'Mane was the glue, carried Liverpool and made Salah look better than Neymar' - Fans after Brentford defeat

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Mohammed Salah and Sadio Mane of Liverpool.
Fans have once again praised the Senegal international's influence after his Egypt counterpart failed to inspire the Reds in the Premier League

The transfer of Sadio Mane from Liverpool to Bayern Munich has resurfaced on social media yet again after the Reds suffered a 3-1 Premier League defeat against Brentford on Monday.

Liverpool succumbed to their fifth defeat of the campaign after an own goal from Ibrahima Konate, Yoane Wissa's strike, and Bryan Mbeumo's well-taken effort enabled the Bees to run away with maximum points at the Gtech Community Stadium.

The result, which saw Brentford beat Liverpool for the first time since 1938 and move just two points behind Jurgen Klopp's side in the 20-team table, has revived the debate of the Anfield outfit allowing Mane to sign for the Bundesliga giants at the start of the season.

The 30-year-old Senegal international left Liverpool having won six major trophies – the Premier League, Champions League, Fifa Club World Cup, FA Cup, Carabao Cup, and Uefa Super Cup - and fans now believe his exit remains the major problem Klopp did not solve despite signing Darwin Nunez from Benfica.

Some have opined Mane was the reason Egypt international Mohamed Salah, who has only managed seven league goals from 17 appearances this season, was shining at Anfield.

  1. Mane carried Liverpool not Salah
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    Mane carried Liverpool not Salah

    Let us not forget the fact it was Sadio Mane, who carried Liverpool throughout the years and made Salah look like he’s better than Neymar. - @obrempong__ - @obrempong__

    Now it’s time to accept that Sadio Mane carried Liverpool and not Mohamed Salah... Liverpool fans hated him for giving his all. - @EbereCFC

    Sadio Mane is clearly the missing link to Liverpool's challenges. Were it not for goal cancellations, Brentford would have scored at least five goals. Today, Mane took to Twitter to cheer up his old team. But it's too little to make any meaningful difference #BRELIV - @smutoro

    Liverpool selling Sadio Mane was criminal they haven’t been the same since he left. - @LiamCrook1

    The moment Mané left Liverpool, everything started going down. - @Joshua_Ubeku

    Sadio Mane was the driving force in the Liverpool team and they sold him to extend Salah’s contract. They really deserve what they are going through at the moment! - @ChepkendiotMK

    Sadio Mane was the cog at Liverpool who was driving this team. But they let Mane go to renew Mohamed Salah. Now Salah is anonymous in most games. #BRELIV - @SemperFiMessi

  2. Mane was the glue at Liverpool

    Mane was the glue at Liverpool

    Sadio Mane was the glue to the Liverpool team and they sacked him to extend Salah’s contract. True fans know Mane made Salah better and not otherwise 👍🏼 - @modap_

    Another day to remind Liverpool fans of Mane! Thank God for Brentford🤣 - @GhanaSocialU

    Another day to remind Liverpool that their problems started the day they turned their back on Sadio Mane. - @Kiswili_10

    Since Sadio Mane left Liverpool, things have not been the same again, they are walking alone. - @ItsEtyang

    Mane was the glue. - @Mr_Ceyram

    Sadio Mane was the glue to this Liverpool side. - @ConradKulo

  3. Mane left with 80% of Liverpool's energy
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    Mane left with 80% of Liverpool's energy

    Both Liverpool and Chelsea are gradually losing their aura of invincibility. Sadio Mane left with 80% of Liverpool's energy. Small teams these days aren't afraid of facing them. - @Mohnice_

    Liverpool can now admit they miss Mane 😔 - @mrboboskie

    Liverpool still misses Sadio Mane no matter how they try to hide it. - @oluomd

    Sadio Mane has really cost Klopp and the entire Liverpool team since he left, they’re vulnerable, so sad 😭😭💔💔😂😂 - @Sark1gadGh

    Sadio Mane was singlehandedly carrying Liverpool and we were giving all the glory to Salah just because he was scoring more goals. Mane deserves an apology from the football world. - @ultimate_kombo

  4. Liverpool made a mistake to sell Mane

    Liverpool made a mistake to sell Mane

    Mane left with a bag of Liverpool's good results I guess. - @Felix_Tmc

    The biggest mistake Liverpool made was selling Mane thinking Salah was the engine room... they will learn the hard way. - @CalvesLikeShaq

