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'Looking to nurture next Mo Salah from the Arab region' - Adidas GM after unveiling Al Rihla ball for 2022 World Cup

12:00 PM MYT 31/03/2022
Bilal Fares at Adidas Al Rihla ball unveiling
Adidas' ball for the 2022 World Cup is inspired by the Arab region...

Adidas, the official manufacturers of football for FIFA, have just unveiled a revolutonary ball for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Named Al Rihla, the ball has been heavily inspired Qatari influences and Adidas' General Manager for MENA region, Bilal Fares, believes it shows the German firm's commitment to football in the Arab region.

The ball was unveiled at an event in Doha on Wednesday. Bilal Fares stated that Adidas are looking forward to an exciting 2022 World Cup, and believes that the event will inspire the next generation of stars from the region, like Liverpool's Mo Salah.

"The core belief of Adidas is that through sports, we can change lives. And to create that momentum in this region with the 2022 World Cup is amazing. We are looking forward to seeing a successful event," he told Goal.

"We are looking to inspire the next generation. Hopefully, the young athletes on the pitch today are inspired and hopefully we can see the next Mo Salahs of the world from this region. And the start of all that will be in Qatar at the 2022 World Cup."

Fares went on to assert Adidas' commitment for grassroots development. The brand is not only focused on increasing their popularity through estalbished stars but are also looking to mould future stars, according to Fares.

"Our approach is balanced when it comes to iconic clubs and players wearing the three stripes. But we have also invested heavily in the grassroots of every sport. Football is in our DNA. We definitely invest in core athletes and young stars."

Fares also spoke about Al Rihla - the match ball for the 2022 World Cup. He said it would be the fastest in-flight World Cup ball ever made and explianed how the design was inspired by Qatar and the Arab region.

"This ball in essence comes from this region. The design, the name all come from the Arab region. We’ve taken inspiration from this region. The design represents the sails which are common in this part of the world. The colours also identify with this region and Qatar. And with the new specs, this is the fastest in-flight ball created so far. It’s almost 20 percent faster than its predecessor. It will support a faster game, something the fans have been asking for."