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The best workout equipment for exercising at home in 2023

8:00 PM MYT 04/01/2023
Best home workout equipment
Trackers, weights, log books and much more
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Whether you're trying to avoid paying for a gym membership or want to add some extra at-home steps to your current routine, thousands of fantastic items out there will help you reach your fitness goals.

Exercising at home can come with some limitations though, the most common regarding space. With that in mind, all of the products featured in this article have been chosen with size and compactibility taken into account, so there's no need to worry about them taking up too much room in your home.

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Gritin Resistance Bands

If you're pressed for space when it comes to equipment, these are a tidy alternative to the heavy bulk of dumbbells - and come at a much lower cost too. The resistance bands help build muscle strength through training, and complete with a handy carry bag, they are ready to go on the move whenever, wherever.

Get them on Amazon for £8.59

Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weights and Dumbbells

Offering a more authentic gym experience at a more premium price, this rack of adjustable dumbbells allows for rapid alteration between weights, stretching from two to 24kg. Its simple casing also helps keep the clutter down, promoting the need to have fewer individual models lying around.

Get them from Amazon for £179.90

Ultimo Sports Rubber Hexagonal Hex Dumbbell Weights

If a singular size is all you are after, these top-of-the-range rubber-wrought weights may do the trick. They're available in either single or double dumbbell packages, with the cost varying dependent on weight, stretching from a moderate two kilograms up to a hefty 40kg.

Get them from Amazon for £15.99 +

WANLIAN Dumbbell Rack

It always helps to have a place to rest those weights when you've finished, and this rack will help ensure there is no tripping over them scattered across the floor when you're at the end of a workout. This effort comes in a three-tier or five-tier formation and is double-sided too. Constructed from steel, its durable format means it can take whatever you put on it.

Get it on Amazon for £79.99

Prep and Rep Workout Logbook

In need of a way to track your progress? This workout log book will help keep any aspiring fitness fanatic on top of their sessions and fitness goals. The A5 size makes for a compact journal of your workouts and enables users to build towards their next targets and goals.

Get it from Amazon for £7.99

Grebarley Gym Gloves

It always helps to have an extra layer when working in the gym - and these gloves will help provide protection and reinforcement when pressed into action. They'll protect against callused palms and fingers while lifting, while the strapping extension means that much-needed wrist support is also provided for the wearer.

Get them from Amazon for £11.18

H&S Abdominal Exercise Roller

Looking to build up some core strength? This roller wheel provides a durable, lightweight companion to help solidify muscles around the abs region, assisting exercise. Throw in an extra-thick padded mat for knee support, and this is one tidy package that will complement any home workout.

Get it from Amazon for £9.99

KASMET Soft Kettlebell

Offering a more comfortable alternative to traditional kettlebells, this number is softer, weighted with sand and bolstered with a sturdy handle. Don't worry if you drop it or accidentally make contact - its construction means that it won't cause half as much damage as a traditional kettlebell.

Get it from Amazon for £29.95 +

Fitbit Charge 5

The already-iconic Fitbit has become one of the must-have accessories for the fitness fanatic, and this model slim lines its various uses into a compact, clean and effective portal for all your information. It's an easy way to track your activity, heart rate, and more during your everyday routine with minimal fuss.  

Get it from Amazon for £99.99

Gritin Skipping Rope

Adjustable in length to match whatever pace and size you require, this skipping rope is made from steel and cable-coated in PVC to help tone up muscles. Its tangle-free design reduces the hassle when it comes to usage - you can pick it up and put it back without fuss to help you get on with your workout efficiently.

Get it from Amazon for £5.59

Gallant Aerobic Step

A suitable add-on for almost any workout, this aerobic step helps with full-body exercises as a nice touch and comes at a remarkably affordable price too. It is height-adjustable in design, with three different levels to choose from, determining a range of options to suit each user.

Get it from Amazon for £26.99

Maximo Exercise Mat

Everybody knows the value of a good exercise mat, particularly one that can go the distance - and in this model, you've got a durable number ready to do its part for your workout. It protects your floor while cushioning your joints and preventing any unfortunate slips - exactly what you'd want from it, with little compromise.

Get it on Amazon for £21.99+

Surreal Weighted Vest

Available in five starting weights, ranging from the low five kilograms to 25kg, this weighted vest is here to help add extra heft to your workout routine. The simple, slip-on design brings with it some additional bulk that will help intensify and tone up your exercises.

Get it from Amazon for £29.99+

FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench

It always pays to have something a little bit versatile in your workout arsenal, and this bench is one such tool that might help make the most of your available space. Effective for both full-body approaches to fitness and weightlifting, its adjustable mechanism makes it a keen addition to any setup.

Get it from Amazon for £149.99

Core Balance Gym Ball

The value of a good gym ball cannot be overestimated, and this one, available in four different sizes, delivers a strong PVC finish to help wherever in your gym setup. With five different colours to choose from, it can bring a splash of colour to an otherwise sterile environment, with the teal touch a particularly appealing one to have.

Get it on Amazon for £15.99

PROIRON Push Up Bar Stands

Designed to help cut down on pressure around the wrist area, these push-up bars will help add a touch of class to your home gym. Crafted from steel, they provide durable support throughout, with the wide base helping reduce the potential of unwanted skidding mid-routine. 

Get them from Amazon for £15.99

Umi. Essentials Workout Bar

Built to fit most door frames with little stress or suggestion it was ever there in the first place, this pull-up bar is perfect for helping get a little lift into your routine. Its non-screw, flexible construction allows suitable resistance for workouts, while its rubber-and-nylon grips ensure the user can get a comfortable grip straight out of the gate.

Get it from Amazon for £59.99

HYDRATE XL Jug 2.2 Litre Water Bottle

It's vital to ensure that you don't run low on hydration mid-workout and have to break your stride - this heavy-duty jug will ensure you've plenty of liquid to go around. At 2.2 litres, this big, chunky bottle is perfect for keeping a steady supply of water going, no matter how long you're hitting the gym.

Get it from Amazon for £16.99

PhysioRoom Medicine Ball

Sometimes the old ways are the best - and a solid medicine ball can be an invaluable piece of kit in any repertoire. Perfect for both beginners and advanced athletes, it comes in weights that range from four kilograms to 20kg, and does just what you'd want it to do with minimal fuss.

Get it from Amazon for £13.65

Dripex Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag

Do you need to get those arms in shape to deliver a knockout blow, or do you want to work out your frustration? This free-standing punch bag is equally suitable for power training or stress relief, allowing aspiring boxers or average Joes to hit the punch bag to their heart's content.

Get it from Amazon for £93.99

Fit Nation Foam Roller

There's nothing more important to a workout than ensuring you unwind the right way, and this foam roller is a great accessory to help with the cooldown and recovery period. It assists with pain relief after you've finished your workout, working through your muscles to deliver a satisfying comedown.

Get it from Amazon for £11.99