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90' + 6'
D. Alli
Yellow Card
P. Foden
Yellow Card
Ederson Moraes
Yellow Card
P. Foden
0 - 1
Yellow Card

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32% 67%
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Shots On Target 2 8
Total Passes 320 676
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It's an important win for City then ahead of the Manchester derby next week, with a trip to Peterborough United in the FA Cup in the meantime. Everton host Boreham Wood before travelling to Tottenham. Lose there and they really are in trouble. That's all for now. Goodbye!
City's lead at the top of the Premier League table returns to six points, a lead Liverpool can't cut this week ahead of their EFL Cup final. Champions need to find a way to win when they're not at their best, and Guardiola's men certainly did that. Everton stay 17th, just one point ahead of Burnley. They've got a few games in hand on the teams above them, but there's no doubting now they're in a relegation battle.
City get back to winning ways with a fluke victory over hardworking Everton! Foden's late winning goal was an incredibly lucky one, but the champions will think they deserved it after a strong second-half performance. Everton did enough to earn a point and were harshly punished for one unfortunate error. They'll think they could have had at least one penalty too.
90' + 7' Ederson pings his free-kick forward. Jesus wisely takes the ball to Everton's corner flag. Everton get a throw-in and manage to give Richarlison something to chase. Dias gets to it first, Mahrez gets caught offside, and that's it!
D. Alli
Yellow Card
90' + 6' Alli's excessive force awards him a yellow card. Ederson eventually gets up after a minute or two on the turf.
90' + 4' Play eventually resumes with Stones able to soldier on for another minute or two. Alli ploughs into Ederson as the City goalkeeper cannily trots his way after a rogue Everton throughball to pick it up.
90' + 3' Stones is down on the touchline with what looks like a hand injury. Everton aren't happy that they can't continue playing, but the injury does look legitimate.
90' + 2' Holgate has time to pick his cross from deep. The Everton defender loops it towards the far post where El Ghazi is lurking, but the ball sails over the Dutchman.
90' + 1' There'll be five minutes of added time! The Everton fans will welcome that. They've been good value for a draw, and could still get one against this City side.
90' Everton force a corner down their right. Gray sends it towards the far post. Dias wins his header. Rodri clears at the second attempt.
P. Foden
Yellow Card
89' Foden picks up a late yellow card for shoving Coleman as Everton get a throw-in.
A. El Ghazi
A. Iwobi
88' Everton make an attacking change as they chase an equalising goal. El Ghazi replaces Iwobi.
Ederson Moraes
Yellow Card
87' Ederson is booked for taking his time over the resulting goal-kick. City will no doubt be glad to start winding down the clock.
86' NO PENALTY FOR EVERTON! After watching the footage back, Rodri did use his shoulder to nudge the ball down for him to clear, rather than his arm. Everton will feel aggrieved, but City would have been equally disappointed had the penalty been given.
84' City will be relieved to have finally found a goal, albeit a fortunate one. Everton now have to chase the game and get a big penalty shout! Ederson saves Richarlison's tight-angle effort before Rodri controls the ball with his shoulder in the box. The referee waits a few seconds as VAR reviews the incident.
P. Foden
82' GOAL! EVERTON 0-1 MANCHESTER CITY! It's heartbreak for Everton as Foden gives City the lead! Silva's cross from the left bobbles off the outstretched legs of both Holgate and Keane. It lands straight into the path of Foden who can't fail to beat Pickford from a few yards out!
81' Silva wins a free-kick in Everton's half as he's impeded by Allan. This has been a brave performance by Everton.
79' Rodri has a rush of blood to the head and shoots from an irrational distance. Everton predictably block the shot.
R. Mahrez
İ. Gündoğan
77' Gundogan is also sacrificed as City go for the win. Mahrez moves wide right. Silva will drop deeper.
Gabriel Jesus
R. Sterling
77' City respond with substitutions of their own. The quiet Sterling goes off. Jesus comes on.
