Who is Sasha Attwood? Everything you need to know about Jack Grealish's girlfriend

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Jack Grealish Sasha Attwood
Sasha Attwood has been Jack Grealish's partner since his early days at Aston Villa, but what do we know about her?

Manchester City winger Jack Grealish is one of the most expressive footballers today, often the life of the party after his team have won a trophy and a player who can kept things light in the locker room during high-pressure situations. However, very little is known about his love life.

Grealish has always been very private about his personal life and relationships, however, ever since joining Manchester City there has been much more limelight on his relationship with Sasha Attwood.

Here, GOAL tells you everything you need to know about the Manchester City winger's partner.

Who is Sasha Attwood?

Name:Sasha Attwood
Date of birth:February 17, 1996
Place of birth:West Midlands, England
Occupation:Model & Influencer

Attwood is a model by profession who is currently represented by the likes of Elite Models Worldwide, EWG Management and J’adore Models in Manchester. In fact as per The Sun, her career started even before Grealish's, when she was spotted by a modeling agent while shopping with her mother in Birmingham.

She was born and brought up in a small town known as Solihull, in West Midlands, England, which is around 8 miles (12 km) southeast of Birmingham. While the area has an average population of 126,577, it is one of the most prosperous areas of the country and has historical roots that go all the way back to the first century BCE.

Her career is growing at a rapid rate, with Attwood already having modelled for the likes of L'oreal and Lounge Underwear, while also being the current face for Boohoo, Lipsy, and GHD. When she isn't modelling, she often gives skincare and fashion tips on her YouTube channel.

How did Sasha Attwood meet Jack Grealish?

The duo met one another when they were young teenagers, during their time at St Peter's Roman Catholic Secondary School, located in Solihull, West Midlands.

However, the pair only started dating when they both turned 16 and she has been a pillar of support for Grealish ever since, supporting him from his debut at Aston Villa to winning the iconic treble with Manchester City.

Due to Grealish keeping his personal life private and low-key, their relationship was unknown to many before Euro 2020, when she came to support him and England in the stands.

Jack Grealish Sasha Attwood

What happened with Sasha Attwood during Euro 2020?

Attwood's time at Euro 2020 did not end in the best of manners, with the Manchester City winger's partner undergoing harassment and death threats from trolls on Instagram and Tik Tok. To date, it is not known what exactly caused her to be targeted in such a manner, but it's an incident that left the model deeply disturbed.

Speaking on her YouTube channel (via The Sun), Attwood talked about how the abusive trolls wished death on both her and her family, and that she received 200 such messages on a daily basis. She added that she never knew abuse on social media could blow up to such proportions, and what scared her the most was the fact that many of the abusive messages were from teenage girls.

In light of this episode, she has asked for more accountability from social media platforms with regard to how they deal with abusive profiles and harassers.

How many social media followers does Sasha Attwood have?

Attwood goes by the profile "Sasha Rebecca" on Instagram where she has 250k followers, with this account being the most popular of her social media accounts.

Additionally, she has a YouTube account with 47k subscribers where she often vlogs the various trips she takes due for professional purposes, also giving skincare and fashion tips

What does the future hold for Attwood and Grealish?

Considering both Attwood and Grealish have dated one another for more than a decade, it's safe to say they are very serious about their relationship and are committed to one another.

Attwood is also comfortable with Grealish's family as she has often been seen attending matches with them, and was also spotted with the player's mother when he was revealed as a Manchester City signing in 2021.

Sasha Atwood 2021

As of now it looks like Attwood and Grealish's relationship is a one which will last through various ages and stages of both individual's lives, with it only growing stronger as time progresses.