'I need help' - Injured former Harambee Stars defender Odhiambo pleads

4:13 PM WAT 22/12/2021
Former Harambee Stars defender Joseph Odhiambo.
The three-time Premier League winner sustained the problem decades ago while facing Egypt in an Afcon qualifier

Former Harambee Stars defender Joseph Odhiambo has pleaded for help to treat a long-term leg injury suffered during an international match.

Odhiambo, 68, got injured while facing Egypt in an Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) qualifier in Nairobi.

At the time, the injury, according to him, was understood to be a small issue, but unfortunately, it turned out to be very serious, although he has never been able to raise enough money to get proper treatment.

In 2006, he needed Ksh600,000 - which he did not have - that would have helped him seek specialised treatment in India. Odhiambo then visited Kijabe Mission Hospital but again could not raise the Ksh1.2 million needed for surgery, physiotherapy, and medication.


"I need help.  I’m in a lot of pain and I urgently require treatment. Please tell Kenyans I’m sick," Odhiambo told Nation Sports.

"I went for an aerial ball but my marker remained on the ground. I landed awkwardly on one foot, this one [pointing to his right thigh]. It got frozen, and the doctors came onto the pitch, had it checked, and recommended that I be substituted.

"Other than being given painkillers, I was never treated for the ailment.

"I felt discomfort when walking, so I began to move with a limp, but that only applied pressure to the other foot. Now I cannot move on either."

In a doctor's note dated December 1, 2021, what exactly is hailing Odhiambo is described.

"He has reduced ODI - 60%, NPRS - 7/10, walks while limping with reduced speed. X-ray shows multiple osteophytes at the knee bilaterally, at the tibial condyles and femur condyles," the note by a Bondo Sub-County doctor explains.

Odhiambo also talked about the conflicts and divisions that rocked Kenyan football during his time.

"I enjoyed playing football even without a consistent income," he concluded.

"The late [Vice-President] Jaramogi Oginga Odinga would occasionally come and watch us play. Raila Odinga [the former Kenya Prime Minister] was a very good forward and would sometimes be disappointed when Joab Omino came in to bench him.

"The football industry in Kenya has always been chaotic. At the time, [the late] Kenneth Matiba was the federation’s boss, and he consistently had issues with our chairman Dan Owino.

"The club was split into two, with Owino as general chairman and Rading Omollo as executive chairman."

He won two leagues and three FA Cups with Luo Union and two regional titles with Harambee Stars in his career.