D. Gray
A. Gordon
77' Everton make another change. Gordon's arguably been their best player. Gray takes his place on the left wing.
76' City patiently pass their way towards Everton's box, but they're too patient. Doucoure carries his team forward and buys a throw-in.
74' Everton create their first counter-attacking opportunity for a while. Doucoure picks out Gordon down the left. The winger takes on Stones and shoots into the side netting.
72' Everton have yet to have a shot since the half-time break, barring Richarlison's offside blast straight at Ederson. City are ramping up the pressure on the hosts.
D. Alli
D. van de Beek
71' Everton make an enforced change. Alli replaces the stricken Van de Beek.
71' Van de Beek is down in Everton's box requiring treatment. It looks like he'll be unable to continue.
70' City are getting closer to scoring! Foden nods over the crossbar from De Bruyne's overlapping cross from the byline. It was Silva's clever backheel which sent the Belgian scampering forward.
68' Pickford keeps City at bay once more! De Bruyne darts inside from the left and drills a low shot at goal. England's number one keeps it out, then gets straight back up to block Silva's follow-up shot. De Bruyne shrugs his shoulders. He couldn't have hit his effort better.
67' City earn another corner. This one is drilled into the box. Again, Everton deal with it comfortably. Foden switches to the right to try another delivery but the outcome is the same.
66' City's corner is tidy and unassuming as ever. The visitors have had 73 per cent of the ball so far in this second half, but little of it in dangerous positions.
64' Foden fizzes the ball towards the box from out wide. It rebounds to Stones who lets rip from distance! His England teammate Pickford tips Stones' effort over the crossbar to hand City a corner.
62' Pickford claims another hopeful City cross into the box. City have a few substitutes starting to warm up.
60' Keane clears De Bruyne's whipped ball in. City's performance so far has been a little like lift music. They're admirably competent but they aren't getting the blood pumping.
58' Cancelo's ambitious throughball sails over everyone and out for an Everton goal-kick. City still haven't found their rhythm yet.
Yellow Card
57' Allan picks up a deserved yellow card for tripping Silva down City's right and giving the assistant referee too much lip when the foul's given against him.
55' Silva skids the ball across the box from right to left. Foden hits it first-time straight at Pickford at the far post, who then catches Cancelo's effort from a difficult angle. Everton's keeper has been solid when called upon.
54' Silva's dink into the box is met by the head of Holgate. Richarlison holds up the ball well and lures Dias into bringing him down unfairly.
53' Cancelo nips at Iwobi's heels and manages to win possession. Stones slips in Silva down the right. The Portuguese midfielder's cross is blocked.
51' Iwobi bears down on City's box but is quickly swarmed by five City players. Foden slows the pace down the left, laying off to Gundogan. Gundogan tries to pick out Silva by the byline but his pass drifts out of play. Guardiola chats with his assistants down on the bench.
50' Iwobi beats Cancelo down the right and earns Everton a corner. They take it short to Van de Beek who swings a cross towards the far post. Ederson catches it.
48' Richarlison darts in behind and finds himself one-on-one with Ederson! The City goalkeeper stands his ground and drops to his knees to block when the shot comes. The offside flag goes up after the save, but that'll wake City up.
47' Foden receives possession and attempts a pass through the middle to set up a one-two with Sterling. Coleman is alive to the danger and intercepts it.
45' The players are back out for the second half. Everton get it going.
The second half of this game should be more eventful than the first. City have scored 33 second-half goals in the Premier League so far this season, more than the 28 Everton have scored overall. However, 21 of those 28 Everton goals have come after half-time. There's still plenty of time for this game to catch alight.
It's honours even at the break, and Everton might be surprised by how well they're playing. The Toffees have obviously had less of the ball than City, but they've looked zippy on the counter with Richarlison, Gordon and Iwobi. City have been playing OK but could easily move up a gear or two.
