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The best football shin pads to buy in 2022

6:04 PM MYT 07/01/2022
best shin pads
From slip-in pads to strapped-up shin guards to ground breaking flexible armoured sleeves, these are the best shin guards and pads for footballers.

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For most players on the pitch, a good pair of football boots go without saying - but a fine set of shin pads is just as crucial to getting your game to the max.

They say the better the shin pad, the braver the player. Contrary to popular belief, shin guards are not just for protection – they can help players play more confidently as they're not afraid of getting their legs broken for a challenge.

Like football boots, the shape and style of a player's shin guards come down to personal preference and can be a way to express individuality in a game where a uniform kit is worn.

We've put together some of the best you can get on the market today, dependent on what you want out of your game.

The shin pads included in this article

What kind of shin pads are there?

These days, the two main types of shin pads you will see are slip-ins or ankle shin guards. Goalkeepers require the least amount of protection as they can use their whole body, so something lightweight is ideal.

Being the target of many deft kicks, defenders will want the fullest possible coverage with the sturdiest protection.

Attacking players will usually prefer something lighter and smaller to run undetected through the defence. Meanwhile, midfielders will want something in the middle. 

With that in mind, here are the best shin pads that you can get right now.

Best overall shin pads: Adidas Predator Pro

Encapsulating all that is great about the modern shin guard, the Predator Pro matches style with success for a well-crafted package that brings you the protection needed without any unnecessary weight to carry.

An integrated knit compression sleeve topped with a soft shield system, its Zone Skin brings additional shock absorption alongside its external grip to help keep those socks from sliding down. It's an all-rounder and the best shin pad you can currently get.

Get them from Pro Direct Soccer for £50.00

Best budget shin pads: Mitre Deflekta

There's no need to overspend in pursuit of great shin pads, as these cut-price options from Mitre prove with their compact and efficient design qualities.

Made with a nifty small hardshell design locked to dual straps to ensure you can tighten the fit accordingly, they'll keep your shins protected from those crunching challenges and weather those misplaced balls with no problem at all.

Get them from Mitre for £5.00

Best ankle shin pads: G-Form Pro-X Ankle

It's not just the shins that need protection, but the ankles that need reinforcement too - and this malleable G-Form effort will provide both with a clever, cushioned design that fits snugly onto your leg.

Sleek and with a SmartFlex component that hardens during play to offer additional bulk against the elements, its super low-profile design makes it wonderfully unobstructed, too - perfect for those fast attacking plays.

Get them from Amazon for £21.99 - £33.10

Best slip-in shin pads: Nike Charge

A low-profile classic that keeps on delivering the goods, the Charge offers simple slip-in effectiveness with old-school reinforcement, keeping you poised and ready to play instantly.

A pull-on stirrup design ensures that there will be no slippage in the heat of play, while the hardshell casing offers solid absorption - and with a foam back to fit the contours of your leg, it will provide that little bit of added assistance for those who slide in dangerously.

Get them from Nike for £12.95

Best shin pads for ventilation: Mitre Aircell Carbon

There are few things quite as unpleasant as peeling the kit off following a sweaty free-for-all, but these Mitre pads will at the very least ensure that you get a steady airflow down to your shins, whatever the weather.

Their honeycombed construction allows the body beneath you to breathe as you move through the back-and-forth paces of a match, yet still provide ample coverage to ensure you won't be picking at the stud scrapes on your shins.

Get them from Mitre for £9.10

Best lightweight shin pads: Adidas X League

The need for speed grows with every day in the modern game, with every bit of kit stripped and streamlined for shedding weight - and these ultra-light efforts from Adidas deliver suitably on that front, with an intelligent design.

A moulded EVA backing with perforations is held together by a compression sleeve, while its hardshell topping will soften the blow of any nasty challenges without the need to be weighed down in the thick of the action.

Get them from Sports Direct for £17.99

Best sleeve shin pads: G-Form Pro Contact

The sleeve shin pad has effectively supplanted old-school strapping as the way to go. Still, this G-Form number helps take it to another level entirely, delivering a cutting-edge number to reinforce your game.

A two-panel design helps offer a fit like a second skin, body-mapped to fit you well, while its impact-absorbing pads create symmetrical protection from impact across the breadth of the limb.

Get them Lovell Soccer for £33.00

Best flexible shin pads: Adidas X Pro

Adapt your game and hold with these shin pads that offer increased flexibility, with a compression sleeve hold and removable shield inlay over moulded EVA backing to keep your coverage on its toes.

The control and command offered here mean there will be few shortchanges, and their sleek design allows you to build upon natural agility without fear of being weighed back down by their bulk.

Get them from Sports Direct for £26.00

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