13 fun facts about Gavi

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Gavi fun facts
Everything you need to know about Gavi, Barcelona's midfield prodigy

Pablo Martín Páez Gavira, commonly known as Gavi, is a rising star in the world of football. Born on October 22, 2004, in Santpedor, Spain, Gavi has quickly made a name for himself with his exceptional talent, skill, and vision on the field. At a young age, Gavi has already showcased immense potential, capturing the attention of football enthusiasts and experts worldwide.

Gavi's journey in football began at a tender age when he joined the youth academy of FC Barcelona, one of the most prestigious football clubs in the world. Under the guidance of exceptional coaches and surrounded by a rich footballing environment, Gavi flourished and quickly rose through the ranks. He demonstrated remarkable technical abilities, impeccable control over the ball, and a deep understanding of the game that surpassed his years.

As he progressed through the ranks, Gavi caught the eye of many scouts and coaches within the Barcelona organization. His performances in the youth teams were electrifying, leaving spectators in awe of his natural talent. His passing accuracy, dribbling skills, and ability to read the game stood out, setting him apart from his peers. Gavi's rise was meteoric, and it was only a matter of time before he would make his mark on the senior stage.

In August 2021, Gavi received his first senior call-up to FC Barcelona's first team for preseason friendlies. It was a significant moment in his career, marking his transition from the youth ranks to the professional stage. Despite his young age, Gavi displayed maturity and composure beyond his years, earning praise from his teammates, coaches, and fans alike. His performances were breathtaking, showcasing his ability to dictate play, control the tempo, and create scoring opportunities.

Gavi's playing style can be described as a combination of elegance and dynamism. He possesses exceptional close control, allowing him to navigate through tight spaces and evade opponents effortlessly. His passing range is exceptional, with the ability to execute both short, precise passes and long, visionary balls that can dissect defenses. Gavi's technical prowess is complemented by his agility, quickness, and ability to change direction swiftly, making him a nightmare for opposing defenders.

Beyond his technical abilities, Gavi's work ethic and humility are equally noteworthy. Despite the praise and attention he has received, he remains grounded and focused on continuous improvement. He is known for his dedication to training, constantly seeking to refine his skills and expand his knowledge of the game. Gavi understands that talent alone is not enough to succeed in football; it requires discipline, perseverance, and a hunger for constant development.

Off the field, Gavi's personality shines through. Known for his affable nature and warm smile, he has quickly become a fan favorite. His humble demeanor and respect for the game have earned him admiration from supporters and fellow professionals. Gavi is aware of the responsibility that comes with representing a prestigious club like FC Barcelona, and he embraces it with grace and gratitude.

While Gavi's career is still in its early stages, he has already shown immense promise and potential. He has the opportunity to become a key figure not only for Barcelona but also for the Spanish national team. With his unique blend of skill, vision, and maturity, Gavi has the potential to leave a lasting impact on the footballing world.

  1. Started out his career in Seville
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    Started out his career in Seville

    He was reared in the 40,000-person Los Palacios y Villafranca neighborhood of Seville. Two other football players, Jesus Navas, and Fabian Ruiz, were also raised in the same place.

    Given that he was raised in a football-crazed household, Gavi was only natural to develop a passion for the sport. He began showcasing talent and innate aptitude with a football as a young child. As a result, in 2010, his parents registered him in La Liara Balompié, a team in his region.

  2. Scored 95 goals in 2 seasons at Betis ⚽🦾
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    Scored 95 goals in 2 seasons at Betis ⚽🦾

    After spending a couple of years at his hometown club, Gavi was recruited by the Real Betis Academy to showcase his talents. The young midfielder was provided with much larger resources and could prove his mettle in front of a larger crowd, paving the way for his future.

    Gavi spent another 2 seasons at the Real Betis youth academy, where he astonishingly scored 95 goals. His talent and hard work were on display as he kept racking up the numbers with every passing game, catching the eye of scouts across Spain.

  3. Was offered a chance to play at Real Madrid

    Was offered a chance to play at Real Madrid

    By scoring a record 95 goals in two campaigns at Betis' academy, Gavi was on the watchlist of multiple elites in Spain including Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and Real Madrid. It's very rare that a generational talent like Gvai who was arguably head and shoulders above the other players in his batch gets ignored by the Spanish scouts.

    It's no shock that even Real Madrid wanted to recruit the Spanish prodigy owing to his wonderful skillset. And when different clubs came knocking on the youngster's doors, Gavi decided to wear the famous blue and purple of Barcelona above others. Despite Los Blancos' interest in him, Gavi embarked on a journey with Madrid's biggest rivals joining the La Masia Academy in 2015.

  4. Youngest debutant ever for Spain 🧒
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    Youngest debutant ever for Spain 🧒

    30th September 2021 marks a very important date in Gavi's professional life. The Barcelona wonderkid was enlisted in Luis Enrique's Spanish national side to face Italy in the UEFA Nations League semi-finals to be played on the 6th of October.

    The appearance made him the youngest player to ever feature for La Furia Roja, and he showcased his talent once again by playing for his national team. Enrique's men ended the reigning European Champions' winning streak that stretched to 37 games as Gavi played a crucial role in the victory. The midfielder was also selected by the former Barcelona manager to feature in Spain's squad that traveled to Qatar for the World Cup in 2022.

