Mason Greenwood tells friends 'he's finished' at Manchester United and won't play for the club again

Mason Greenwood Man Utd 2021
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Mason Greenwood has told friends that he is 'finished' at Manchester United and doesn't expect to play for the club again, per a new report.

Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood does not expect to play for the club again despite having criminal charges against him dropped.

Charges for attempted rape, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and controlling and coercive behaviour against Greenwood were dropped in February 2023 after he was initially arrested in January 2022, prompting discourse about a potential return to football.

But a report from The Sun claims that he feels he will never play for United again, amid an ongoing internal consultation by the club as to what steps to take next with the 21-year-old.

A source told the newspaper that Greenwood believes he’s 'finished' at Old Trafford and doesn't think he'll play for Man Utd 'ever again'.

It's said that that realisation has left him frustrated as he wants to get back to playing, although he accepts it is a situation of 'his own doing'.

Greenwood was arrested after allegations supported by audiovisual evidence surfaced on social media in January 2022, and was later re-arrested that November for breaching bail conditions.

He was set to stand trial over his charges in November this year before they were dropped, with United conducting an internal investigation in the time since.

Reports in February claimed there was a split internally at the club regarding Greenwood's future, with some suggesting they owed him a duty of care as a result of his long association with Man Utd.

Since then, however, there has been no update or indication that Greenwood is any closer to being reintegrated.

Greenwood currently has a contract valid with United until 2025.