45' + 2' De Bruyne's free-kick lands straight into the arms of Pickford. That'll be all for now.
45' + 1' The officials indicate a minimum of two additional minutes at the end of this half. It'll end with a City free-kick down their right.
45' That wasn't bad by Gordon! The 21-year-old Englishman steps up and curls the free-kick towards the top right corner of the net. He's not too far from behind it either. His effort arcs just slightly over.
44' Everton now have a free-kick in a centre-right position. City's defensive wall is stationed just in front of the box. Gordon will take it.
43' Pickford booms upfield from the goal-kick. Everton come away with the ball. Van de Beek evades a challenge and feeds Richarlison. Rodri pushes the Brazilian over to give away a foul.
42' Foden's touch lets him down as he fails to trap a crossfield pass and hands Everton a goal-kick. Everton will be very pleased with how this first half has gone.
40' Richarlison looks to knock the ball past Dias but there's no beating the Portuguese defender. Silva cuts inside from the right and rolls a tame effort towards the near post. Pickford claims it easily.
39' Foden ghosts into the box to cut the ball back from the byline. Pickford blocks the cross at his near post, but the ball's just strayed out of play anyway.
38' Richarlison goes up against Laporte near the touchline. He almost beats the City defender until Cancelo comes across to bail his teammate out of trouble.
37' Iwobi has no thought other than to free Richarlison through the middle when he receives the ball. Stones makes a well-timed tackle to stop the Brazilian from racing through on goal.
36' Richarlison buys his team another free-kick, attracting a nibble from Dias in Everton's half. There's an interesting tussle going on between those two players.
35' Richarlison jinks into the box, taking on three City players. The Brazilian fizzes the ball towards the centre but it's blocked. Everton keep pushing and Richarlison latches onto Iwobi's toepoke to fire straight at Ederson from near the penalty spot! Ederson gathers the shot at the second attempt.
33' City earn a corner down their right. De Bruyne swings it towards the far post. Laporte loops his header onto the roof of the net.
31' Kenny races onto Allan's inviting pass into the box and lashes the ball into the side netting. Everton aren't looking cowed by City's quality.
29' De Bruyne takes aim for the bottom left corner from outside the box. Pickford is equal to the shot. Everton have held their own in this opening half hour.
D. van de Beek
Yellow Card
27' Van de Beek is penalised for a bad tackle on Gundogan straight after Allan's penalty shout. Everton still aren't happy a penalty wasn't given.
27' De Bruyne gives the ball away to Allan who lays the ball off and heads for the box. Iwobi returns it to the Brazilian who gets tripped in the box. The referee waves away Everton's penalty appeal.
26' Gordon pops a pass inside to Richarlison who waits for support. Iwobi slips Doucoure in down the right. City block the Frenchman's cross from the byline.
24' Everton successfully escape City's high press, earning a free-kick inside the centre circle. Holgate's crossfield pass to Gordon is ambitious, to say the least.
23' Dias spots Sterling in space down City's left and attempts to free him. Coleman anticipates the pass well and heads it back to Pickford.
22' Gordon's free-kick is headed away. The winger waits for the ball to come back to him but is held off outside the box.
22' Laporte barges into the back of Richarlison and is surprised to see it given as a foul. Everton can now test City with a set-piece from the right.
21' Pickford rises high to claim a rogue City pass into the box. The Everton goalkeeper urges calm amongst his defenders.
20' Gordon takes on Cancelo and passes inside to Doucoure. The Frenchman's too eager to find Iwobi and Everton's attack breaks down.
18' City take the corner short. Laporte earns a free-kick down their left as Doucoure stops him. The delivery isn't the best. Everton clear.
16' Everton are having to sit and wait at the moment while City do their thing. Coleman intercepts Sterling's run. City immediately find Foden free to the right of the box. Keane blocks the cutback and City get a corner.
