Explained: Why Argentina stars celebrated in the faces of dejected Netherlands players after World Cup quarter-final shootout victory

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Argentina players celebrating World Cup 2022
Nicolas Otamendi and his team-mates were photographed celebrating in the Netherlands players' faces after Argentina clinched a quarter-final win.
  • Argentina's celebration explained
  • Netherlands player taunted Argentines
  • Argentina beat Netherlands on penalties

WHAT HAPPENED? After Lautaro Martinez netted the winning penalty in the shootout, a bunch of Argentina players led by Otamendi were seen rubbing salt into the wounds by celebrating their triumph in the faces of the defeated Dutch.

WHY DID THEY CELEBRATE? Footage that emerged after the game shows Netherlands player approaching Enzo Fernandez and Lautaro Martinez before their penalty kicks during in the shootout in apparent intimidation tactics. The Argentina players were naturally riled up due to the mind games and they retaliated with a wild celebration after winning the tie.


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Nicolas Otamendi Lionel Messi

Nicolas Otamendi

THE REACTION: Speaking to reporters after the game, Otamendi said: "I celebrated in the face because there was a player from the Netherlands who, in every penalty we had, came and said things to one of our players. The photo was taken out of context and we did it in response to that."