    Liverpool made a mistake by selling Mane, and to date, they are still struggling. - @Edsmyt

    Mane left and Liverpool became average. - @Aboa_Banku1

    Liverpool sold Sadio Mane and they became a joke of a club in no time. Damn. - @Mrbhadoosky

    I'm still in shock that Sadio Mane doesn't play for Liverpool. He is synonymous with the club. - @EBL2017

    Liverpool let Mane go and now they can’t find a suitable replacement. They never truly knew his value till they let him go, sad. - @blackenstein00

    Sadio Mane's work rate is insane bro. Man singlehandedly kept Liverpool in the title race and sent them to the Champions League final. - @EfoEtornam

  5. Liverpool should apologise to Mane
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    Liverpool should apologise to Mane

    While Mohammed Salah and Van Dijk were getting all the accolades for the work that Sadio Mane did on the pitch, Liverpool fans only gave disrespect to Mane. It's never too late to apologise to Mane, I also want the apology to be as loud as the disrespect. - @topensyy

    How can you sell this monster [Mane] for 32 million??? That's haram! Liverpool and its fan's apologies to Sadio Mané should be loud as the disrespect. - @ManEatsCoochie

    Sadio Mane, we are sorry, forgive us and come back to Liverpool … We are suffering 🥹 - @Ghana_Ronaldo

  6. Nunez for Mane worst business ever

    Nunez for Mane worst business ever

    Players bought by Liverpool to replace Mane - Luiz Diaz, Darwin Nunez - and they are still struggling 😂😂 - @Aboa_Banku1

    Nunez for Sadio Mane is the worst business ever in this century! - @Kevin

    They sold Sadio Mane because of Darwin Nunez. They'll keep struggling. - @JacksonChelse17

    Replacing Mane with "toothless" Darwin Nunez was the Genesis of all the problems Klopp and Liverpool are facing this season. Let's see what Gakpo has to offer. - @Peekay_Codes

  7. Klopp's magic has run out

    Klopp's magic has run out

    The fact is Klopp's magic has run out, he managed to turn Mane and Salah into world-class players but it has proved impossible for him to turn players like Harvey [Elliott], Fabio [Carvalho], Curtis Jones, and Naby Keita, into good players. - @shabbiar

    Jurgen Klopp is a flop, a big flop he's done nothing this season but Liverpool fans accept the bare minimum they'll keep him. - @_Young_Metro

    Liverpool fans should be very afraid. Jurgen Klopp is a well-known flop during his 7th year. - @dme_363

  8. Salah losing the race for Golden Boot

    Salah losing the race for Golden Boot

    Salah is shockingly not among the top five goals in the race for the Golden Boot in the Premier League after failing to score against Brentford. The Mane effect is real. - @CoachOpeele

    Klopp really is lost. Making Salah hug the touchline wide. At least play him as a 10 to create. - @JohnMinasCastle

  9. Liverpool should admit missing Mane

    Liverpool should admit missing Mane

    Why are Liverpool fans in such denial and refusing to admit that losing Sadio Mane is a massive part of what is going on with them? They hate to admit that LOOL!!!! - @MohamedASalad

    We should have never let Sadio Mane leave our club 😔 - @sara_redss

    What Sadio Mane brought to the team was underrated. The focus was always on the goal scorer. Nobody was focusing on the work Mane did to connect the defense and the attack. Liverpool today had all their players, except Henderson & Mane. Time will tell how much they miss Sadio Mane. - @dollonice

    Liverpool miss Sadio Mane massively. A shadow of the side with him gone. - @eb92safc

    Liverpool miss Sadio Mane. No one can deny it, they are losing now to even mid-table teams like #Brentford. Nunez is overrated. - @DrGauravGarg4

    Liverpool really misses Sadio Mane but they are not ready to talk about it🤣 - @_Mwaniki254

    Mane is a massive miss for Liverpool, he carried that team for years. - @Matthewcross33

    It is so funny how badly this team plays now and they still insist they don't miss Mane… Mane was an important part of the Liverpool pattern and when you remove a part of a pattern, it is what it is. - @GOlabode