‘Poverty is not fair game for banter’ - Tottenham Supporters' Trust slams fans for Liverpool 'sign on' chant

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The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust (THST) has condemned the actions of those that took to chanting about unemployment levels in Liverpool during a Premier League fixture at Anfield.

Spurs claimed a credible 1-1 draw during their latest visit to Merseyside, with that result putting a serious dent in the title ambitions of top-flight opponents.

The contest was, however, tarnished in the eyes of THST as ‘sign on’ songs were prevalent in the away end as travelling fans took terrace “banter” too far.

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What have THST had to say about the ‘sign on’ chants at Liverpool?

In a statement released on the organisation’s website, THST said: “Singing about the opposition has long been a feature of English football, and we are reluctant to tell fans how they should support the team. Nevertheless, we were disappointed to hear the ‘sign on’ chant at Saturday's away match at Anfield.

“Poverty and joblessness are not fair game for banter. There is a cost of living crisis throughout England, including in London. Our club represents an area and community with the fastest growing rate of unemployment in the country.

“We are rightly proud of our away support, and we want it to be noticed for positive reasons. For most of the game at Anfield our fans gave superb backing to a great team performance. Spurs fans have provided financial backing to Marine FC on Merseyside, and regularly contribute to foodbanks and community initiatives in London. This is what we are about.

“The ‘sign on’ chant is not what we are about. We’re Tottenham Hotspur. We’re better than that.”

How have Liverpool supporters responded?

The Liverpool fan group ‘Spirit of Shankly’ are among those to have responded to the statement being posted on social media, with the Reds supporters tweeting “well said”.

Rivals in the stands are not expected to get along, with the passion displayed on and off the field helping to make football a spectacle that appeals to millions all over the world.

There are, however, certain lines that do not need to be crossed, with THST right to point out that everybody should be pulling together during a cost of living crisis that threatens to impact families across the United Kingdom.

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