‘Refereeing at World Cup has been abysmal’ - Fans not impressed by Morocco allegedly being denied penalties

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Sofiane Boufal yellow card Morocco France World Cup 2022
The supporters expressed their disappointment with the number of ‘wrong calls’ made by the match officials at the tournament

Fans in Africa feel the standard of refereeing at the 2022 World Cup has been poor going by the number of questionable decisions witnessed.

This follows a complaint filed to Fifa by the Morocco football federation (FMRF) about the officiating during their semi-final defeat to France where they feel they should have been awarded two penalties.

While some fans feel Morocco should not be complaining because they have allegedly benefited from controversial decisions too. Then, others think their protests are legitimate.

  1.  France vs England another example

    France vs England another example

    Absolutely! That second penalty against England it also should have been a red for the French player as it was clearly that he pushed Mason Mount from behind when the ball was nowhere to be seen. -Ace

  2. Cry baby World Cup?

    Cry baby World Cup?

    Now, this World Cup has become a cry baby game. England, Croatia, Morocco and Portugal, all are complaining. All want a penalty and if the penalty was given, then they want the red card to be shown.

    -Syamal Sengupta

  3. Morocco deserved more free-kicks
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    Morocco deserved more free-kicks

    There's no scam but referee was shocking in that Morocco vs France game. Morocco should of got a few free-kicks but didn't. -Mr unknown

  4. Refereeing abysmal

    Refereeing abysmal

    Refereeing throughout the tournament has been abysmal, nobody in particular being particularly hard done by as a result, just very poor referees, full stop! -Chris Bolam

  5. More to it than poor refereeing
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    More to it than poor refereeing

    That's not really true. If it were to be poor refereeing without bias, then both teams would have got a fair share of the referee's incompetence just as was the case in the Argentina vs Netherlands match. However, in this case, the wrong decisions were consistently against one side. There's more behind it than mere referee incompetence. - Dannie Trump

  6. It’s part of the game!

    It’s part of the game!

    Just as Portugal were on the receiving end the match earlier. A lot of calls that didn't go the way of Portugal against Morocco. Its part and parcel of the game. -Varun Tej

    Morocco now complaining about the referee and VAR. What about against Portugal? They didn't complain. What goes around comes around. -John Oliveira

  7. Morocco should blame goalposts

    Morocco should blame goalposts

    Seems to me that the lack of goals conspired to deny Morocco. Let's blame the goalposts and the net for the loss! -Chuk Biskits

  8. Morocco lucky to escape red

    Morocco lucky to escape red

    To deserve a chance to equalise, you need to create chances. Morocco can consider themselves lucky they finished the game with 11 players. -Erwan Abiven

    You want to win [a] world tournament with controversial penalties. I wonder how Morocco themselves survived that match without seeing a red card! -Summation

    People are always not fair in their judgement. Morocco should have seen at least one red card after hard tackles on [Kylian] Mbappe and Theo [Hernandez]. -Aliu Tasiu

  9. Karma at play for Morocco

    Karma at play for Morocco

    Lol, Referees have always been the decider[s]. What goes around comes around Morocco. Swallow the bitter pill. When you guys [Morocco] hosted the Wafcon, the referee dished out two unworthy red cards to the Nigeria team in the semis. The nine resilient Nigeria ladies still coped and drew the match during the regulation time. And during the penalty shootout, lasers were pointed constantly to distract them. Happy the South African ladies silenced them. -Mii

  10. Referee was fair

    Referee was fair

    The ref was superb, nothing at all. Morocco tried, they should now focus on winning third place, that's good for now. Then maybe Afcon, and then 2026 they come back stronger. -Fulani Herdsman

    Being a ref is tough. Players are bullies and fake injuries, coaches try to pin all defeats on them, the media wants to create drama, and internet warriors. -Bilnours

    Ref was fair, not saying he was good, or bad, but called a fair match. Missed calls on both sides. Quit complaining and get on with it. And maybe, try scoring a goal. -JimmyJamz