'Ronaldo the virus was the problem at Manchester United' - Fans after Nottingham Forest victory

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Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United 2022-23
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The Red Devils registered a comfortable win against the Tricky Trees and fans believe that's proof the Portuguese forward was the problem at United

Manchester United supporters have blamed Cristiano Ronaldo for the team's poor results earlier in the season after they defeated Nottingham Forest 3-0 in their first Premier League match since the 37-year-old Portuguese forward left Old Trafford.

Goals from Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial, and Fred, ensured Man United won comfortably in their first competitive fixture since the World Cup in Qatar came to a close.

A cross-section of fans in Africa have jumped on social media to welcome the exit of Ronaldo, who, over two separate spells at the club, managed 145 goals in 345 games.

GOAL compiles fan comments from both sides of the Ronaldo debate.

  1. Ronaldo was the problem
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    Ronaldo was the problem

    The boys will start playing well now. Just watch out! They were deliberately playing badly because of CR7. - Chidozie Richard Mbonu

    Ronaldo was the problem. - Kwame Acheampong

    When there's Ronaldo, we don't exceed more than one goal. But see now. 3-0 clean sheet. - Chinweuba Uba

    Ronaldo the virus is gone, good life prevailing at Manchester United, Viva! - Cee Ncube

    Ronaldo was a big problem for this team 👌 - Shahriar Miraj

    This is what happens when Ronaldo is not on your team. - Akintolu Akinbuwa

  2. Ronaldo is simply the best
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    Ronaldo is simply the best

    But what do you really gain by throwing all this hate on Ronaldo? He's simply the best and none of the players in the current squad has reached his level... - Albino Kuek Deng

    Leave Ronaldo alone. The hate is too much on the man. - Omar Jammeh

    Soon you will reference the importance of Ronaldo after a bad game run... - Popoola Ibrahym Olusegun Emeka

    Football is just biased, what does Ronaldo got to do with this and he’s not even in the club anymore💔 - Kvng Stephen Idakow

  3. Ronaldo has moved on
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    Ronaldo has moved on

    Ronaldo has moved on so why can’t we move on and think about our team... we played Nottingham Forest not Manchester City or Real Madrid please... - Antonio Morrisio Ronaldo

    Against Nottingham forest lol, beat Wolves, Bournemouth and Everton let's see. - Olaadejo Akanni

    Just play your games and leave Ronaldo alone! - Alago Chinwendu Angel

    Scoring against this cheap side and you are making noise. Wait until you meet Arsenal and co. That's when you can conclude after the game. - Pearlis Coleman

    A victory over Nottingham Forest and you guys are this happy? Wait until you play Newcastle United and Arsenal! - Solomon Prombo Pungong

  4. The eternal Ronaldo vs Messi debate
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    The eternal Ronaldo vs Messi debate

    I'm so disappointed in this debate, just wants to criticise Ronaldo unnecessarily, You weren't criticising Messi where in a season he only scored four goals. - Thabang Kgotso

    Messi fans said after the World Cup that the debate is over. But still, they wouldn't let the real GOAT rest because deep down in their hearts they knew World Cup was not enough to stop the debate knowing fully Portugal had zero football history until Ronaldo came and made them win a major trophy. This hatred for Ronaldo is much cause they know Ronaldo is a big threat to always make Messi look like he's not giving his best. - Paparazi Nonso Michael

  5. Ronaldo has achieved more than Ten Hag
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    Ronaldo has achieved more than Ten Hag

    What Cristiano Ronaldo has achieved both individually and collectively in Manchester United... Erik ten Hag and his average players will never achieve that 🙄🤣 - Isatu Lahai

  6. Ronaldo to blame even in defeat?
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    Ronaldo to blame even in defeat?

    Ronaldo is more Manchester United than all of you fighting him for speaking the truth! Hypocrites! When defeat will come, I guess you will still blame it on him?

    Pathetic people!🚶🚶🚶🚶 - Solomon Prombo Pungong

    This team [Nottingham Forest] is not even in the top six in the Premier League and you are happy to win against them. Even Arsenal Academy can win more than three goals. - Oppong Tawiah Clottey

  7. Ronaldo deserves respect
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    Ronaldo deserves respect

    Can't we have a decent Manchester United debate without Ronaldo??? Common!!! He's no longer our player... He deserves some respect, please. - Audu Jonathan

    As if Ronaldo still plays for Man United. Must you always talk about him? - Olubodun Peter

    Must you mention Ronaldo's name🙂😞 - Ajamu Joel

    Takes it easy 😩😩😩CR7 remains our legend. - Tho Bhi Lor Bah

    But why are you always humiliating Ronaldo... because I never see you appreciate him. - Chaga Takamori

  8. Ronaldo was not the problem

    Ronaldo was not the problem

    Ronaldo was not Manchester United's problem to start with! Let him be! - Philip Aguma Obubuchi

    Ronaldo has never been the problem and he'll never be!!! - Babatunde Matthew

    He's not the problem right from time. - Folabori Melchizedek

    Ronaldo was not Manchester United's problem to start with! Let him be! - Prabhu Pandey