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The 8 best ice packs for sports injuries you can buy in 2023

4:00 PM MYT 03/01/2023
Best ice packs - sports injuries
These ice packs are a game changer for sports recovery

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Scrapes, strains and injuries are annoyingly all part of the beautiful game, or any sport, meaning that a good quality ice pack is essential to keep you in match-fit condition. To avoid injuries on the pitch and be prepared for any situation using cold compressions can make all the difference.

Why are ice packs good for sports recovery?

Ice can decrease swelling and inflammation and rapidly speed up healing time when correctly applied. Ice packs aren't just for injuries, though. After an intense training session, they also come in handy for cool-downs and soothing aching muscles. 

However, not all ice packs are created equally, with different circumstances calling for different packs. So, whether you're looking for something to ease swelling or reduce pain, it's time to upgrade from slapping a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a tea towel onto your limbs.

Shop: 8 best ice packs for sports injuries

FlexiKold Gel Ice Pack

Best overall ice pack for injuries

Regarded as the 'gold standard' of ice packs, the Flexikold gel pack is a perfect size and versatile for most injuries, even in awkward spots. It measures 36.8 cm x 26.5 cm and is double-sealed for safety and security, so there's no chance of leaks. Also, the makers say their professional-grade gel stays colder for longer. 

Get it from Amazon for £19.99

Roscoe Reusable Cold and Hot Pack

Best hot and cold ice pack

Suitable for hot and cold treatment, the Roscoe reusable pack can be heated up in the microwave to alternate warmth and cool treatments. The comfortable material is easy to apply and is fully reusable. It's also super flexible, so you can use and mould it onto any part of your body.

Get it from Amazon for £19.22

Transforming Life Hot and Cold Belt

Best ice pack belt

One of the bigger ice packs available, this one means business - and its belt design allows you to be flexible with where you use it and allow for hands-free usage. The straps make it easy to fasten on or around the impacted area and are just as suitable for back pain and aches. It can also be heated up to offer an alternative treatment to ensure you reap the full benefits.

Get it from Amazon for £13.49

Hilph knee Ice Pack Wrap

Best ice pack for knee injuries

If you've taken a knock to the knee, you'll know how painful it can be - but this offering from Hilph will ease the burden and provide a suitable answer to your prayers. The knee brace style offers support and compression, while the gel will help to decrease swelling and inflammation. Just ensure you don't overexert the pressure - or you could risk injuring yourself further.

Get it from Amazon for £19.99

Koolpak Deluxe Reusable Gel Packs (3 pack)

Best budget-friendly ice pack

This pack of three reusable gel packs is a must-have to keep in your kit bag without breaking the bank. Injuries happen, and being prepared is always a good idea. These may be a bargain, but you're getting good quality with the Koolpak brand. They are also portable and durable - perfect for on-the-go action.

Get it from Amazon for £8.00

MagicGel Extra-Large Full-Body Ice Pack

Best ice pack for back injuries

Never mind an ice pack; this is an ice blanket. Perfect for stressed and strained backs, this one isn't portable but will give you much-needed pain relief. Because of the size, it does thaw out quicker and will only stay cold for 28 minutes at a time - however, it covers from the neck to the tailbone.

Get it from Amazon for £23.49

TheraPearl Shin Wrap Ice Pack

Best ice pack for shin injuries

Any footballer will tell you that consistent shin struggles can be an absolute killer on those Saturday kickabouts - so it pays to make sure you've always got a backup plan at hand. This handy ice pack is perfect for reducing bruising or the misery of shin splints, but it can also be used for aching calf muscles.

Get it from Amazon for £20.30

TheraPaq Foot and Ankle Wrap

Best foot and ankle ice pack

If you something to take care of the complete lower appendage without needing multiple packs, the TheraPaq foot and ankle wrap will do the trick nicely, allowing you to sort your foot and ankle all in one fell swoop. A must-have for your locker, it can be microwaved for heat treatment and works on Achilles strains, plantar fasciitis, and bursitis pains. It comes with two gel packs of different sizes that flex to the shape of your foot, while an adjustable neoprene sleeve gives you the perfect fit.

Get it from Amazon for £14.99

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