Potter chokes up imagining pride late parents would have felt seeing him manage Chelsea ahead of Brighton return

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Graham Potter Chelsea 2022-23
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Graham Potter remembered his late parents and suggested that they would have been proud seeing him manage a club like Chelsea.
  • Potter recalls late parents
  • They would have been proud of him
  • Chelsea face Brighton on Saturday

WHAT HAPPENED? The Chelsea boss became emotional while speaking about his late parents, who passed away three years ago due to illness, and wished they could see him manage a club of Chelsea's stature.

WHAT THEY SAID: Potter told reporters: "My mum was suffering from dementia, she was still alive but she wouldn’t have known [I was managing Brighton]. So in the end it was nice for her not to suffer that. My dad – he came to the first game against Watford, he just had a very short battle with cancer and six weeks later he wasn’t here. So his last game was Liverpool away and then he wasn’t here.

"It's a lesson and a reminder to us all that life is precious and short and anything can happen and it puts things in perspective. Of course, I always think back to them now and they are with me all the time and whenever you stand at the San Siro, and you think, ‘Wow - they would just love to be there. They wouldn’t be able to contain themselves'. Excuse me, I’m getting a little bit [emotional]… but yeah that’s life and I am not the first person to lose parents and that’s part of life."

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THE BIGGER PICTURE: Potter took over the reins at Chelsea from Brighton in September after Thomas Tuchel departed from the club, and he is unbeaten in all competitions so far.


Graham Potter

 Christian Pulisic - Graham Potter 2022-23

WHAT NEXT FOR CHELSEA? The Blues next take on Potter's former club Brighton on Saturday in the Premier League.