Francesco Acerbi.

It, too, looks like a mismatch of biblical proportions. Haaland is 22 years of age and a physical phenomenon enjoying an unchecked rise to superstardom. Acerbi turned 35 in February and his body has gone through more than most on a career path that has been anything but straightforward.

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He should be terrified of facing the most feared forward in world football. But Acerbi "stopped being scared" of anything a decade ago.