Kathryn Mayorga's lawyer ordered to pay Cristiano Ronaldo $335,000 in legal fees after dismissal of rape lawsuit

Cristiano Ronaldo Al-Nassr 2022-23
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The lawyer of Kathryn Mayorga, who accused Cristiano Ronaldo of rape in 2009, has been ordered to pay the player $334,637.50 to reimburse legal fees.

Leslie Mark Stovall was ruled to have obtained "purloined" confidential documents, leading to US Federal Judge Jennifer Dorsey throwing the case out of court in June 2022.

Mayorga, who waived her right for anonymity, alleged that the events took place at a Las Vegas hotel in 2009.

Ronaldo has always strongly denied the allegations and agreed to settle back in 2010.

Mayorga then decided to pursue substantial damages through Stovall's legal counsel, following leaked details of communications with Ronaldo's lawyers in 2018.

However, Judge Dorsey ruled that Stovall had solicited the leak and had stolen the records he later relied on in court, with the cost of the trial amounting to some $626,000 (£520,769.40) in legal fees to the Portugal international.

Ronaldo's attorney, Peter Christiansen, had subsequently requested that Stovall pay the full amount upon the dismissal of the case, according to The Athletic.

After review of the documents which took place on Tuesday, the district judge granted Christiansen's motion in principle, but only called on Stovall to pay just over half the legal fees, standing at $334,637.50 (£278,384.94).

While Dorsey originally ruled that Stovall's actions had harmed Ronaldo, she has since stated that the player “shares at least part of the blame for this case dragging on" due to not pursuing legal action sooner.