Five defining moments from Amazon Prime Video’s original series "Maradona: Blessed Dream" that you must watch!

5:26 PM WAT 16/11/2021
Diego Maradona
The five exemplary moments that went on to shape the Argentine superstar...

Diego Maradona is a character that cannot be defined just by what he did on the football pitch. Arguably the greatest ever footballer, Maradona grabbed headlines for not only his heroics on the football field but often for his 'misdeeds' beyond it. He was controversy's favourite child and yet, in everything he did, Maradona was unapologetically himself.

It is this fascinating life story that Amazon Prime Video’s recently released original series 'Maradona: Blessed Dream' has brought to the forefront. The series, streaming currently, consists of 10-episodes and has been originally shot in Spanish but will be available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali for the Indian audience.

Let us take a look at the five moments that define Maradona.

From the streets of Villa Fiorito to Cebollitas

A fact that is not very well known is that Maradona's footballing journey started with a touch of kindness. As a young kid, he didn't have the money to travel by bus to participate in the trials for a local club called Cebollitas. However, his friend Gregorio Carrizo, who had managed to go, mentioned about Maradona to the coachafter getting selected. The coach, in a show of faith, thrust some pennies into Carrizo’s hands which allowed Maradona to travel from Villa Fiorito. He proved to be so good in his trials that the coach doubted if he was really nine years old. But after he was sure of Maradona’s age, he didn't think twice aboutsigning him up.

The king of hearts

Maradona not only ruled the pitch with his goals, assists, and skills but he also ruled hearts. In one of the matches, Carrizo got tackled hard and he tore his ligament. He did not have the means to get himself treated in Quintana, one of the best medical centers. Maradona stepped in and covered the expenses of his treatment. It was these little acts of kindness that made him the king of hearts.

The shy Maradona!

It is hard to believe but Diego Maradona was extremely shy in his teens and when he met Claudia, his eventual wife, he was left searching for words. He wanted to take her out for a date, but he kept on beating around the bush without being able to express his feelings. He even went on to mention how his father was into fishing right from childhood, since he hailed from Corrientes a small fishing town. After much dilly-dallying, he finally managed to ask her whether she was attending the party at the club but still could not take a step forward and ask whether she would like to go with him.

When Maradona met Pele

Maradona or Pele – Who is the greatest player ever? This is a question that has divided opinions throughout the footballing world for so long. But before all that, there was a time when the two legends met for the first time, documented in Amazon Prime Video's original series.

It was a momentous occasion for Maradona when he met Brazilian legend Pele for the first time at the latter's house in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was nervously excited and even kept touching Pele's arms just to make sure that he was not daydreaming. He asked for an autograph which Pele duly obliged. The Brazilian gave him a piece of advice, to keep a healthy body and mind to which Maradona vehemently agreed and nodded his head. It was a fanboy moment for the Argentine legend himself.

Starting on the wrong note at FC Barcelona!

Diego Maradona was not known for his patience. He was jovial and was a master of sarcasm which rubbed his superiors the wrong way. From his very first meeting with then FC Barcelona's coach Udo Lattek, he got involved in a tiff for a tongue-in-cheek comment. Moreover, his demands of extra hours of sleep on matchdays and habit of partying further deteriorated the relationship. Even the club President had to deploy two spies to keep a watch on Maradona's activities beyond the pitch.

Maradona’s spell in Barcelona did not end on a good note. Catch how it all unfolded on Amazon Prime Video's Maradona: Blessed Dream.