Real Madrid take aim at Barcelona with extraordinary four-minute video detailing rivals' alleged past links to fascism in response to Joan Laporta's 'club of the regime' comments

Florentino Perez Joan Laporta Real Madrid Barcelona
Real Madrid have released a lengthy video detailing Barcelona's links to Francisco Franco in response to comments from Barca president Joan Laporta.

Real Madrid shared a four-minute video outlining Bacelona's links with former Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, in an apparent response to a comment made by the Blaugrana president in a press conference earlier on Monday.

The video, aired on Real Madrid TV and later shared on social media, delves into Barcelona's connections with Franco through archive footage and text. Madrid assert that Barcelona offered him three medals, made him an honorary club member, and enjoyed more on-field success during his fascist regime.

It comes after Laporta referenced Real Madrid in a press conference when attempting to defend the Blaugrana amid the referee payment scandal currently engulfing the club.

In describing alleged favourable refereeing decisions for Real Madrid, the Barcelona president remarked that Los Blancos are a "team of the regime", a phrase often used to tie Madrid to Franco during his near 40-year rule of Spain.

The two clubs' relationship has soured in recent weeks, after Madrid announced they planned to testify against Barcelona in the investigation into the club's payment scandal. Laporta responded by cancelling the customary lunch between the directors of both clubs before every Clasico.

Barcelona are yet to respond to Madrid's video.