14' City gradually move over the halfway line. Gundogan attempts to find De Bruyne's run into the box but overcooks the pass to cheers from the home fans.
12' Gordon darts down the left for Everton, fizzing a low cross into the six-yard box. Ederson drops to the ground to grab it with Richarlison lurking nearby.
11' Everton manage to pressure City into giving away a throw-in. The hosts can't keep possession though, and Pickford hastily punts upfield. Gordon shoots from over 35 yards out. It's blocked. City come roaring forward and are stopped only by a last-ditch clearance in the Everton box.
10' City pass the ball around the back in their usual patient, methodical way. Everton are staying compact for the most part and waiting to spring forward on the counter.
9' Gundogan takes on Holgate down the left and thinks he's won a corner. The referee instead gives Everton a goal-kick. City's captain for the game can't believe it.
7' Dias clatters into the back of Richarlison who's awarded a foul. Everton turn the free-kick into a corner down their right. It's swung in and dealt with easily by City.
5' Sterling keeps a sliderule pass in play near the byline and squares it with his right foot. Rodri's shot from outside the box is blocked. Everton clear it as far as Gordon, who tempts Foden into bringing him down near his own corner flag.
3' De Bruyne swings the far kick towards the far post with typical venom. Everton are awarded a free-kick of their own as Silva impedes Holgate.
2' City start the game the way they know best, by passing the ball around. Gordon trips Foden as he cuts inside and hands the visitors a free-kick down their right.
1' City get this game going! They're wearing all sky-blue. Everton are wearing their customary royal blue shirts and white shorts.
Recent history suggests this game may not be kind to Everton. The Toffees have won just one of their last 17 Premier League games against City, losing each of the last eight in a row. They'll need a big performance to cause City to come unstuck and do their cross-city rivals Liverpool a favour.
City make just one change from their last match too, that 3-2 home loss to Tottenham which has let Liverpool back into the title race. Stones replaces Walker in their back four. Walker drops to the bench.
There's just the one change to Everton from last week's loss to Southampton. Doucoure steps in to bolster the Toffees' midfield against a possession-hungry City side. He replaces Dominic Calvert-Lewin, who has suffered a fresh injury problem and doesn't make the matchday squad.
SUBS: Nathan Ake, Riyad Mahrez, Kyle Walker, Cieran Slicker, Fernandinho, Jack Grealish, Gabriel Jesus, Oleksandr Zinchenko, Scott Carson.
MANCHESTER CITY (4-3-3): Ederson; Joao Cancelo, Ruben Dias, John Stones, Aymeric Laporte; Kevin De Bruyne, Rodri, Ilkay Gundogan (c); Bernardo Silva, Phil Foden, Raheem Sterling.
SUBS: Salomon Rondon, Asmir Begovic, Vitalii Mykolenko, Demarai Gray, Jarrad Branthwaite, Nathan Patterson, Anwar El Ghazi, Dele Alli, Andros Townsend.
EVERTON (4-2-3-1): Jordan Pickford; Seamus Coleman (c), Mason Holgate, Michael Keane, Jonjoe Kenny; Allan, Abdoulaye Doucoure; Alex Iwobi, Donny van de Beek, Anthony Gordon; Richarlison.
A visit from defending champions Manchester City, then, is not what Everton would want right now. Pep Guardiola's league leaders may have suffered a shock home defeat to Tottenham last week, but they're unbeaten in their last 12 Premier League away games and have shipped just eight goals on the road all season. For Everton, the beatings will continue until morale improves.
Everton's revival under their new boss Frank Lampard has yet to arrive as they sunk to a 2-0 defeat away to Southampton last time out. The Toffees sit 17th in the Premier League table and are in free-fall, having lost 12 of their last 16 league games. With Burnley and Newcastle United improving of late, the Liverpudlians need to stop the rot fast.
Hello! Welcome to our live text commentary of this Premier League match between Everton and Manchester City at Goodison Park.