  5. Gavi's idol is Marco Verratti

    Gavi's idol is Marco Verratti

    Despite being compared to legends like Xavi and Iniesta at the mere age of 18, Gavi's idol is none other than PSG's midfield magician Marco Verratti. The youngster is a fan of Verratti's playing style and how the Italians composed with the ball at his feet.

    The stars aligned perfectly for Gavi when he made his debut for Spain as he played against his idol Verratti in the semi-final clash. Former Spanish manager Luis Enrique had once revealed: “Verratti is his idol, I told him today you press Verratti from the first moment to the last. He loved it.”

  6. Belongs to a family of football lovers 👪

    Like many Spanish families, Gavi's family is also ardent admirers of the sport. The 18-year-old's father and his sister are one of the biggest football fanatics in his household and have supported Gavi's decision to pursue the sport since the very beginning.

    The prodigy's dad discovered his son's abilities at a very early age and kept pushing him to become a better version of himself every day. It was Gavi's father who got the Spanish superstar enrolled in his local academy and helped him become an integral part of Barcelona's eleven.

  7. Plays with untied laces 👟
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    Plays with untied laces 👟

    While many footballers have different superstitions when playing on the football field, it was believed that Gavi not tying his laces was an addition to it. Many supporters suggested that the wonderkid is looking to channelise his inner Maradona as the former Argentine and Barcelona superstar was once witnessed playing with his laces undone.

    Despite all the theories, current Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez had once suggested that the youngster actually didn't know how to tie his shoe laces, "Gavi has been playing with his laces untied since he was very young, It’s because he doesn’t know how to tie them well. He doesn’t care and he plays like that", Xavi previously told Goal.

  8. Suffered a massive nose injury in his early days 👃

    Suffered a massive nose injury in his early days 👃

    It's not a hidden fact that Gavi puts everything on the line while playing football. The Blaugrana midfielder has often been noticed throwing his body or his head in front of the ball despite thinking about being tackled by the defender and getting injured.

    And this attitude of Gavi comes from his playing days at the Barcelona youth team when he had to get nose surgery because of that. The Catalans' youth team locked horns with Espanyol when a defender was about to make a goal-line clearance but for the midfielder. Gavi leaped in the air and headed the ball in the back of the net and the leaping defender caught Gavi's nose instead of the ball significantly injuring the youngster.

    Gavi was rushed to the hospital and the injury was serious that he had to be taken to a better hospital in Barcelona. Despite fracturing his nose, the Spanish midfielder was prepared to play football once again just a week after being hospitalised. Although he was out of action for a month owing to the doctor's concern, Gavi marked his return to football by once again jumping in front of the keeper's fist in the next game after his concerning injury.

  9. A billion-dollar release clause 💰💵

    A billion-dollar release clause 💰💵

    Despite being only 18 years old, Gavi has a release clause worth €1b attached to his contract. The Barcelona midfielder is considered an influential cog in the Catalan's eleven and rarely misses a match depicting his importance for the club.

    When Gavi signed his second contract with Barcelona, the Spanish heavyweights added a buyout clause of €1b in his contract making it the joint-highest buyout clause in the world. Gavi shares this feat with his Barcelona teammates Pedri, Ronald Araujo, and Ansu Fati who also have a whopping amount in their respective deals.

  10. A fan of FIFA 🎮🕹️

    Like many teenagers, Gavi is a fan of playing video games, especially FIFA. The teenager has been seen playing the game on multiple occasions with his teammates and midfield partner Pedri. Many reports have suggested that Gavi likes picking Barcelona while playing the video game as he enjoys FIFA.

    The midfielder had once said that he usually passes the time playing FIFA but always loses to Pedri because the latter plays a lot more than Gavi.

  11. Reigning Kopa Winner 🏆
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    Reigning Kopa Winner 🏆

    Gavi was awarded the 2022 Kopa Trophy after he was adjudged the best-performing youngster in Europe under the age of 21. The prestigious trophy had previously been bagged by Kylian Mbappe of PSG, Matthes De Ligt of Bayern Munich, and Gavi's club and national teammate Pedri.

    In the award ceremony held in Paris last year, Pedri passed on the baton to Gavi who received the award by beating the likes of Jamal Musiala and Eduardo Camavinga to the illustrious trophy.

  12. Constant comparisons with Xavi and Iniesta 🤝🙌
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    Constant comparisons with Xavi and Iniesta 🤝🙌

    When you perform well at Barcelona as a midfielder, the fans instantly start comparing you to some of the best to have ever graced the football pitch. And Gavi is no different, as there are constant comparisons between him and the likes of Xavi and Andres Iniesta.

    The duo are considered one of the best midfielders in Barcelona's history and the Blaugrana fans believe that Gavi will also register his name amongst the Spanish elites. While Gavi hasn't spent much time with Iniesta, the Spanish prodigy gets imminent time to spend with Xavi as he's the current manager of Barcelona.

  13. A massive female following 🚺

    A massive female following 🚺

    Gavi's impressive game on the football pitch is second to none, but the Spanish midfielder has been impressive off the pitch as well. Owing to his magnificent style and majestic smile, the Spanish youngster has earned a massive female following off the pitch.

    During an autograph session in Spain, a girl was seen sneaking her number on a piece of paper to the Barcelona midfielder. The wonderkid respectfully took the number and the two then proceeded to get a picture clicked during the meet-up.

    Gavi's fan following isn't limited to just normal Spanish citizens. The Princess of Spain, Leonor, who's next in line to the Spanish throne is reportedly an ardent admirer of the footballer. The 17-year-old reportedly has a folder full of Gavi's pictures.